Spider Webs and Windy Day Distractions

The wind has been blowing for a couple of days now. It’s not the dry wind of the Santa Anas we’re accustomed to. Instead, it’s a soft push of coolness that takes the sting out of the intense sunlight that will persist well into October providing welcome relief from the humidity we’ve had. I know it won’t last, so allow myself to be drawn outside to stand and let it wash over me. September Light

How could I not go out, enticed as I have been by insistent shadows dancing against the wall? And start my work instead? No.

I’d rather listen to the rustle of the palm fronds high above, and track the descent of the carrotwood leaves as they fall heavily to the ground and clatter away.

Spider webs catch my attention each morning now, and I check to see how many there are, and whether they’ve been moved. It’s daunting to venture out too far without carefully looking around first, because I’m bound to walk right into one.

Web in the Sun

It’s amazing how strong they are. Even in this wind, their anchors hold, and they glisten in the light, beautifully.


The distraction is more than effective as I’m now an hour and a half behind. I do my best daydreaming when I’m supposed to be working. Any number of less than crucial aspects of life will fall under my scrutiny and become fascinating.


Oh what tangled webs we weave…

So much for my schedule.





9 responses to “Spider Webs and Windy Day Distractions”

  1. Are distractions, distractions or the main attraction? You were doing the rightly thing in taking care of first things first. Live and enjoy life.

    I had the fortunate excuse to work from home today which I do on occasion. The weather is un-seasonally cool here today with the doors open, glass of vino in hand and even took a little guitar break along the way. All in all I enjoyed myself and got some work done as well. Very nice indeed.

  2. What a delicious distraction.
    I absolutely love spiders – and webs.
    Tangled, wicked ones especially…

  3. Hi Phil,
    Of course you are correct, but now it’s much later today, and when I should be enjoying my evening, I’m pretending like I’m working. In other words, I’m sitting here.

    Clearly no will power in this pursuit. Unlike you who I’m sure have STILL not had coffee.

  4. Ah, Minx. I just stopped by your site realizing that I’ve been negligent. Talk about pleasant distractions…Perfect.

  5. What a lovely post!

    Just popped in to say Hello and to tell you that I am finally back in the swing of things after being tied up with my overseas guests (whole other story..pity I cant blog it but they will read it! )

    Busily been trying to catch up…….

  6. Wonder if spiders ever procrastinate. Also I wonder if they make any noise while web-spinning. Of course they’d be phenomenally tiny noises, but still. Something like the sound of silk, spooling out? Or maybe a faint humming, or whistling.

    Right, I don’t think spiders can hum. But maybe they can whistle. Do they have little lungs?

    …Sorry. You started it, not me.

  7. Hello MGL! I was hoping everything was going well for you, since last I stopped by you weren’t feeling well. Good to hear you’re up and running again! Yes, it’s a challenge to get back in touch with everyone after being away. I’ll be by soon…

  8. RJ, only you would think of these things. I’ve beat you to it, though. I already have a post in draft form about spiders and “stuff,” but even I didn’t wonder about whether they have lungs… And maybe it’s that sound a fishing reel make when somebody casts it. But more high pitched so only dogs can hear it. No?

  9. you ALMOST made me like spiders…ALMOST

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