Don’t try to follow this train of thought…

Okay, who’s the person that found my blog with a “motorcycle butt creme” search? Come on, you guys. I don’t write about that sort of thing…yet. But I couldn’t resist checking it out, and Golly Wally, I was the first hit! Of course, three hits down I found what the person was actually looking for — assistance from his online buddies about his Alaskan Buttpad:

I have a med on my strom seat as well, but my issue is the nose flying up when I stand up on the pegs. Then I have to spend the next minute or two pulling it out of my crotch, which results in weird looks and just general discomfort and a lot of frustration on my part.” Huh?

Well, actually it looks like a pretty cool site, and you don’t even have to be a motorcycle owner to join their community. All righty then. My previous googlized reference to butt + creme was the odd connection between the advertising selected to sit alongside this commentary, and this snark session referenced here. But they’re both old news now. What’s really hot today is….you guessed it… American Noodle!

Evidently, we’re all going to be sucked into the sensation of Fan-jaya-land soon. How about if I say let’s not, and say we did. I’m tired of his hair and charm as much as I’m sick of Haley Scarnatto’s blatant display of boobs (can’t call it cleavage because they just, well — hang there) and legs. UGH. Blink, blink, jiggle.

What’s really news is that the Democratic Big Dogs are neck and neck in amassing their political war dollars so that we can be doused with rhetoric for the next, well, according to my desktop widget, 600 or so days. You do have one of those Bush countdown widgets, don’t you? I have mine wedged right next to my beloved whoopie cushion widget so that I can release pent up tension at will.

As stated in Reuters “corrected” article today, Obama’s recent surge in the cash department or,”‘overwhelming response, in only a few short weeks, shows the hunger for a different kind of politics in this country and a belief at the grassroots level that Barack Obama can bring out the best in America to solve our problems,’ said Penny Pritzker, the finance chair for Obama’s campaign.”

According to other sources, there is a new threat on the horizon to at least keep things interesting for Mrs. Clinton and her camp, who must have called Reuters this morning shortly after the first story aired about campaign funds, forcing the “correction.” Fred Thompson may be close to throwing his hat in the ring. Huh? You know, the guy who’s been in Tom Clancy movies and that TV show, Law and Order. He is a former U.S. Senator from Tennessee. This guy. Evidently there’s some serious potential voter lust growing for him out there in cyberland. It’s hilarious that he’s from the same county whose paper recently dropped Snarkann Coulter’s syndicated column for her continued inability to control her vomitous oral emissions. I wonder whether she thinks Fred is hot, too? Maybe she just likes guys from Tennessee, or guys with Southern accents in general and doesn’t know how to properly express herself. Buy enough batteries for this one, gentlemen.

But enough of this drivel. Today is a day with no one at home but me. My Spring Break slacking RT and his cousin, who have been at our house on a major war monger toot for the past few days, have been:

  • blowing up minute military encampments that took hours to set up;
  • shooting air soft pellets at cans before 8am in Paradise;
  • engaging in lengthy sessions of Dawn of War online; and
  • sucking down copious amounts of Black Cherry Vanilla Coca-Cola without asking.

But they have moved on to share themselves with my sister in law for a few days where they will most likely engage in similar behavior. Everyone. The future of America is safe.

Silence. Ahhhh….






6 responses to “Don’t try to follow this train of thought…”

  1. Nice post. You deftly moved from googling butt creams to the dems to the Anne Coulter doll. LOL.


  2. kellypea

    Yes, my brain is scheduled for donation to a school of my choice when I’m done with it. After it has one last round of flatulence. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Robert

    Holly Crap!

    This blog blows away the one I did at King! So this is what you do all day? Geeze! Very interesting Kelly.

    I gota get that desktop widget. 🙂


  4. Boy when you mention the name Ann Coulter and her maybe interested in guys with Southern accents,,,you are terrifying me.

    Nice blog…….

  5. kellypea

    Rob, I can’t believe you don’t have the widget. Get on the bus, man! And yes, this beats cleaning the house!

    Floyd, I’ve been thinking it’s a possibility…Gore, Edwards…Thompson…Although I have to look farther. Be afraid. Be very afraid!

  6. earlene hofer

    Great Blog! I guess. Way over my head, I’m busy wondering why a pOlice cruiser was running in front of my place at 2 AM. Red neck country just keeps on keeping on. Oh, who is Ann “Coulter? Duh!

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