PETA: Are you hooked yet?

I’m probably not going to do very well on the “nearly” aspect of my version of Wordless Wednesday. And I’ll blame it on this article published today in our local paper. It’s worth clicking on just to think about your own reaction before you keep reading. It’s a very short article…

Ugly Fish

Goodness knows there are many important issues that we can pay attention to, devote our time to, be concerned about, and get on soapboxes over. Worthy causes. Behaving as if today and now is ours for the taking with no regard for others’ future on this very unique planet is the epitome of stupidity.

But where does one draw the line?  At what point is a sensational side show supporting a cause?  And do they actually think this educates anyone, which would be the whole point of bringing public attention to it?

It was crude, public masochism.

Oh, and certainly I’m convinced that a fish is more important than this.  Or this. Or that spending time to worry to the extent demonstrated by PETA about what it feels like being “hooked” should be focused upon more than this or this.  Or this.  Or this. Or what is happening in Darfur.  Or Burma.

Perspective would be a great thing, don’t you think?





3 responses to “PETA: Are you hooked yet?”

  1. I agree with all of your causes – but how can they hang themselves from hooks for those causes? Or paint themselves green? I guess Kelly, I go back to we all have a purpose in this life – and maybe, that is why they came here is to save fish…or to make you write an article about them and point out more important causes? Just a thought…
    Hi, Beth. I actually found myself wondering if they should hang themselves for those causes. The point would be to draw attention. But I guess starving themselves, living in filth, and having to tolerate what some humans have to tolerate would be more painful, take too long, and not necessarily garner the same attention. The absurdity of it repulses me.

    Yes, I did think that — hence the links. I am annoyingly anal.

  2. For me it’s gotten to the point where causes seem to be run by the fringe element….which makes me do something I shouldn’t …tune them out..the more outlandish the quicker they get tuned out…It’s like all these supposedly neutral action organisations both political and otherwise…my first thought when I see their stuff is .. think they are just a front for who ever .. the second reaction hit the ignore button
    I know what you’re talking about, Robert. I guess that’s what my histrionics were about today — over fish? My “causes” are to raise pleasant, responsible humans, to adopt abandoned animals when we want a pet (we have three who are well into middle age), to think about energy consumption and recycling, and force veggies on my guys in unsuspecting ways. That’s about enough right now.

    I could have made everyone chuckle today by making an issue about those protesting fish abuse baring breasts painted green, but chose not to because I was too annoyed by the idiocy of the whole thing.

  3. I find it interesting that the comments on the newspaper website nearly immediately veer off the issue these knuckleheads were trying to bring attention to and jump right into the issue that it’s illegal for a woman to go topless in most states in this country. (I believe New York state has deemed that it is legal, and I agree that it should be.)

    So I’ll be sure from now on to eat fish who have only been caught by a nice-humane dolphin safe net and slowly suffocated in an icy room in the bowels of a ship. It’s a much nicer way to go.

    I wonder if any of these idiots could survive on their own, without a Trader Joe’s or other natural food store handy. They obviously can’t garden, they might have to actively kill an insect or two… and what are they going to do about rabbits?

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