Go ahead. Lock me up.


I spent half of yesterday thinking it was today.

Pathetic.  Does that mean I’m wishing my life away, that I’m becoming forgetful, or that time flies when I’m having so much fun I can hardly see straight?

I vote for the last one.

So much loveliness.

I could be under house arrest and be thoroughly entertained.

You know.

Like Martha.

She probably loved it.

But I’ll bet her house was shiny.


And had labels on shelves.

A crudless keyboard.

But I have an azalea that blooms all year long.

Amazing, isn’t it?


8 responses to “Go ahead. Lock me up.”

  1. I love it the photographs. keep it going this fall! 🙂

  2. Thanks, Jon. I intend to — especially as I get more into Photoshop…but for more serious reasons classified under learning.

  3. Those are great. Everything is so dry and brittle here right now….it’s so nice to see something thriving.

  4. wow. Those are BEAUTIFUL pictures and flowers.

  5. Nice pictures with fall coming those are refreshing to see….I was going to suggest your very slight mental lapse about what day it is….is sign of advancing years..but I wouldn’t want to send you into a frenzy…or something…I suffer from the same affliction which I can blame on my advancing years…I spent this morning looking for my watch…after about 10 minutes I remembered I had dropped it off at the jewelers to get the band fixed….yesterday…

  6. Thanks, Chick. It’s actually very dry here as well. San Diego is actually a desert. We just water it to death. And then the hills slide. And then everyone gets out their lawyers.

    Thanks, meleah. I’ve been messing around with the settings on my camera. A bit better than spider shots, huh?

    Robert, I’ll be first in line for the forgetfulness. It isn’t bad, but when I notice it, it’s hilarious. What’s more funny is trying to squat while I’m taking some of these photos, and not move so the shot’s in focus. I’ve fallen on my butt a few times. What must the neighbors think?

  7. you are the next redneck Chef award winne drop by and pick it up there young lady…caramel chocolate nut bars with 2/1/4 pounds of butter is a winner…when you feel on your butt did your cheeks leave and impression in the garden…just wondered….

  8. Wait for the photos of the nut bars, Robert. They were lip-smacking good. And there was no butt impression because I landed on the cement. Call it a slow roll…Good thing there were no doggie turdlettes in my path.

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