Summertime Plate-twirling and Writing

My weekend started yesterday. We went to the county fair. So what, you say? Well, I haven’t been in probably ten years. Think about it: Universal Studios last weekend; the county fair this weekend. All that food, and all those people. Yet I survived both experiences—in tact and smiling. I actually had fun. Go figure. It had to be the food. I should have paid more attention to the whale on the side of the building, letting me know that I’d be as big as he, once the day was over.

I am not one to endure crowds. It’s strange when you consider that’s exactly what I did for a living for many, many years. Maybe it’s because I have finally calmed down. I’m alone much of the time, get to choose when I’m around people, and so don’t mind an occasional crush now and then. I guess that being around nearly 1,000 people daily meant that on weekends and vacations, being part of a herd of humans wasn’t something that sounded like fun. So I’m cured. Voila. I am going to have to stop eating the food that accompanies these excursions, however. Have you ever had a deep fried Twinkie? No, neither have I, but the my husband tried one. I only eyed it, sitting in all its greasy splendor while I savored my chocolate-vanilla soft serve cone. Of course, that was only a while after I helped demolish the pile of fresh fried potato chips and onion rings smothered with bacon-cheddar sauce and jalapenos. And that green-chilie burger. With mustard.

I can’t tell you the last time I saw pigs race for Oreo cookies, or souped up beach cars speed over a small dirt course in an arena. Or monster trucks. Well, I haven’t seen any of that before, now that I think of it. But it was fun. It was also fun watching people whirl and twirl on the rides, wondering whether they’d had food before their ride, and whether they had an inclination to hurl in the course of all that spinning. No, no whirling for me. The ferris wheel was more in order for the beautiful day, and the scene spread out below full of raucous color and brilliant motion on one side, the vast Pacific and cloud speckled sky on the other. Warm breezes. Beauty.

The rest of the weekend? The Resident Teen’s 15th birthday has finally arrived. Family is coming over to eat. What else? I like to cook, remember? Plus my mother is getting ready to head for VA, so we’re sort of combining the birthday with a launching. We’re going to launch her into her new life. It’s a story that has hovered near saga length that I’ve avoided writing about at this point. I’ll get around to it later, because there’s much to ponder on with respect to the whole process of her thinking about, wanting to, threatening not to, and deciding to go. To leave Paradise where she’s lived since 1968. To leave for good. I’ll get back to you on that one.

And then my husband is taking some time off. A day here, and a day there. Just enough to break up my routine of sitting in front of the computer all day every day. Just enough to make me wonder where I’m going to find the time to write, and begin to feel a bit of anguish about not writing. But it’s definitely not his fault. He’s just one of those people who has a bit of “get up and go.” Or maybe wanderlust.

How can I not write? I have to write. It’s a habit now. A great habit. One I’m quite fond of and would like to insist on time for. Don’t get me wrong, because my husband isn’t the type of person who would ever expect that I stop doing something I enjoy. Out of respect for one another, we never would do that. It’s more my problem to solve.

Writing comes very easily to me. The way I write may not appeal to all, and the topics—if you can call them that—may not be something for everyone, but that isn’t the point. I usually know what I’m going to write well in advance of sitting here and getting it down. Once I sit down and begin, the rest flows. There is little time for organization or planning in a concrete fashion. That usually happens as I mull over the idea once I’ve thought about it the day before. I no longer write in a notebook like I used to. Instead I keep stickies. They’re everywhere. It’s a bit annoying, because I don’t often look at them. It seems that once I’ve committed an idea to a stickie, it stays in my memory until used. Unfortunately, the stickies stay on my desk and in other places in the house. It’s ridiculous.

In other news, this blog is messed up again. Evidently, much of the difficulty lies for those of you who are still using Internet Explorer. Those who use Firefox have a better view. I know this for certain now, because I downloaded Firefox onto my husband’s computer. The old blog looks the way it’s supposed to. No fat, blob like font squeezed together in the center. No blank middle with the text 20 clicks down the page. Perfect. Thanks again to Phil at Thought Sparks who lends a hand when it’s most needed. He’s truly a kind soul.

But I’ve been shopping for a new theme again, and it’s fairly tedious and time consuming. Taking care of the blog takes writing time away. I still have difficulty mediating that. I do enjoy the idea of planning what it all may eventually look like, and want to learn to do the designing myself. For those of you who know what this involves—don’t tell me. I usually get where I want to go in life by the seat of my stubbornly tenacious pants. I enjoy learning, but I am not always completely efficient in the process, so as long as you’re willing to stick by my side as I figure this all out, I’ll be pleased. Of course, you do know you’re welcome to complain that you’re sick of the changes, and to stop the audience abuse. There are other aspects of life far more painful.

And then, there is my food blog,  Sass & Veracity. Although I have the cooking down most of the time, I’m still struggling with my writing voice there. I speak to a completely different kind of community, so that affects the way I write. I’m working on it, though. In fact, I have to complete a huge post today to conclude a food blog event I co-sponsored with a food blogger who’s got more experience than I do. It should be up on Sunday. Make sure you take a peek.

When you wonder where I am and why things don’t happen daily here like they used to, it’s because I’m plate twirling. It’s free plate twirling, mind you.

And I’m doing it gleefully, of course. It’s summertime.

You should be plate twirling, too.





9 responses to “Summertime Plate-twirling and Writing”

  1. The fair sounds so much fun…(we won’t even mention the food side of it!)

    You are a braver woman than I tackling that ferris wheel…me and heights just don’t and chocolate cookies on the other hand… are not going there again!

  2. I’m so thinking I need to make you some of those cookies. The ice cream filling saga continues…Last night I left out the remainders so I could wash the container and when we woke up, the shape remained. What should have been a flat, pooling watery mess was a stalwart mountainette of dark, chocolate fudge. Still standing. That’s how much fat and chocolate was in that “ice” cream. Goodness. In more ways than one!

    Actually, it was about a half cup. And no, I simply couldn’t have eaten the rest. Not after the fair phood. Ugh.

    Let me know if you want those cookies!

  3. The phood is out of control at fairs and amusement parks. I can only imagine a deep fried twinkie. (and I would have eaten it… in a heartbeat)

    I hope one day I can find a guy like your MoH. You guys seem to have the relationship I am looking for. It seems so “simple” to have that mutual respect, but alot of people DON’T have that. I think it is wonderful you guys do.

    I love that you write all the time, and HAVE to write. This way I always have something new to look forward too.

    I am curios about your food / cooking blog. Admittedly I haven’t been over there yet because I am the worlds WORST cook. Usually we are better off ordering in, but, I think I have to take a peek.

  4. hi Kelly
    looks like you had a really wild weekend…..and the food looked yummy……
    your blog looke great to me …I have IE….and even though the words are squashed they are still legible… words turn out like that too when I use large fonts…….love the header
    cheers Kim

  5. Hi Meleah, Kudos to you for even considering eating that Twinkie. No way! And I’ll cross my fingers that you find a good person to share your life with. I count my stars daily. We are both far from perfect, of course, but meet somewhere in that magical middle. It’s very nice. As is writing. More about that as time goes on. Thanks so much for reading.

    Hi Kim, Thanks for checking in on me. I’ve been very neglectful of my blog world of late. But tomorrow is Monday. There’s nothing on my agenda. Woot! Blog surfing and checking in on all the people I enjoy. Thanks for hanging in there on the “blob.”

  6. Ritz

    Was it the Del Mar fair you went to? We had a blast the few times we went. Sounds like fun! And for the food, I can never pass up fried dough – reminds me when I was a kid.

    I like the new look on the top of your site… the writing is still smushed all together though on this side, but if I read slowly and focus I can get through it.

    Keep with your writing.. are you keeping track of your “seeds” as you go about your day with your guys around and doing all your domestic-tourist-mom-wife-stuff?

    Glad to be back on your ‘blob’ and seeing what you’re up to 🙂 Enjoy those sunsets and palm trees for me!

  7. loripea

    Hi, I did the foxfire thing and it worked just fine, but now my internet explorer is working too. It’s nice to have choices. Yep, sounds like Sunday was fun and I feel like it’s the first family gathering I really missed. I missed a few the last time we were here, but I knew we were coming back and this time we’re not. So, it was sad, sounds like it was a lot of fun though.

  8. That twinkie looks disgusting. did Moh say it was good?

  9. I’m sorry about the height issue, Goat Lady– we all have one or another, I’m sure. I guess mine would be sitting in a small dark place where I have no sense of what is in front of me.

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