Oh, look, everyone. It’s nearly wordless Wednesday. That would be the modified version for those of us who simply can’t keep our fingers still. But you will be impressed today with my accomplishment of fewer words…

Iron Fang by the RT

Meet “Iron Fang” who showed up on the kitchen counter after school yesterday.  Be afraid.  Be very afraid.

I wonder which class the RT drew this in when he was supposed to be acting like he was interested in the lecture?

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  1. That looks like legitimate schoolwork to me. Iron Fang was captain of the Mayflower when they discovered that the world was flat back a really long time ago (after cavemen but before video games and stuff).

  2. Yes, I agree with the legitimacy, but I do remind him that if he’s going to draw, use his sketchbook. And I’m thinking his art teacher wouldn’t agree with me. As far as Mayflower captainhoodness goes, Fang looks bigger than what the Mayflower was.

  3. And here I thought it was just girls who doodled in their notebooks!
    I guess Iron Fang vs. “The Future Mrs. Amy _____ xoxoxo heart heart heart” isn’t quite the same though. In college I used to doodle clocks… as in how much time I had left in a class.

    Hope all is well… will catch up more with you soon.

  4. PS – RT has a great eye for detail. Impressive. Keep him drawing!
    See, all those hours studying & painting all those little men have done him well!

  5. Hey Jerry — he is interested in animation. At this point, I’m sure he’d be interested in anything that doesn’t involve mathematics. I’ll pass on your praise. And thanks!

    Hi Ritzy! Heck, even the MoH doodled in his notebook. When he was in college, he’d work out player position decisions for his rec ball team. So I guess guys can multi-task, huh? And yes, he does have a good eye for detail. Just not with respect to how you write a legible equation…

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