Begging for tips on how to stay focused…

There are things I’d like to write about today, but can’t…

1.) Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at Columbia: Wow.

2.) Ruben Navarette of the San Diego Union-Tribune & Clarence Page of the Chicago Tribune on the Jena 6: Interesting subtle differences of opinion — or are they?

3.) Bush’s comment on Hilary having the Democratic nomination wrapped up: Um, could he just not say anything, please? Ever?

4.) The UAW strike: They’re kidding, right?

5.) The public’s skewed perspective on public education: I’m getting ready to just let it rip. But not quite yet.

6.) People who are resistant to change (newspaper vs. Internet): Yes, Dorothy, there are these things called computers. And yes, you can actually “read” whatever you want and more with your coffee in the morning just like you do with the paper. And no, they’re not going to make the sports section smaller.  Get over it.

7.) The MoH and football season: Oh the hilarity of it all. Even if the Chargers suck.

8.) Those little racing planes we saw Saturday on the bay: Unbelievable. What will they think of next?

9.) Exercising at Oh-Dark-Thirty: When is the time change?

10.) Brunch: food, champagne, and plenty o’ smack: How many people can talk all at once while changing the subject of discussion five times within a single minute?

I know. You all work and are quite capable of writing as well. In fact, lots of you work, are raising young children AND write. Pat yourself on the back, smile and count yourself as special. Truly. In my next life, I will long to be just like you.

But now, I’m just wondering how you manage to do both. Let me know, okay? Seriously. I’m already busted because I’ve written this much and I promised to not even read my e-mail. What a complete loser. Can someone please put me out of my unfocused misery?

In the meantime, be very glad I didn’t bore you with most of what I wanted to write today since I’m full of piss and vinegar. Nothing pleasant would have come of it.

Have a totally lovely day.

Like, you know.


And I’m waiting for your free tips on how to stay focused. 9:01 — gotta go.





8 responses to “Begging for tips on how to stay focused…”

  1. I keep my ideas for writing in 2 categories – quick easy ones and long drawn out ones. It’s nice to have some quick cheesy ones on hand if I can’t make time for a few days.
    It kinda stinks but it’s often the quick, one paragraph posts that get the most response (on my site at least).
    Other than that, I often just write while at work (as I am now). Shhhhh.

  2. Yes KellyPea. I am one of those women. I have a fulltime job, I am a single mother, I run TWO blogs and am trying to WRITE a book. It is VERY hard to keep up, or manage my time, or see my real friends and family in my real life. The ONLY thing that works for me are LISTS. ‘To Do Lists’ and then, implementing all self control and NOT ever diverting away from’ The List’ even when there are great distractions all around me, calling for me to do otherwise. It’s not easy, and sometimes it down right sucks, but when that damned list is complete there is no bigger satisfaction.

    PS… I am still only getting my ‘word and or political news’ from you.

  3. Don’t ask me – I was supposed to be recruiting this morning and instead I cleaned my stove and made magic cookie bars. God are they good….

  4. I think it depends on your personality…. I can write lists and even sometimes follow them… other days I pretend the list isn’t there and just wing it!
    BTW – I’ve always admired Meleah and her ability to accomplish everything she does in a day… blows my mind how well she can focus. Wish I had even half of her determination!

  5. Jason, I’ve kept an eye on those of you who seem to manage this strategy well. The problem I have is that writing is a cathartic occupation — as long as I’m writing what I damn well feel like writing. It feeds me. That “excuse the hell outta me” attitude of mine always gets me in trouble with the “have tos” in life.

    Hey, Meleah! Excellent! I can be a list maker, and handled life that way when I was single with two little boys, working at night and finishing school during the day. I didn’t have choices. Of course, there was no such thing as a blog, either. Beethoven and Rachmaninoff helped yesterday…

    Beth — that TOTALLY sounds like me. Except my stove was clean already. I had to clean it before I needed to get a chisel to get the stuff off of it.

    Hey Dawn — I get your point about personality. I actually like making lists for the sake of making lists. The pen, the paper, the handwriting. What a complete freak, huh? I did have someone tell me to limit my lists to only three items so they’re actually doable. I’ll have to ask Meleah how many items she puts on her lists…

  6. Beth actually had me mopping the floor when I should have been creating original artwork for her new graphic novel, which she actually took on after she cleaned the oven and made the magic cookie bars–God, they are good–instead of recruiting.

    You’re not the only one, dear. Welcome to the United States of Distraction… 😉

  7. Hi Rod — I understand the whole magic cookie bar then cleaning the stove thing if she then worked on her book. Tasks like that get me geared up for thinking type work. Good on you for the mopping. Whatateam!

  8. My lists….. are LONG as HELL. What to do, what to buy, what to clean, what account to work on, in what order…. Never stops & never ends, and oh yeah BLOGGING is WORK, but its the one JOB I love doing!

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