If I want it…

In the movie Field of Dreams, there is a line that goes something like this: If you build it, they will come. I know the character that mulls over these words is thinking about baseball, but I’m thinking those words apply to life in general. And I’ve been known to bend those words a bit to suit my own purposes saying things like: If you spend it, it will come. But I’m trying not to do that as much as I used to considering the MoH is the one paying the bills. And I have no need for the things I used to. But it’s an interesting concept, don’t you think?

It implies that if you are someone who is willing to think that there will always be more, then there most likely will be. I know what you’re thinking. There are people who have very little and I’m being glib about something quite serious. Yes, I also know there’s fine line between being a spendthrift and being optimistic. Deciding how you’ll walk that line is another interesting concept. The idea, of course, is to live with an eye to possibilities instead of constantly grousing about what you don’t have.

So apply this esoteric thinking drivel to my work today. Call it priming my creative pump. Call it learning to love Photoshop. Call it educational: enjoyable, thoughtful, interesting. Time-consuming.

Call it……Avoidance. Head Soak

Aren’t most of the tasks we engage in to avoid other, less mesmerizing responsibilities, fun? I truly remember rejoicing in my dust ball collecting when I was writing my Master’s Thesis. Or picking lint off of the carpet while being less than diligent about studying for final exams in college. Grabbing the feather duster to flick away that hard to reach cobweb, or streak of barely discernible dust on the bookshelf. This is no different.

But it’s worse.

Purple Glow Header

I have no real deadline for getting anything done. I’m at my own mercy. I’m armed and dangerous with a real attitude on life about having a frame of mind on possibilities. About knowing that if I think positively about something I want badly, something that matters to me deeply….it happens. It does. Am I charmed? Most likely not. These things don’t fall from the sky.

What are they? These things, these possibilities? If I peer carefully enough, will I see them now? Are they right in front of me, and I haven’t noticed? What is it I really want?

Monster keeps bothering me with their less than interesting crumbs. The idea of putting a suit on makes me itchy. Leave the house every single day? It would most likely only take a few days to get used to it again. But giving in to something like that is most likely the real avoidance. Taking a job will keep me from having to pinpoint those possibilities now that I can.

Now that I have no reason not to.

But I’d rather play with my Mac. I can’t take credit for the Pig-Big, though. The RT did that. I’ll bet you didn’t know the RT was a farm kid, did you? I told you The Big didn’t really look like a dog.

I’m thinking a line of greeting cards… See how quickly I can change the subject? Oh, and don’t forget. I cook, too. That’s why I should have a spot in one of these photos for my not-so-sleek self. But you should see my creme brulee….Ooooooo you have no idea how good it was.

Okay, how about a little cafe of my own?  With pig greeting cards.  And dogs allowed.  You can tell I don’t want a job, right?

Pig Big Big-Pig





7 responses to “If I want it…”

  1. You’re right those suits do itch no matter how much you pay for them. Wearing them in hot weather is a travesty and it makes ” considering the possibilities” a most sound thing to do.

  2. Cooper…I cannot tell you strongly enough how I detest wearing those kinds of clothes. Around here, the really hot time is in September and October and I have oodles of very, very damp memories. Ugh. I send you my condolences. Seriously.

  3. Loripea

    News Flash!! Your dog is bigger than those pigs! What a morsel. She’s still lovely though. I like the pictures. And Ted does mention how awful it is to wear suits with all the humidity out here. He sweats like a big pig, or like your dog.

  4. Hey Lori, those are pig-lets. Babies. Big is, well, big. And yes, I’ll bet Ted wishes he was laying on the floor without his suit on. Ahhhh….

  5. Wow wonderful work (Pictures)…did you do that?

  6. Yes, the top two are my work. I’m getting there and find it pretty interesting. Unfortunately, it soaks up my day. My son did the Pig-Dog pictures on my request. Thanks for noticing!

  7. Suits – schmoots.

    I heard creme brulee…

    I’m coming over!

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