Looking for Light in All the Wrong Places

WQED:  Pittsburg Magazine  A round of applause for at least getting closer to the raging All Warholled Up me in the header, please?

Yes, I know you all still have a strange box at the top (even though it doesn’t show on my computer screen).  It’s for advertising.  That’s my next quest.  To rid my blog of the space.   For you.  All for you.

But you should be able to read the font better now, right?  Except for those of you who really need to put on your glasses, realizing that that’s what glasses are for.  I suck it up and wear mine.  All twenty dollars of them.  So if you’re not wearing your glasses, don’t complain about not being able to read the screen.  But you do know how to magnify your screen, right?  Well, figure it out, already, or get a cork.

And for those of you who say the middle section isn’t loading right away, I think that’s fixed, too, right?  Or are you just tolerating it?  Is it your crappy Internet connection, your PC (you shouldagotaMac) iMac  or my stoopid Blob?  Come on.  Fess up.  How the hell can I cater to your every freaking need if you only whine and complain in the dark?  Step up to the plate for godssakes.  Sheesh.  Next?

I don’t especially want you thinking I have my head where the sun doesn’t shine, even though much of the time, my snail’s pace of digging through the code of my site, and the codex at WordPress leaves me somewhat pale, and in need of some color.  And needing a shower.  Recycled Self

Today, the RT saw me come from my room after changing from my pjs and asked,”Are you going somewhere, Mom?” because it was only 11am, and on many days, real clothes just aren’t something I get around to.  Bear in mind that I have on a tee shirt and a pair of yoga pants.

Not exactly going out clothes…





9 responses to “Looking for Light in All the Wrong Places”

  1. I am familiar with both places, the one with head firmly inserted and that of schlepping about in yoga pants, all as a result of CODE.
    It is the devil.
    I have had many showers over my painful visits to code hell…
    Sometimes I have to.just.back.away.from.the. computer…

    Love what you’re doing x

  2. Minx, You are awesome. I took the time to look at my site on my huzbink’z laptop and was completely dismayed to see that all I had sarcastically spat above had still remained unchanged. Uhg. Thanks so much for your vote of confidence and understanding. Weekends are hard as I do have to step away — family demands it.

    The draw to the blob is so interesting. What is it?

  3. I’m not getting the whole “Macs are better” experience. Our old roommate just took his PC with him and so we’ve hooked up the Mac. Sure, it’s not a brandy new one, but it’s not ancient either. I just don’t think it’s as fast or user-friendly as the PC. But that’s for now. Maybe it will grow on me. But I’ve had Macs at some jobs and they’ve always crashed on me right in the middle of something important.

  4. Sorry to hear it, BeckEye. Maybe I’ve been lucky, but I used PCs extensively at work when I was a responsible tax-paying citizen, and they just seemed to make simple things more complicated. And yes, horribly slow. So I’ll just knock on my head that my Mac loves me.

    Funny though, because the problems I keep referencing are not a humongous problem on my screen. *sigh*

  5. …and then there is the brutal honesty of children.

  6. kellypea,
    I use firefox, and the font still looks too small. (yes, I’m wearing my glasses).

  7. Hi Dave — Yes, they do have that knack, don’t they? It was actually pretty funny.

    Cherann, I just reduced the font size and style again because many people using PCs (I’ve seen it on my husband’s) have giant letters and lines of text that are crammed together. I finally showed my mom how to magnify her text (Toolbar — View — Text Size — Increase…)

  8. I hate wearing my glasses… but for YOU.. I will.

    (cuz I have too.. but the bonus is… I want to read what you write, so it isn’t really an issue.)

  9. Sorry about the small font. I’ve encouraged others to go to “view” and enlarge their text size for viewing. That way you won’t have to wear your glasses! 🙂

    And thanks for wanting to read what I write!

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