Do I Look Good in This?

This morning, I could hear the MoH’s voice coming from the closet, but couldn’t quite make out what he was saying. I think it’s a passive form of control, actually, expecting the one you most love in life, the soul who makes your sun rise and set each day to get up, come to you and inquire gently, “What was that you were saying dear?” But I don’t, because I know how this works.

He soon walked out of the closet and stopped to look at himself in the mirrors that are on the closet doors. I noticed the black, corduroy baseball hat on his head before he returned to the closet. “So brown, black, and grey are neutrals, right?” he called out, returning quickly with yet another baseball hat perched on his head and stopped again in front of the mirrors. It was a dark Navy blue with a Yankees logo on the front. I was surprised it was even on his head and couldn’t remember where he got it.

“Yes,” I confirm, remembering that he and I had watched What Not to Wear last night before heading up to bed, and that this is exactly what Stacy and Clinton were trying to teach that Philosophy doctoral candidate who had absolutely no clue about clothes. “Tan, beige, and khaki colors, too,” I continued as he headed back into the closet, evidently not liking the second hat either. He emerged with a third, black hat that kept him standing and appraising longer than the two previous choices. It was an SDSU hat sporting the fierce face of Monty Montezuma, the Aztec’s old mascot. “What are you doing?” I asked him, watching him begin to smile because I’d found him out.

“Well, I don’t like this one because it’s pointy on top,” he said, raising his arm and extending his index finger to point directly down toward the offending crown of the cap. He was right.

“It makes you look like a poindexter,” I said, because that’s my job when he preens, and I’ve been doing it for years. I noticed that he’d put on his blue grey fuzzy lined sweats purchased at Old Navy years ago, and had chosen a waffle weave two-toned steel grey and black Nike long-sleeved tee, pulled over a white tee. It’s what I call his Spock shirt because it reminds me of the Star Trek uniforms from the old TV show. It was all coming together now. He was actually trying to apply his learning from the show last night. Unbelievable. I’d tell him to go without a hat, but learned long ago that the hat comes out when he feels he’s having a bad hair day. I’ve never quite been able to figure this out, because there’s just not that much hair. I’ve thought about encouraging him to shave his head, but it’s kind of lumpy here and there.

I went into the closet to look at the stacks of baseball hats with him and knew which he’d choose. It was a longer billed cap with a more shallow crown. A soft worn khaki green with a golf logo. His favorite. “It looks like you’re going out in a boat,” I told him, but I like that hat. He smiled and pushed past me to again survey the fruits of his fashion labor, and admired his reflection. I could tell he thought he looked cute, satisfied with his artfully mussed appearance.

“Yes, that one works,” I told him. It’s a neutral. It doesn’t have to be grey or blue or black. You look fine, I confirmed as he headed downstairs to leave for the office on this maybe final Saturday he’d have to work for a while.

He’s in the stretch, and this must have been his way of celebrating. Choosing just the right type of slacker wear to crunch numbers on the weekend when nobody’s around.

I should probably email Stacy and Clinton.

He never trusts what I have to say about his clothes.





6 responses to “Do I Look Good in This?”

  1. Oh, how lovely…
    Really. It is curiously refreshing to see such deliberation in front of the mirror. Sadly, my dominion over the preparation process has meant my own dear husband has adopted the compensation strategy of blithe disregard about his appearance…

    I love What Not to Wear with Trinny and Susannah.


  2. I cut my hair down to around 1/4 inch, and I still have bad hair days.

  3. minx, we each have our own double closet mirrors and our own counter to ceiling bathroom mirrors. Unfortunately, there are plenty of mirrors that continually allow the MoH to preen. Unfortunately for me, they are a reminder that I should be doing more of it. At least I don’t have to share…

    Hey Dave! The MoH’s hair is about that long as well. And yes, all those little hairs do manage to stick up in more directions than I knew were possible. Hence, the hat. But I’m thinking guys who’ve decided to fore go a hairy pate by shaving still have bad hair days. Metaphorical, yes?

  4. What Not To Wear Is the BOMB

    …but I had no idea MEN go through this….
    meleah, if you only knew the primping (it has an R in it…) that goes on in this place…

  5. loripea

    How cute, I can just picture him tugging on the hem of his shirt and pattin’ his torso down, while glancing at himself sideways in the mirror. Go get ’em MOH.
    Hey lormo…now that you mention it, he was sort of turning to one side and then the other. Hilarious!

  6. Earlene

    I could just see him. He is so sweet, except when he is watchin sports, I love how you love each other.

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