Schmoozer, Schmoozetta & Schmoozerino

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Ahhh…the beauty of the skies we’ve been having here. It’s been such a break from the gloom and overcast skies we so often have. So lovely to be outside and wallow in the glory. Don’t you think? So I’m off to do that again today, but not until I take care of some very important business.

My food blog, Sass & Veracity, has been recognized by a lovely person — The Mad Goat Lady. Don’t you just love that name?  I found her in Bloggsville one day with her post on Lucky Lucy that had us truly hooting over the hilarity of it all. I can’t imagine!

The Schmooze award was begun by Mike of Ordinary Folk and Danielle of Pink Reviews to recognize people who have a positive influence on the blogging community by developing and nurturing relationships. You know — commenting on other’s blogs, joining in on and sustaining a “blogversation.” Yep. That. And of course, it’s my turn to pass this along. This is one of the easiest awards for me to nominate others for. It’s easy because they’re the ones who consistently respond to my posts, and to comments I make on their blogs. Oh faithful followers of my short hair science here at kellementology, and dutiful foodies at Sass & Veracity. You are what helps to make this so much fun. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you and the time you take to read and respond. Truly!

I hereby annoint the following humans with the Power of Schmooze Blogging Community Involvement Award. Tah-Dahhhhhhh!

Schmooze Award

Lis at La Mia Cucina is a lovely human and cook blogger extraordinaire. And she’s completely hilarious. Lis cofounded a group called the Daring Bakers of which I am a part. Each month, one of the members puts out a baking challenge to the rest of us. We have a month to all cook the same recipe, then post our results on the same day. It’s a tremendous amount of fun with all of us checking each other’s posts and drooling over each other’s photos. The group now has more than 80? people in it. Is that right, Lis? Unbelievable. Talk about blog community? It’s incredible. Lis, you have an amazing presence in bloggsville. If you ask me, you are The Queen of the Schmooze and totally deserve this award. What size crown do you wear so I can get right on that?

Phil at Thought Sparks is another person who looks out for others. He not only chimes in to my odd world of short hair science, he creates very thoughtful and useful posts for the rest of bloggsville. When I read Phil’s blog, it’s always a pleasant surprise to find some new kind of learning — and not just blog or computer info (which really comes in handy). His posts are kind, thoughtful, and always very refreshing. He’s always on the lookout to lend a helping hand. When you comment on his blog — he’s right there with a response. What a Classy Schmoozer!

Going back to my cooking world I have to recognize a foodie who always take the time to let me know what she thinks of what I’m cooking — and it’s always supportive. Cheryl at Gruel Omelet. I enjoy her blog because she tells it like it is about what she’s cooking. It takes time to comment on a person’s blog, and I appreciate that she does that. And take a look at her archives. There’s some tasty stuff there if you have a sweet tooth — she’s sure to Schmooze you!

Dave at Wandering the Ether is a great person who has very involved conversations with his readers. The comment section of his posts are even more involved that his posts at times. The ideas he puts forth, and the content of his writing is mind-boggling. He is actively involved in getting people to wake up and get involved themselves. But he also takes time to put up with my less than mind-boggling content. Pithy Schmoozer, that Dave.

Meleah at Momma Mia Mea Culpa is a blogger who is everywhere! When I’m reading other’s blogs, I see her doing what she does so well — supporting other bloggers with her comments. She always takes time to comment — no matter how unworthy my content is at times. She’s funny, touching, edgy…but above all, someone who is a star in Bloggsville. She’s an electric Schmoozer!

And I have Rockin’ Blogger Awards to hand out, too. And Creative Blogger Awards. But I’ll save that for now. Awards will be coming out people’s ears. And I’m pooped. Completely. I sucked it up and went for another ocean swim this morning. News at eleven.