So what would you take if someone told you you had to leave your home immediately? I can’t imagine.

Here’s what’s been happening a few blocks from our house this morning. Within an hour, this landslide went from a few large cracks in the asphalt to what is now a 15 foot depression. How frightening…

And through it all, the ridiculous posturing exhibited by our City Attorney, Michael Aguirre, and our Mayor, Jerry Sanders continues. The Mayor is on his way to D.C., leaving Aguirre to seize yet another opportunity with television cameras taping, to insert his nose into business that has absolutely nothing to do with the job he was voted into office to do. Someone needs to ask him when and where he obtained his degree in geology. The man is completely out of control.

They’re cutting off the water, the electricity, the waste drainage, have set up an evacuation area in a park very near by, and the helicopters haven’t stopped swirling since before 9 this morning. The police helicopter is using their loudspeaker to announce evacuations…

It’s so bizarre. Many of the residents in this area are quite elderly and have lived in these homes most of their lives. Many others went to work this morning knowing that there was a problem, but never expecting that this would happen.

This is why I take nothing for granted.


,,,Landslide II
,,,Landslide III





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  1. Wow is right – those photos are terrifying!! I hope that you are far enough away to not be in danger. I can’t even imagine something like that happening.


  2. No, no danger. It’s a good 10 minute walk from our house. Evidently, it’s a place that has had problems as far back as the early 60’s. Our home is built on “cut & fill” also, but not anything like that. We looked at a house on the lower street when we bought this one, but being perched on the side of a hill has never appealed to me.

  3. Here’s hopes and prayers for your neighbors, Hon.

    Stay safe. You’re far too precoius a commodity for a simple landslide to take away.


  5. I saw this on the news this morning – WOW scary! Glad you are okay!!

  6. Hey Jenny — Yes, I can’t imagine how these people feel.

    Hi Jerry, and thanks! We only know one person who lives in that area, and she’s not immediately affected. And I’m blushing over being a precious commodity. Who knew?

    Hi Meleah — the whole mountain would have to come down for the rest of us to be affected. It’s just sad thinking about the people who’ve lost everything.

    Hey Cooth- Most of the area is fine and won’t be affected at all. It’s just those in the immediate area.

  7. Even though this is sobering and I most definitely sympathize with those affected by the slide, I can’t help but wonder if anyone at the news station(s) had second thoughts about their “Breaking News” screen title. I don’t find it funny, just – I don’t know. If I were in charge I’d have tried to think of something else.

  8. RJ — I saw that, too…Sometimes you just have to wonder about media folk. Guess the producer wasn’t paying attention. If I wasn’t swamped with work today, I’d have a HO-LOTTA stuff to say about the whole debacle on this one. So much for Thoughtful Thursday, huh?

  9. Scary. I hope you and your neighbors will be ok.

  10. Ritzy

    Where abouts was this? North or South of LJ?

  11. Hi Chick — no danger to us. We’re not on a canyon. What do those people think when they purchase places on the sides of hills?

    Hi Amy…It’s on the side of the mountain that overlooks I-5 right about where 52-W heads South. Remember that really long offramp into PB?

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