My Soundtrack of What Matters. And Yours?

Oh look everyone.  Another Saturday.  I continue to be amazed that the days on the calendar just whip by with such complete disregard for the fact that I’m on the back side of a half century and it’d be nice if things could slow down a bit.  Not permanently, of course.  But long enough to allow for the extended time I require to think about things that really don’t matter in the grander scheme of the universe and the survival of the species.  I don’t know which particular species, but still.

But there are some things that matter so much, I can’t imagine what I’d do without them.  The loss so many have experienced this past week in San Diego in the wildfires has prompted me to wonder about choosing if I had to.  But my choices aren’t necessitated by a fire.  They’re the result of simply taking stock, and acknowledging what keeps me anchored.  Understood is that family and friends are not something to be considered here.  Period.

Solitude.  I can be around many, many people.  But I prefer not to.  I love the busy roar of a large city, but not as much as a winding road and low grass covered hills.  And music?  It can bring me to tears, cause me to dance, or force me to sing along whether there are words or not.  But even music can’t compete with my need for solitude.  The quiet I enjoy for part of every day when the only sound I can hear is the rustle of trees outside my window, or the creak of wood somewhere in the house matters.  Plain, simple quiet.

My stove.  I could say cooking, but not being one of those Top Chef type people, I wouldn’t want to have to cook on a hot plate, or a sterno flame.  No.  I’d need my stove.  The one with the nine cheery red knobs.  I’ve heard people say they love their cars — the purr of the engine, the handling, the acceleration.  That’s how I feel about my stove.  Ah…the sound it makes when those convection fans switch on.  Vroom…vroom….It isn’t in my kitchen because its design is sleek, although it is.  Or because its technology is a wonder.  But it is pretty amazing. It’s in my kitchen because I use it.  Seriously use it and have fun the entire time.  It connects me to food and family and friends.  Creativity and learning.  Tradition and new cuisine.  It provides the peace of mind that diligently proceeding through a set of steps can provide, and at the end of them all, have my taste buds sing.  Could I have all of this without my particular stove?  Certainly.  But it just wouldn’t be the same.  It weighs a bit more than my Mac at about 1,000 lbs. so it isn’t exactly something I can ever take with me if I go.  But I’d find a way to get another.  Trust me.

My Mac.  It has one little plug that connects it to my house.  One.  But it connects me to so much more than I can possibly be connected to otherwise.  Ironically, I’m writing this on the MoH’s laptop, and it’s fine, but it’s not my Mac.  I could make due with a different computer if I didn’t have a Mac.  I can buy just about anything I want, read (which would be another thing I wouldn’t do without because it’s like breathing), travel, learn, listen, create…But it wouldn’t be the same.  Iwouldn’t have my lovely screen, or sleek white lines, or easily swiveleing-thingy-ness.  I wouldn’t be able to waste copious amounts of time with iPhoto, or click open my Finder services for the Oxford dictionary (the Webster widget doesn’t come close…).  And photobooth, and iChat (which I’ve just learned to use).  Pathetic, isn’t it?  Don’t even argue with me about this.  I’m a goner.  And iTunes?  Well.

Rod wants to know what’s on my playlist.  I don’t have an iPod (solitude, remember?) but I do happen to have three whole playlists on in my iTunes library which are organized very specifically.  And when I check the list of songs I’ve played most, the following come up.  They’re supposed to say much about who and what I am, or what I’ve been thinking.  But I’ve developed an odd habit at this point in my life.  I don’t listen to the words of songs.  I listen for the melody.  I listen to whether it’s written in a major or minor key, whether it’s sung by an uncomplicated voice and a single instrument, or an energetic voice and a band.  And it’s all connected to mood.  I listen when I have to write.  When I have to sit at the computer and am easily distracted.  I play it loudly, singing along — whether there are words or not.  So I’m not sure what these particular songs say about me.  I’ll have to think about it.  But I’ll have to figure out what the words are first.

She Is     The Fray     (40)

Snow     Red Hot Chili Peppers (37)

Betty     Kate Walsh  (26)

Savin’ Me     Nickelback (25)

If it Makes You Happy  Sheryl Crow  (25)

In Need  Sheryl Crow  (24)

What About Now  Daughtry  (23)

When the Lights go Down  Faith Hill  (23)

Photograph  Nickelback  (23)

Over You  Daughtry  (22)

Squeeze Me  Diana Krall  (22)

You’re Still Here  Faith Hill  (22)

Slow Like Honey  Fiona Apple  (22)

Tonight  Kate Walsh  (22)

Nearness of You  Norah Jones  (22)

This post was sponsored by Robert of Miscellaneous Ramblings who inquired about “Three Things I Wouldn’t Let Go,” and Rod of Inside Rod’s Head who insisted that “Our Players Don’t Lie.”  The links provide the directions which are blissfully uncomplicated.  Yes!  There is a meme god in the sky.

What do you think chick, vanessa, paisley, meleah, mel, jenny, phil, rj, scott, and micki (whom I know has a “meme-free” zone, but am asking the question anyway)?  It’s an interesting exercise combining the two…I’ll have to do some analysis on it after I figure out the words of the songs I’ve listed.

Have a splendiferous weekend.





15 responses to “My Soundtrack of What Matters. And Yours?”

  1. now since I was passed this tag a couple of days ago thing seems to pop up just about evrytime in peoples….funny I find solitude omportant as well maybe that’s a product of my life on the road…you spend a lot of time on your own…good stuff

  2. I definitely miss solitude. I can do without a stove though. I’m not much of a cook, so it just sits there and gives me that judgmental look every time I fix myself a bowl of cereal or pop something in the microwave.

  3. Hey Robert — my desire for solitude comes from several decades of being around lots and lots of people. And when your brain is a chaotic as mine is, there has to be some down time or I start to get a little cranky. Okay, so more cranky than I am by nature.

    BeckEye! Good to hear from you…and why is there no solitude in your life? Hmmm….? Something to work on. How many days are left until AI? We’re counting.

  4. Hmm – interesting. I’ll jump in on any meme that is music related.

    The three things I wouldn’t let go are certainly among my list of 30 things I am thankful for that I’ll be blogging about this month for Na-blah-blah-blah (I can never remember that that horrible acronym)

    And while I don’t have an iPod or use iTunes, pulling a top played list from my profile is cake. While not a truly accurate list, it could prove interesting.

    I can’t help with the interpretation of your list unfortunately as I am not familiar with the majority of the songs.

    Thanks for including me – I’ll get this pulled together tomorrow


  5. Well, I don’t use iTunes. Gasp! I use Rhapsody*…and it doesn’t count plays. So…..I guess I could just guess at mine. Hmmmm.

    I know one of my three things is food, sooooo….you can cook on your pretty stove, and I’ll eat it. Deal?

    *No, I don’t live under a rock….I did not like iTunes. Double gasp!

  6. Hey Scott — I thought you’d be interested in the music aspect of this memeness. And I’m glad I’m not alone when I look at others’ music and haven’t a clue about who the singers are or what kind of music they sing (or play…) DUH!

    Hi mel…I never realized my “player” counts, either. And because the songs are in separate play lists, that’s what gets them the most plays. I’ve never heard of rhapsody. But if it’s fun to mess around with, I’m sure I’d be interested. Anything to waste time these days…

  7. Will get to this expeditiously!

  8. My extremely thoughtful and well written response can be found at



  9. Okay. I will get to this one as soon as I can get out of bed.

    I have the flu.

    *sniff. cough. sniff. cough.*

  10. “It weighs a bit more than my Mac.” For that line alone you’ve earned my participation.

    Not that you have to earn it, not per se. I’m just saying.

    Okay really I’m just flailing here, trying to justify the quote. I think.

    Either way…

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  12. Wow. I just looked at my most played. I’ll going to post on it right now. Interesting.

  13. Meleah, I hope you’re better…Ugh. I’m thanking my lucky stars that I haven’t been sick in quite some while. Well, at least that particular kind of feeling under the weather.

    Hey RJ…Oddly, I completely understand. Really. I mean, you know…?

    Okay, Vanessa. Can’t wait to see what you have!

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