Guess what? The MoH has finally decided that he needs to exercise. Actually, he already knew that, but you know how that goes, right? Woo-Hoo! I’ve found another exercise buddy. And we are making some food and drink committments, too. I know you’re sick of hearing me yammer on about this and then nothing happens, so whatever. Fine. But still. We’re on it. We ARE, okay?

What happened to my VBF? She works umpteen gazillion hours a week and has decided to go to boot camp everyday at o-dark-thirty. No boot camp for me. I couldn’t do a push up if I tried. Just thinking about it pains me.

So the MoH and I went for our first walk Sunday. He didn’t even break a sweat. I, on the other hand, was sweating and huffing and puffing. It’s so annoying. But at least I was up and out. The air was still a bit smoky smelling and by the time we were done, my sinuses were stinging. I’m thinking it was probably worse to sit next to those happy smokers in Las Vegas, though. But the only jackpot I’d hit on a walk would be to find a penny someone dropped in the road. The promise of good fortune is always lovely.

We didn’t start our conscientious eating until yesterday because we were still recovering from those Bostinis I made. Jeez. But Monday, we were both on our best behavior as well. I ate so much spinach yesterday I swore I whinnied at the RT at one point. We’re packing in the veggies, and going easy on highly processed carbs. No extra servings for the MoH, one Coke a day for him, and two measly ounces of wine for me. Exercise daily. Water, vitamins, and all that rot.

I’m already looking for healthy recipes to bake. I have to cook. Have. To. But I will not be putting Splenda in anything. Ew-ah.

So yesterday was good. The MoH got home at a decent hour and then as planned, headed out the door to go work out at the gym in our development that we pay handsomely for and rarely use. As I put my shoes on to get ready for my walk, I could hear his car start up and shook my head thinking he was off to a terrific start. The gym is a four minute walk from our house. Jeez.

My walk takes me right past the gym, and I could see his persnickety car in the lot along with all the others. I was glad I wasn’t with them all and strode past, knowing the sunset would be spectacular. The air had lost its acrid smell and a pleasant breeze was blowing.

I love to walk. The problem is (and has been for years) that my shins always hurt. Or my feet. Add years to that and other aches and pains come and go. Right now, I have a serious problem with tennis elbow. And I’d love to blame it on playing tennis, but that’s not the case since I barely know what one looks like. It really kicked up when we were swimming this past summer and has only worsened. My friends chide me that it’s all the blogging I do. Fine. Why doesn’t my right had or arm hurt? Huh? It’s so tiresome.

But yesterday, NOTHING HURT! (Not counting my elbow, which I finally iced thanks to this site, so now I can officially call myself a cyberchondriac.) Totally amazing. I was able to zip along, push myself, enjoy the dark lavendar clouds tinged with peach change against the setting sun to a sooty grey in a field of deepening sapphire blue. Spectacular. Right under three miles in 25 minutes. Not bad. Stinky, but not bad at all. And I beat the MoH home.

A good way to cruise into the month of November, don’t you think?

And NaBloPoMoHo-Ho-Ho is around the corner. Blogging every day. Um, like this isn’t something I do already? I’m going to one up it, cut the length of these posts, and work on my food blog since I usually only complete two a week there. Is that cheating?

You need to sign up for NaBloMo. Come on. Click on those pink lips up there and join in. I only have two friends and the more the merrier. It will be fun. Except I haven’t quite figured out how I’m going to handle the week off we have around here before Thanksgiving. Hmmm…

I’ll think about it later.

Gotta go. I’m off to a friends to cook. Not for me. For her. She’s expecting and we’re cooking and freezing dinners so she and her huzbink can take it easy after she delivers. They need to. She was having difficulty conceiving. Tried everything with no success and so decided to adopt a beautiful baby boy this past June. And guess what? Yep. She’s due in December. She’s been off her feet for some time now, and so is in the stretch. Life’s funny, isn’t it?

And if this post wasn’t the biggest load of unfocused blathering, I don’t know what is.

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  1. 3 miles in 25 minutes aint half bad. But limiting MoH to just one cola a days… well, let him have two as a reward for getting off his trunk. Good luck with the blogging every day thing. I don’t think I could ever be that disciplined. Or crazy. Anywho.. off on a bike ride. 35 miles in under 2 hours. A nice cold cola as my aapres-ride treat.


  2. walking is the best exercise, but shin splints ARE the WORST.

    Id love to sign up for NaBlowPo or NanoWrimo, I just dont have it in me this year, with packing and moving and drama galore I doubt Ill be able to complete a post a day.

    PS….I dont think writing your food blog everyday is cheating….

    Good Luck!!

  3. I already signed up, foo! I’ll be working the food blog one-a-day as well, since other commitments have kept me from updating every day.

    I think november makes it easy though, since I’m going to be running features on Holiday foods right up until about the middle of December. (There went my diet!)

  4. Whoa, Sauerkraut. Nice bike ride. I’ve been wondering about getting one I see so many out the window as I sit here blogging every day. Already got my miles in first thing this am. As far as the MoH having more than one Coke a day goes — his decision, not mine. It seems that’s all he has to do to lose weight. It’s just not fair.

    Hey meleah! I do know you’re busy, but they don’t have to be the long posts that you and I are inclined to write…What about the strangest thing you found when you packed, or 10 things that…well, you know. Still it would be fun. Good luck on your move.

    Jerry — I do know that you signed up and that will be fun. It’s nice having you and RJ as NaBloPoMoHo friends. I just figured since we were quite close to the start date I could guilt some more people into it. Yes? Diet Schmiet. Just cook low-fat, low sugar foods. I’m just getting started!

    Hey Robert — Didn’t you say you do the treadmill? That’s what the MoH’s doing. And I agree on the meager ration of wineski. It’s more about will power at this point. Not calories.

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