Paradise is burning.

Last night as we flew over San Diego county, the pilot said that if we looked out the windows we’d be able to see the fires burning out of control in several places below.  That if we smelled smoke in the cabin, we shouldn’t be worried.  Not too earlier, one of the MoH’s brothers called to say he and his family were leaving their home, and shortly after landing, we discovered their entire area was being evacuated.

We arrived home after 9PM and began washing bedding and setting up the air mattress for their arrival at our house.  After being on the road stuck in the evacuation traffic for three hours, they arrived after 1AM, smokey-smelling and exhausted, but in surprisingly good spirits.  They’re pros.  This is the third time in about six years they’ve had to leave because of wild fires.

We think their house if fine, but they’re still here with us while we watch the fires growing and spreading toward the coast, burning home after home.  Leveling one, skipping the next, then crossing the street.  The problem has been the Santa Ana winds, in some places, gusting at 60 mph.  The fire department hasn’t been able to use helicopters or winged support to douse flames.  The news stations have begun to run a tape across the bottom of the screen of the addresses of homes burned.

Over 250,000 people have been asked to leave their homes around the county.    Thankfully, ours is not threatened.  But several of the MoH’s colleagues homes have been and they’ve been evacuated also.  

No one is supposed to go out and breathe the air because of the toxicity.

The Govvahnator just arrived.

Dub-yah called.

I’ll catch up later…





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  1. Bush fires are devastating, and seem to be becoming more prevelant.

    I am always looking for ways to bush fire proof our property..the thought of another long, hot summer terrifies me.

    I hope they get things over there under control before too long.

  2. i have family down there too.. my aunt who is in boulevard,, about 20 miles east of tecate,, is fine as the winds are westward at this time,, her daughter who is in school in san bernadino,, has been evacuated,, and her apartment is in the direct path of the freaking fire… i just finally talked to her tonight,, and while everything may be lost,, the people are all safe thank god…..

  3. Kelley, I was wondering how you were fairing. Great to hear that the fires are far from you. Been concerned about all the good folks in that area. How terrifying it must be to see homes consumed in the flame. Hoping for cooler, calmer days ahead for So Cal. Please do keep us up-to-date on the latest from your perspective.

  4. Glad to hear you are okay. I didn’t think your area was affected, but I wasn’t sure. Such a scary thing. Even where we are…20 miles from the closest fires….I still smell like I’ve been at a bonfire at the beach. My hair and my clothes smell of smoke. The Irvine fire is about 5 miles from a friend’s house. Their local schools were closed. The Boy was supposed to get his braces on today, but we had to cancel due to road closures. But my stinky hair and slight inconvenience is nothing in comparison to all of those who have lost their homes.

  5. i was there this weekend (i’m from chicago) visiting my boyfriend’s family, and on the way back to LA we could see the smoke converging from different directions. it’s just terrible. his sisters may have to evacuate and have had everything but the cats packed up since sunday.

    glad to hear your home is out of harm’s way, though.

  6. Good to hear from all of you. I was hoping to have some fun discussing our trip this past weekend (which was completely lovely) but clearly it’s all so strange.

    MGL, I can’t imagine the brush fires you have to contend with. I’ve heard about their fury. Very scary.

    Phil, thanks for your thoughts. This has made me recall the fires in Texas last year, or was that the year before. They were enormous and seemed endless.

    Hey paisley, I haven’t checked in with the fires north, since this has been so strange down here. We did see some video about the Malibu fires. Good luck to your cousin in San Berdu…

    Hey Mel…I really can’t stand that smokey smell. It’s pervasive no matter where you are if the fire is near. Hopefully the appointment for the braces will be easy to reschedule. Sometimes that’s pretty challenging. Ugh. No point going out in all the gunk.

    Cadiz — good luck to your family. Everything has been so erratic it’s difficult to tell where the fires go from one hour to the next. Good thing you were able to catch your flight. I heard they were considering cancelling flights at one point yesterday.

  7. This whole thing is so scary and I am happy that your family is SAFE…

    and now to be completely inappropriate I have to say…. “Dub-yah called” killed me.

    Oh. My. God.

    You slayed me with “Yanno” months ago…but now.. Dub-yah…as in GW. needs to be TRADEMARKED …. cuz I already want to steal that!

  8. Every time I see coverage of the fires I think of you, Kelly. I’m not sure how close you are to San Diego, but my thoughts have been going out to you and your family continuously for the last several days. I hope everything works itself out sooner than later.

  9. Dave, thanks so much for your thoughts. We are south, west, and north of the fires, if you can figure that one out. Four years ago, they were actually closer, but neither time have we been in any danger. Right now, we’re just dealing with the air. The smoke that has blown out over the Pacific is now coming back with our usually off shore drift — think smoky sea breeze. So we’re inside with the windows closed, turning on the air occasionally to take the stuffiness out.

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