Dry & Vacuous

I finally gave in. I turned on the AC. The MoH and the RT are out and about, so I’m blissfully content and for the first time in days, sans sweat running down my spine, drenching my shorts and giving the appearance I’ve sprouted a leak. I’m in heaven. Truly. I had almost forgotten what dry air feels like, so moist and sticky that it’s been here lately.

To celebrate the completely vacuous mood I’m in, I’m going to indulge in a bit of nothingness. I could rant about the recent ruling by a judge here in California that will severely limit water to SoCal to save smelt. Or about how much hair our family pets are shedding on everything no matter how much I vacuum. Or whine about gearing up to tackle the RT’s bedroom, but I could work up a sweat and that would destroy the peaceful, dimly lit calm I’m basking in.

Instead, I’ll comply with an obligation to a fellow blogger. An obligation to release some facts about who else? Me. Intriguing? Not necessarily. But pleasant for me to be able to remember, smile about, then write. Nothing to work up a sweat up about. So thanks to Caught in the Stream for the downtime today…much appreciated. Oh, it’s called the Fab 4, but that’s a matter for you to decide upon.

4 Jobs I’ve Held: Babysitter — I worked an entire summer watching my three cousins from 8-5 while my aunt worked. I earned $200 and thought I was rich. I was 15 years old…Grocery store frozen food clerk — I worked 4am-1 and ordered, stocked, and inventoried the freezer cases. I’d wake at 3am, pull my two small boys out of bed at 3:30, drive to my mother’s and put them in a double bed in her spare room, then get to work by 4:00. I can tell you that when you get in a warm car after working in a freezer, the fat on your rear end and thighs really itches as it thaws out. Could be handy information…Substitute teacher for five school districts– I did this for about two terrifying months until I was hired by one district and then given a contract. I truly detested not knowing when I went to bed at night where I’d be working, which grade level I’d be teaching, and worse, whether the teacher had left lesson plans or not. I intensely disliked the anticipation of that phone ringing at 5am as well. I had my best day subbing in a place I thought would be the worst, and the worst day in a place that should have been great. Yes, as much as I learned to love them most in later years, middle school kids are not very nice to substitute teachers. Ever. In fact, they’re every bit as ugly as you think they are. Well, except for that time those 3rd graders kept pulling the fire alarm. School Principal — Interesting, but not a fun job. And much more difficult than I believe people know. In my next life, I will not choose this job again. And I won’t explain why because I’d begin to sweat — defeating the purpose of taking the bait on this meme…

4 Films I Could Watch Over and Over (and already have): The Return of the King (my favorite in the Lord of the Rings trilogy…), The Grapes of Wrath (I love the story, the sets, the history, and Henry Fonda — goodness, but he was quite the intense hunk), Pride and Prejudice (the new one — not the old one, but I’d watch that one, too…).  Why?  Mr. Darcy, Mr. Darcy, Mr. Darcy…and Notting Hill. I love the scrawny blonde male actor in this movie as well as several of the others I haven’t seen in other movies. Each time I watch it, I laugh.  This list could easily be 100 movies long. I love movies and some day will try and figure out just how many I’ve seen over the years instead of cleaning my house.

4 Television Shows I Watch: Right now, ZERO. Well, that isn’t quite true. I do believe there are a few more episodes of Top Chef left, aren’t there? And I watch DVRd What Not to Wear, but I’ve seen all of them, so am out of those as well. I eyeball MSNBC financial something or other in the morning while reading the paper after the MoH turns it on, but I wouldn’t turn it on myself. And I loved, loved, loved So You Think You Can Dance this summer and last, wishing I might have learned to dance, knowing that it would’ve been a very difficult path to take in life. But, oh to be able to move my body that way. Amazing. Over all, I’m less than enthused about television. I hear there are good shows out there, but never seem to get around to watching them. The commercials drive me nuts.

4 Places I’ve Lived: Key West, Florida, when I was in the first grade. I remember the heat, the clear water, my teacher, Mrs. Lindsay who beat me with a ping pong paddle, and giant oleander bushes. And those crabs in the ocean, too. Charleston, South Carolina, when I was in the second grade. I remember an easy walk to school, an enormous train yard, a dense forest beyond that, and a hurricane whose name I can’t remember. I also remember the white fence across the street from our house that had written on it: “F**k a rubber Duck,” and I wondered what that meant. Funny how your brain hangs on to stupid things like that…Rota, Spain, where I lived for four years and love to explore on Google Earth now to see how much it’s changed. Those were the very best years of my childhood — no contest. If I could go back in time to relive any part of my life, it would be this with absolutely no regret. San Diego, California, in about eleven different homes and communities over the years. It’s a pleasant place to live for many reasons — most of which I complain about frequently. It’s all in good fun, but variety would be lovely weather-wise. Add it all up and it’s a lifetime full of sun, sun, and more sun. It’s no wonder I’m a bit tired of it all.

4 Favorite Foods: So this is like the movie list. I could name 100. To be very simple…Pizza — I love, love, love it. Making it, ordering it, eating it. The only thing I don’t like about it is thinking about how anyone could put pineapple on it. YUCK. But proscuitto, parmesan, arugula and green apple is to die for. Steak — Perfectly seared and seasoned. Delicious. What else needs to be said? Cinnabon — No, not cinnamon rolls. Cinnabon. They’re just different, somehow. Especially that gooey part right in the middle when they’re fresh out of the oven. Goodness, they’re amazing. Salad — in every combination possible. Just get me a trough and I’ll jump in, grazing my way through it. But not slathered with bottled dressing. BLECH. Just light vinaigrettes — mostly made with citrus and olive oil. Delicious.

4 Websites I Visit Every Day: Hell, I don’t even visit my own every day now. But with the greatest frequency, not counting my own, La Mia Cucina, Wandering the Ether, Freak Parade, Thought Sparks, and Wonderland or Not. Oops! That was five. But there’s at least ten more I’ll check in on when I’m on line. Routinely.

4 Places I would Love to be Right Now: Floating on my back in the ocean while looking up at the clouds instead of swimming hard to the marker, turning around and huffing and puffing back to shore. It’s one of those “stopping to smell the flowers” aspects of life to take note of. On my way to France, then Italy, then England for a month-long decadent vacation. In the middle of a winter rain storm and sitting with a cup of tea, watching the palm trees lash around, listening to the rain drum against the skylights, and feel the wind blow up against me as I leave the house to get the mail. But I’ll settle for Reading a good book downstairs which is next on my agenda because I’ve finally finished another on my list.

4 Favorite Colors: cobalt, indigo, aquamarine, and turquoise. You know. Blue. The sad thing is, I don’t have much of it in my house, or in my closet. I wonder what that’s all about? I must be attracted to it because I’m full of piss and vinegar, fire and brimstone and need a bit of cooling off.

4 Names that I Love but Would/Could not use for My Children: Okay, so now this is lapsing into one of those junior high memes. Who thinks of this stuff? Huh? So how about Chloe, Zoe, Phoebe. I have three boys, so it would have been rude to have named any of them Chloe, Zoe, or Phoebe. Right? But what about Fabio? Oh, wait, that’s cheating. Or Atticus? Octavius? Okay. Popeye? Bwah-hahahahahahaha!

So, done. And no, I don’t know whom to tag. It seems like everyone’s done this one and I’ve been safe up until now. So if you’re completely brain dead and don’t have anything to write about, tag yourself and give it a go. It’s not too bad.

Maybe I should come up with my own meme…one that has a nice bite to it…






5 responses to “Dry & Vacuous”

  1. i miss you woman… i miss your blatant disregard for manners and your sense of hysterical uncouth… quit that damn job,,, it is taking away too much precious blogging time~!!!!!!!

    Ditto, paisley. I haven’t been getting my surfing time in. When I do write, that’s all there seems to be time for. But school is back in session tomorrow, and summer will finally be over. YES! And I’ll have my trusty schedule in hand…

    No, I don’t believe I taught my younger cousins subversive things, but they did have time to roam the neighborhood unattended, as did I when I was their age. I was busy reading my aunt’s trashy romance novels. Boy was that an education.

  2. I think you could come up with a fabulous kellypea meme.

    Fabio – now if I were a make child and someone dared to name me fabio they would probably be paying a lot of psychiatrist bills.

    One job I never had was that of babysitter. I’ve sat with younger children in my family without adults around, but it was never paid so I felt no responsibility. I was therefore free to teach them all sorts of subversive anti parental authority tactics and instruct them on the back flip on the trampoline. Something I would not have been able to do as a paid babysitter.

    I see you as Cobalt.

  3. Very well executed, as I knew it would be :). Thanks for playing along, as I know what a bother they can be. Oh, and happy birthday!

    Thanks! I actually have fun doing these even though I grumble. I suppose I enjoy grumbling as well…but not on my birthday, so thanks again!

  4. See I was brain dead yesterday and didn’t manage the challenging task of catching up here, so I didn’t see this post. Today I’m slightly less brain dead – I think – so “pass.” But if you make up your own meme, count me in. Especially if it bites.

    Wait… that doesn’t… erm.


    Key West, Charleston, Rota, San Diego – was there some military element connecting these, or is that just more brain deadness on my part?

    Glad to know someone else shares my proclivity for flat lining…And I’m thinkin’ on that meme. Just gimme some time. And the bonus goes to you today for getting the Navy connection! Woot! Do they actually send families anywhere anymore on tax payer dollars?

  5. Heh. I don’t know about the current Family Package, but I can think of worse ways to spend taxpayer money. I’ll start a list!
    1. Anything in DC
    2. …

    And I’m not sure if I’d have made the Navy link without Rota. That one kind of stands out. Not that I have Clue One about Rota, mind you. I just remembered something about a US military presence (which I suspect might be an understatement), and then the other three wheels fell into place. Or off the cart. Possibly. Either way…

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