There’s No Vacationing in Bloggsville.

This business of blogging during the summer is rather interesting. I have come to realize how much I expect certain individuals to just “be out there” and when they have the audacity to go on vacation? Well, it’s kinda quiet in Bloggsville. The kind of quiet that happens when you arrive at a friend’s front porch and knock on the door expecting them to be there, and then they’re not. But you’re still there under that porch light. The one with the golden glow that hasn’t stopped the moths from practicing their persistent dance around its perimeter. Standing there. Alone. Holding the tuna casserole you baked especially to share. *ewww* I’m thinking a few nights there were actually crickets chirping just loudly enough to punctuate those bloggers’ absence.


You were vacationing? Is that allowed? I mean, come on.

There’s no vacationing in Bloggsville.

What? Your life matters, and you have a family? Whoa. Where’s your commitment to the cause? Your dedication? Your principles? Sheesh.

And no, I wasn’t getting even by not writing since Friday. Technically, I wrote that wonkin’ meme on my other blog, so that counts. You know we have weekend-itis around here. We christened the opening of our local race track this past weekend by flopping down in our sand chairs, stretching out our legs, lazing in the overcast greyness of the day and slapping two dollar bets on the “grey horse,” “number 8,” “that good jockey,” or the “50/1” horse.

Where the Turf Meets the Surf

Okay, so those are the kind of bets I make. And I usually make the bet to place or show — rarely win. Why? It’s economical. More chances to actually win something. I think I cashed in on a whole $3.20 on one horse. Is that cool, or what? That’s like income to me about now. Let’s see — earn over 100% on an investment that pays out in less than two minutes while I’m sitting on my caboose. Not bad. Not bad at all. My husband does the whole numbers thing — of course. The Racing Form, past performance, adjustments in class, blah, blah, blah…I usually do as well as he does for all his analysis. It’s a numbers addiction. I’m telling you. Numbers…Mmmmmm…numberzzzzzzzzz.. On the way home, we were treated to a lovely sunset and a view of the hot air balloons that launch from Del Mar each evening. Wouldn’t that be something to do… Um… Honey?

Balloons at Sunset

If you add up all the weekends we’ve been making like tourists, it comes close to a vacation. It’s fairly easy to pretend to be on a vacation here, which is nice. We have successfully avoided the Zoo and Seaworld — which is about 10 minutes from our house — but I did see a gleam in my husband’s eye the other day when the Zoo came up, because they have “Nights at the Zoo.” Has anyone figured out all the animals are asleep? What do you look at for hoot’s sake? Owls?

It looks like our turn for a real vacation is just around the corner. We weren’t sure we were going to make it, but it looks like we’ll be gone for about eight days with friends and their families. No hotels. No maids, no room service, and lake water as cold about as warm as the ocean in Paradise. All night poker games and trashy romance or crime novels. We’re chipping in on a Lake Tahoe rental near the beach (completely more cost effective to stay on the Left Coast). So we’ll be cooking up a storm, and making beds ourselves. Raiding the refrigerator in the night. Parading in “public” in our jammies. And swimming, and hiking, a possible sunset cruise on a catamaran, and horseback riding? Water skiing? Kayaks? Maybe. I’m sure there’s a casino visit or two on the agenda as well.ย  Fun will be had by all. Well, except maybe for my youngest whom we’re dragging along. We were hoping to bring along his cousin, but that didn’t work out. The doldrums of pseudo only-childness at the age of 15. We’ll keep him hopping and he’s a good sport, so all should be quite well.

My older boys will hold down the fort while we’re away and put a dent in the food in the freezer and fridge. I’m sure I’ll have a wealth of hairballs and pet yack to scrape off the rug when we return. I think it’s the way the mules get even with us for leaving them.

Of course, like the very responsible person that I am, I will try to keep you enthralled from afar. I’ll bet you just can’t wait. But if I can’t figure out how to do it, then I want you to remember those crickets chirping mournfully in the dark when you click up to my bloggstep and I’m not home.

Just don’t throw your Swedish Meatball Delight at me.





15 responses to “There’s No Vacationing in Bloggsville.”

  1. I’m too broke to take a vacation so you’re stuck with me. lol. Now get your butt over to my Onorach and SCR blogs and enter the giveaways! I want someone I know to have a chance at winning. lol

  2. We’re not too far behind, Jo, but this is certainly more budget friendly than what we’ve done for the past five years. I’m headed over to check out what you have going on, girl.

  3. Oh Vacation, well, everyone needs one! Glad you get to take one. I know you will be back with riveting stories and glorious tales, complete with photos. (my favorite picture on this blog is still that one of the stroller parking lot).

    And I always take a blog break on the weekends.

  4. “Swedish Meatball Delight”?

    Hhmmm…Is that like meatballs with Dreamwhip, or something?

  5. Ritzy

    Have a fabulous vacation – can’t wait to hear about & see your pictures! Be sure to tell that little girl (well, she’s not little anymore – she’s practically all grow up now!) that old teacher of hers said hello!
    I am counting down the days to my trip to the sun & sand too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Well then. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Hey, if you can find time to blog while on vacation, more powa to ya sister.

    Hope you have a wonderfully awesome sojourn.

    /big hugs.

  7. Kelly, It was so good to check-out and be one of those who had the nerve to exit the bloggsville for a while ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh yeah, I really do enjoy my digital existence but taking a break from almost anything for a while is so refreshing. I hope you have a great time, forget about stuff and enjoy beautiful Tahoe.

  8. I am SO ENVIOUS of your upcoming vacation! Holy hell that is like a lil slice of heaven on earth in my book.. exactly how I love to spend time away. I hope you have SOMUCHFUN!

    And thanks for the clip.. I haven’t seen that movie in ages, but that scene was definitely my most favorite. hehe!

    Love yous!

  9. I am thoroughly green after reading of your Lake Tahoe plans.
    It is wet and blustery and miserable here and I do wish I was off somewhere sunny…sigh..
    even to stand on your doorstep with moths fluttering about my head..

    I must say too that I love your darling Mum’s roadtrip plans.
    What a gal!!
    I love her!!!!


  10. Sounds like great vacation plans. When we went to the UK to visit my folks I still used their computer to check my blog and email!

  11. Summertime is very curious in the land of blogs, a lot of people take off and commentary is much slower. It’s good people need to have real lives. That having been said being in my first post college job and unable to take a vacation for the first time…ever I am feeling pangs of jealously almost every minute of every day.

    Enjoy the life.

  12. Sorry I disappeared…. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am a Tahoe junkie. I actually lived in Incline Village for about 6 months (northeast shore). Are you going to North or South lake?

  13. Well…Where do I begin…

    Meleah…I am so not a vacation gal. The MoH is the master of this even tho I’m the one who arranges it. Maybe it’s my alter ego. I love big hotels with marble baths, but have always wanted to have a cabin in the woods where people play ping pong and board games. Walking contradiction….

    Mark — Only you would think of that, and I can’t believe I actually fell into the Swedish trap. Subconsciously. Really. I’ll get to your meme on Thursday. I have writing plans for Wednesday.

    Yay, Ritzy! You will be more svelte than I. And I will certainly pass on your wishes to the lovely almost grown girl that you will HAVE to have dinner with. I’ll arrange it! Can’t wait.

    Dave, If I pull it off, it will only be because I’ve managed to figure out how to do the delay post on WordPress. My other blog on Typepad does it, so maybe I’ll have to refer you guys. Yanno. For the fix. I’ll read your gig on Catholocism tomorrow. I have a lot to say about that train wreck.

    Phil, Your vacation sounded wonderful. I loved picturing your kids napping and the whole parking lot gig. My sister is good at that. I’m the high maintenance pain in the ass in the family. It’s all for air time, though. Just give me a compost heap and I’m good to go.

    Hey Lis, Vacation is a relative thing. If you consider that we don’t actually NEED to go on this vacation, then you’ll be where I am. It will be fun, most definitely, but sometimes, you just need to circle your wagons — or whatever John Wayne used to say. Hugs!

    Minx, You’re on my list to visit tomorrow…Just to see how you’re doing health wise. I keep forgetting you’re on the other side of the planet experiencing my kind of weather. Hopefully you won’t float away like part of England has….

    Michael — Exactly my thinking…There’s only so much one can do on a vacation, right? Although when we visited the UK last summer, the only reason we were on line was to allow my husband to see some sports update I can’t remember at this point!

    Cooper, I may have to worry about you in this new job you have. I don’t remember feeling quite like you do now after I first began my “real” job. Hmmmm….

    Hey Goldie! I’ve never been to Tahoe if you can believe that! And yes, we’re staying at Incline Village. Friends live there. Should be wonderful! News and photos coming a week or so from now….

  14. I’ve just put you on my blogroll, “friend”.

    Have a good one.

  15. Ditto, “Friend.” Cheers.

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