Work, Beethoven, and Bad Drivers

I have a treat for you, but before I get to that, thanks to those of you who took the time to offer your suggestions about staying focused yesterday. I didn’t have a list as some of you mentioned, and which I’ve used in the past when work had me by the short hairs, but grabbed a few cds to keep me anchored to the monitor instead. Thanks to Essential Beethoven (especially the “Piano Concerto No. 5 in E-Flat Major’s Adagio un poco mosso“), and Rachmaninoff (“Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini”), I managed to stay focused with little or no distraction.

And today will be the same. Somehow, my iTunes playlist doesn’t quite work. It is distracting. And it’s not about my being able to sing along. I can actually “sing” to the classical music as well. I do a mean Beethoven’s 5th Symphony Allegro con brio nearly all the way through. You know, the Dat-Dat-Dat- Duhhhhhhhhhhh…Yes, that one. It’s quite entertaining without being distracting. The walkers outside my window now know I’m a complete goner, however.

So, it’s 8:59 and I have to work. But I heard about LA CANT DRIVE on CNN this morning and thought I’d share if you haven’t seen it. This guy is totally my hero and I’m so sad he beat me to the punch on blogging about drivers who have their heads where the sun doesn’t shine. It seems that L.A. traffic is so bad (OH REALLY?) that one has a double chance of dying in a car crash there as opposed to New York City. The only place that one’s chances are higher? San Diego. True. Sheesh.

And I’m sure it’s because of all those Urban Attack Vehicles that crowd the road each morning dropping off their future superior court justices and combinatorial chemistry specialists for school each day. The blonde and ponied Audi driver who cut me off THREE TIMES and then took on a school bus to situate herself before it at the red light wins the a**hole driver award for the day from my neck of the world. Too bad I don’t have more time, or I’d send in her photo. Wait. No, come to think of it, she probably has a few attorneys on retainer for her little problems in life. Come to think of it, I just might invite that blogger down to Paradise. His dislike for Mustangs and Escalades will immediately dissapate after he sees our UAV Babe-n-steins in action.

Kay. Have a splendiferous day, but don’t put your nose too close to that grindstone or you’ll end up with a big scab on your nose.






8 responses to “Work, Beethoven, and Bad Drivers”

  1. Rachmaninoff’s Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini – one of my favorites.
    You know reading about such drivers makes me glad that I don’t know how to drive!

  2. You’re only the second person I’ve known who doesn’t drive. I’d like not to most of the time. But I’m more calm if I’m driving than if I’m riding. I swear I’m going to become a permanent resident of the back seat so that I can authentically become a “back seat driver.” Or pop the Rachmaninoff into the Bose. Then nothing will matter.

  3. cooper

    Scabs aren’t so bad. I’m glad you are staying focused. It feels like shit when one can’t get their work done.

    Try driving the Washington Beltway. Makes you want to become a violent person.

  4. Earlene

    I am venturing further every time I go out here in my new city close to DC. Still haven’t driven on the big ones yet at least not without a co pilot. The drivers here seem more courteous or scared, I am not sure which, but they take forever to go when the light turns green. It is ok cuz I am in no hurry. Get to work.

  5. Cooper, I seriously don’t think I’d enjoy a scab on my nose. Nor would you. And I get to hear my sister talk about that Beltway. Is that the one that turns into a giant carpool freeway? The one my sister grabs a body to throw in the car so she can get on it?

    And good for you, Mom. You don’t need to be in a hurry or have a scab on your nose. No grind-stoning. But I doubt the drivers are scared. The bimbo ratio is just less. Like. Yanno?

  6. Hand to God, I just read that as Rachmaninoff’s Rhapsody on a Theme of Pannini. Not kidding. I think this is a sure sign that I need lunch. And that I may be a total idiot.

  7. Vanessa, you are hilarious, and a person after my own heart. Pannini indeed. I was thinking of making them for dinner. Absolutely lunchtime. Great minds think alike, huh?

  8. “but don’t put your nose too close to that grindstone or you’ll end up with a big scab on your nose. Disgusting.”

    HILARIOUS. I will laugh about that line all day!

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