life according to me

life according to me

Month: June 2007

How Mameve Medwed saved my summer reading life

About that pile of books I’m supposed to be reading… Some time ago while I was reading through others’ blogs, I spied the cover of a book in a sidebar. If I remember correctly, there was somewhat of a tease in the caption encouraging me […]

Makin’ Like a Tourismo in So Cal

The weekend was lovely. Completely. Go figure. I don’t especially like driving — or riding in a car. I’d like that twitching nose thingy so I could just pop in and out of places. And it is summer, so the potential for a hot day […]

Solstice Love in Paradise

We did not carry drums. Black cloaks may have been an excellent idea considering the damp, salty chill. And antlers may have been in order had we thought of the idea. There always seem to be those who are just more creative than we are. […]

Summer Trough in Paradise

There’s a significance about this summer: it’s the first one in about 10 years that the RT hasn’t had to attend a camp. Hasn’t “had” to. “Had.” He has attended camp because like many others, we worked, and he would have been alone at home […]

Hoop Jumping and Birch Swinging

Hoop Jumping and Birch Swinging

  My head and heart are full. It isn’t that on most days they aren’t, but the sense of fullness is different today. The difference is the result of something I’ve grappled with for many years — a by product of raising my sons. The […]

Mint Juleps end the BBQ Saga in Paradise

What a busy weekend — but a great one considering the less than pleasant shopping expedition to The Home Depot last Thursday. Perfect weather — something we were seriously due considering all the very grey days we’ve had since early May. There was good company, […]