Month: May 2007

Upgrades, Blog Skin, and Patience

Count yourself lucky, because today, you were going to be subjected to either a commentary on last night’s “So You Think You Can Dance, ” or a scathing review of that book I’ve been trudging through. But I decided to do a bit of work […]

How did Emily Know?

I was tagged a week or so ago, and haven’t reciprocated. Well, I have, actually, but I guess you’d have to pick it up by inference. If I remember correctly, the meme had to do with letting people know more about myself through an interview […]

Twenty Years and Blinking

Nice guy that he is, the MoH gently reminded me that I had carpool responsibilities this morning. It’s Tuesday already, and not Monday, so perhaps I was in a Monday frame of mind. The RT and I slunk to the car, I put ‘er in […]

Weekending and All that Stuff

What a weekend. I don’t know what’s more significant — that there were what seemed to be a zillion cops manning speed traps on the way to dog beach this morning, or that the sun is finally out. Finally. And what a perfect way to […]

Adolescent Milestones and The Geometry Teacher

Ninth grade is one of those really big milestones for me. No, I’m not talking about my completion of ninth grade, but as I think about this, perhaps so. Tenth grade signaled the end of an awkwardness that took up residence around the age of […]

Crack of Mother’s Day Dawn

I’m supposed to be in bed sleeping — languishing for at least a few more hours in semi-slumberland and waiting for the MoH to bring me that strong, black coffee that he likes to make in the French press. But no. I’ve been awake since […]

gratitude = sum of the parts > the whole

We used to live in a house 25 miles east of Paradise. Yes, still Paradise, but worlds away from here for all kinds of reasons. It was about as beautiful as the suburbs could be in a place that should still be a desert covered […]

Complexity + Change = Simplicity

The following segment of Julius Caesar by Shakespeare used to be posted on a bulletin board above my desk a few years ago: There is a tide in the affairs of men, Which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune; Omitted, all the voyage […]

Flower Smelling & Connecting Dream Dots

“A well-rounded life is filled with delights and wonders. Why is that so easy to forget? Instead of getting caught up in another mundane drama, choose intrigue and awe.” Hmmm…my horror-scope for the day. No, I’m not a daily reader, or even more than someone […]