life according to me

life according to me

Month: July 2007

I found a way to post. Yes!

We made it to Tahoe, and clearly, I’ve found a computer.  Do I get points for that? I should.  But I can’t be rude and sit here talking to you (as much as I’d like to.)  We’re planning our time here.  There are lovely things […]

Spectacularly Scintillating Snippets

Today is the day. You will finally understand what you have suspected all along: that I am, in fact, not a person, but a trained seal. Offer me a meme, and I bark on cue. For free! I have Mark to thank for this one. […]

Robosapien Spares Bloggers

Over the past few months since I’ve developed an interest in blogging, I’ve begun to notice other’s reactions to the idea of blogging in general. Several weeks ago, someone mentioned to me that “blog” is one of the “most annoying words” connected with the Internet. […]

There’s No Vacationing in Bloggsville.

This business of blogging during the summer is rather interesting. I have come to realize how much I expect certain individuals to just “be out there” and when they have the audacity to go on vacation? Well, it’s kinda quiet in Bloggsville. The kind of […]

And another one leaves Paradise.

My mom has loaded up and is getting into her little white car tomorrow at about 3:00 AM. She’s sold her casita in the hills, and the last few real possessions other than clothes have been gifted, donated, or bartered away. Although she has had […]

Macro Views: Avoidance

I have no energy today. No “get up and go.” It all got up and went. I’m not sure what has sucked it out of me, but I’m non-existent. Evaporated. When I’m like this, I struggle to find humor in anything. I’m flat. Everything feels […]