Month: April 2007

Will Schlep to Help Sale

My sister has had her former home on the market for months. Her husband retired from the navy and took a job across the country, so they slapped a For Sale sign out front and blew out of here in January. Unfortunately, the house is […]

My Hair Even Hurts

Oh my gawd. Can I just say that I am way too old to do the schlepping, digging, raking, bending over, dumping, trimming, and physically working thing. And can I also say, that my mother is almost 70 and she schlepps faster than me, harder […]

Teenagers and Circus Hoops

“Mom…MOM,” the RT rumbled yesterday morning, slinking around the corner to the kitchen in his new size 12 tennies. Do they even call them that anymore? And how can a 14-year-old have feet that big? His feel are suddenly the size of very large bricks. […]

Avoiding my Food Blog One Meme at a Time

What, oh what to write about now that the Sun-jan-man-jun-isto is like sooooooooo gonzo on American Idol? The mills of fate finally caught up with him. His time in the sun is finished. The party is over. (Elvis was never in this building.) The door […]

The Sun Shines on my Scale but Sadly, not Sanjaya

I woke up with a euphoric sense of fortune today. I know there are others out there who are genetically wired to do this, and others who practice it with great purpose. I’m kind of somewhere in the odd category of those who realize it […]

Sadness: Random Senseless Purposeless Pointlessness

It’s not an accident that on days like today, the newspaper is folded in a particular way when I slide it from its clear bag. The “Currents-Health” section is strategically viewed first, along with the latest piece on “Portion Patrol.” But the largest article on […]

Tax Day & the Haves and Have Nots

Since waking at 3am today, I’ve read three days worth of our local paper, April’s edition of O, and done a great job of not reading the book in the side bar that I’m supposed to be reading. As a result, I’ve been preoccupied by […]

Walking Commentary

If you’re a peppy and dedicated individual who would truly enjoy being more healthy, or svelte, you have to get off your duffster and move it! You have to join the throngs of others who venture out on a blustery day to get that heart […]

Do I have go?

You know when you actually plan to sleep in, and you’ve warned everyone within a five block radius of your house, that if they even try to cut a hedge or mow a lawn, or walk their stoopid little white yipping puffy dogglet in front […]