life according to me

life according to me

Month: October 2007

Nearly Wordless on Wednesday

The sunset was interesting last night. The troops became even more restless. And according to the RT, gas alerts were also something to be concerned with. But not natural gas. Teenagers. Thirty-one words. Not bad for a nearly wordless Wednesday. Okay, so now 41. Um…

Grateful but aware

The house is quiet now.  My brother and sister-in-law have taken their kids down the hill to get gas and take a break.  The MoH and the RT have taken Big for a ride — her favorite thing.  Someone made the mistake of saying “ride” and […]

Paradise is burning.

Last night as we flew over San Diego county, the pilot said that if we looked out the windows we’d be able to see the fires burning out of control in several places below.  That if we smelled smoke in the cabin, we shouldn’t be […]

I’m off to see the wizard.

  Not one to have a fit and leave the room, I thought I’d let you know that we’ll be off to the land of Lost Wages for a few days.  It’s how we have celebrated the culmination of big deadlines for years. It sort […]

PETA: Are you hooked yet?

I’m probably not going to do very well on the “nearly” aspect of my version of Wordless Wednesday. And I’ll blame it on this article published today in our local paper. It’s worth clicking on just to think about your own reaction before you keep […]

Observations on ambivalence

ambivalent (adj.) having mixed feelings or contradictory ideas about something or someone… Yesterday late in the afternoon, I received an email referencing this piece. I’ve read it several times since, and caught myself mulling over aspects of it. Politeness. Authority. Acculturation and silence. Self-negation. But […]