My Hair Even Hurts

Oh my gawd.

Can I just say that I am way too old to do the schlepping, digging, raking, bending over, dumping, trimming, and physically working thing. And can I also say, that my mother is almost 70 and she schlepps faster than me, harder than me. Well, everthing better than me. Plus, she’s cute.

My thighs ache, my arms ache, my feet scream out in pain when I set them on the floor, and my back? Well. My back. And the mud on my clothes? This is a long story. But it’s a good one. I just can’t write it now because I need to go die somewhere.

But oh, man, was it fun. You gotta like getting outside and working like a dog. Do dogs work?

The Moh is bringing me take out for dinner. I’m drinking flat sparkling wine from the superior dessert I made a couple of days ago (did you check out Sass & Veracity?) and I’m thinking chick films are in order this evening.

Maybe I’ll be lucky enough to have someone drag me up the stairs and roll me into the sack.

You go have your Saturday night, and we’ll talk tomorrow.

Wait for it.






2 responses to “My Hair Even Hurts”

  1. I feel your pain.. although not until next weekend. I lucked out – he chose a weekend fishing with his brother over a weekend working in the yard with me.

    Okay as of 4:45 am eastern standard time – there is no fabulous mousse post on Sass. Are you intentionally trying to kill me? I’ve been waiting for this for TWO days now! hehe


  2. I’m so glad you mentioned Sass, because the post has been up since last Thursday nite (I was up until about 1am or so, spasmodically getting it done — or just being a blogbrain in general) but it’s not on the “home” page, so is in the archives. Go figure. I know I have to do some tuning on this site, but don’t love Typepad, so, it’s like pulling teeth.

    And I was out in MY slice of Paradise today since I killed myself in the For Sale house w/ my sister yesterday. It actually made my aching muscles feel human-like again. Go figure!

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