Upgrades, Blog Skin, and Patience

Count yourself lucky, because today, you were going to be subjected to either a commentary on last night’s “So You Think You Can Dance, ” or a scathing review of that book I’ve been trudging through. But I decided to do a bit of work under the hood, so to speak. I’ll subject you to the tortures mentioned tomorrow or the next day when you’re supposed to be out and enjoying the weekend.

Yes, it’s that time again. Time to pardon my dust. I’m working on a WordPress upgrade today, and most likely, a blog skin change. You might remember that not too long ago, I asked people about whether the Tree was doing it for me. I had lots of great responses that ranged from, liking the minimalist aspect of the blue against the white, to considering it presents a sort of Forrest Gump meets Andy Warhol. One person invisioned me sitting on the bench while thinking “all this stuff up,” and other questioned the relationship of the blue tree to my “science of grasping life by the short hairs” to my Warholled self. Schizophrenic sort of covers it. But the two column design is really not what I’ve wanted from the beginning, and the grey, very small font — although tasteful — is difficult to see for some. And I agree. There has to be a good mix of aesthetics and functionality. I’m more wrapped up in writing than playing around with the design because it’s a great excuse to effectively avoid learning how to do the CSS properly, or design my own. I have absolutely nothing but time, right? So what the hell.

Anyway, everything’s changing. Yes, again. Because I can. I don’t have many options for changing the furniture around in my house, or the clothes on my body, or my hair, or…..well, you get it. So why not take out my frustrations on my blob — which it could end up being a blob again if I’m not careful.

So I’m embroiled in reading WordPress support for the down load and reviewing installation guidelines on my hosting service, digging out my FTP client and wondering about the connectivity of all this and potential baldness.

But just in case you’re wondering what this may end up looking like, I’m thinking of: (and click on Test Run) under the image that comes up on the links if you want to check it out…)

  • this, because of the changeable header, the three columns, general organizational quality, and clean-white look.
  • this, because of the header again, the columns again, and the interesting addition of the two sections at the top that I could have some fun with; or
  • this because it’s very different, the organization is cool, the font is very readable on the dark background, and I like how it’s set up for del.icio.us plus more in the post.

Who knows. I downloaded a bunch of others just to mess around with.

So cross your fingers.





15 responses to “Upgrades, Blog Skin, and Patience”

  1. Hmm I like the first one! And I would say no to the last one, I have a really hard time reading light fonts on dark backgrounds and this one is no exception. But I read your blog through Bloglines so … ignore me =)

  2. kellypea

    Hi Oana — I appreciate your feedback. Yes, I’m not too keen on the dark backgrounds, either. I must have already tried on a zillion. At least I’m proficient in uploading themes now. What a hoot!

  3. Kellypea, I hate to say anything but I’m an old fart and this print is too small for me. I can’t freaking see it. You’re killing me darling.

  4. I like 787……….it suits you…….it just cool!

  5. And I just tried kellemenology.wordpress and it went no where…..so now I”m fixed up on the new one my blogroll. Everybody has to be on my blogroll, because its too damn hard to look for stuff

  6. kellypea

    Hi Ev — I agree it’s difficult to read. I was just so relieved to get my own domain up and running, I’ve been avoiding selecting a new theme, or working on my own header in photoshop. If I keep writing, I don’t have to do anything else!

    The dark one is cool. If I could have it in a lighter color, I’d be there.

    I tried on about 10 different skins today, so it was probably a bit strange for those who showed up and wondered what the hell was going on!

  7. Kelly, remember my post on color? Now I could not recommend strongly enough staying away from a dark background. First, it’s not you and second, very hard to read. If you like the organization though, you should be able to locate the color references in the style sheet and make the changes. However, there are a zillion WP themes, so you probably could find a similar one in a color scheme more akin to what you are looking for. BTW, if you need help w/ the CSS, i.e. identifying where the color references are for a skin, let me know and I’ll take a look when you apply it.

  8. kellypea

    Hi Phil,
    You’re so great! I agree with the dark. My eyes actually see double when I’m trying to stare at that white text. I chickened out on the 2.2 upload. Got all the way through backing up (at least I learned how to do that — Woot!) and have settled on a clean looking newspaper style with a white back ground and black text that is very readable. There’s a banner that I can change out the photo on, and it has three columns.

    Yes, I do remember your post and will be referencing it. I also did some searches on CSS and bookmarked some good resources there, too.

    Like I said above to EV. Sometimes, the writing is an excuse to avoid learning some of this stuff because you know how slow it can go at times. So I’m just sucking it up and getting it done.

    Thanks for volunteering to check things out. I truly appreciate your “hovering.” 🙂

  9. I’m playing with my template as well as I have not had a theme which is “me” since blogspot over a year ago. That was a design from now defunct Maystar designs. I think my readers are beginning to think I am a total crazy women.

    I have found a couple of templates I really like and then they act-up for some reason. Not beibg a code junky I do not have time to play with them.

    I like minimal myself.

    I think your whole family sound pretty interesting btw.

  10. I like either of the first 2, last one is too hard on the eyes. That’s my vote for what it’s worth. Actually, I’d of taken the “So you think you can dance” commentary – I find those shows to be such a waste of airspace. What book are you reading?

  11. kellypea

    Hi Cooper — I like the new one you’re wrapped up in today. It’s crisp, or something like that. The colors are great, and the features it contains are what I’m looking for, too. I do have the time to mess with it, am no where near as competent as I need to be, and am just avoiding the whole thing.

    Thanks for the bow to my interesting family. That we are. If you only knew.

    Hi Kelly — I agree with the dark background completely.

    As far as the brain rot shows are concerned, I’m catching up from years of “reading thoughtful and beneficial” books while others in the house were relaxing and having family time. Better late than never, I guess.

    I’m going to be doing a post for what I just finished reading, but there is a post somewhere in this blob about the more than 50 books I have to read before I purchase a new one. They would be all the books I purchased while I was working, and didn’t have the time for. Ugh. So many books.

  12. Here’s the other thing I love darling…the sections up top. When its time for me to do a redo…I’m coming to you.

    You’ve give a lot of thought to this…it shows. Dear! Just keep making the font bigger…so I don’t strain my brain…there’s not much left to strain!

  13. kellypea

    Hi Ev — I’m still working. I’m obsessed!

  14. What a friendly blog you have — it tells me “welcome back” and calls me by name. Okay, I know it’s all cookies and plugins and whatnot, but I still kinda like it… 😉

  15. Jen, Thanks so much. It’s been quite a chore to find the right blog wrap, but I’m really enjoying this one. There are still a few things to add or to tweak, but nothing major. I’m glad you like its welcome!

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