To Whom it May Concern

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November 6, 2007

To Whom it May Concern:

There isn’t one special person I’d like to address today. Blame it on Thinner. You know, that hunk ‘o metal and plastic that I step on once a week just to see how quickly I’m losing the battle of the bulge? Yes, Her. And yanno? She’s just as heartless as she’s always been. Cold, calculating bitc….

The MoH and I started a little health plan a week ago and he has lost three whole pounds as of yesterday and I’ve lost notta-one. Zero. Nothing. Nada. I am so completely sick of this whole thing I can’t see straight. No, I’m not talking about just from this past week. Hell, this goes back months. COULD I GET SOME PROGRESS HERE, WAITER? What kind of establishment is this anyhoo?

I don’t want any advice. I don’t need consoling, or understanding or links to research or plans or anything like that. I read. In fact, if I could figure out how to sustain life by just reading, I’d be in heaven. I read, question, research, examine, wonder. I do all that crap like breathing. I could probably spout off any fact that anyone wants to know about being healthy. But I guess I just am not willing to live on a spa diet and bust my ass an hour a day each and every day of the week. I’m destined to be a dumpling. A morsel.

Photo 2.jpg

What I need is a bit fat sucker machine. A giant Flo-bee. One that I can just hook up, and not only will it remove any adipose tissue I’m not overly fond of, but it will suck out the genes I have that have nudged me to this point over the years, fine American Farm Stock that I am. Sheesh. SOOOOOOOO-EEEEEEE….

I don’t want to be skinny. Hell, I don’t even want to weight what I did when I was in my twenties. I just want to be rewarded for:

  • eating bran cereal in measured quantities (2/3 c.) with nearly fat-free milk — 1%?
  • eating wraps (whole grain with fiber…)with mushrooms, spinach, onions and other animal feed
  • nibbling at nuts and prunes
  • eating cautious quantities of food
  • skipping bread, or anything with processed white flour
  • avoiding any kind of fat — even fat that’s good for me — well except that bit of avocado…
  • exercising, and yes, breaking a sweat (at which I’m exceedingly accomplished)
  • not even looking at butter
  • drastically (gasp) decreasing wine consumption and drinking red instead of white with a calorie-less bubbly lime flavored mixer
  • eating non-fat plain yogurt by itself
  • eliminating quite a bit of meat from our diet in the past week and what meat we’ve had has been in four oz. portions
  • not intending to, but skipping a few meals, ( and boy did I pay for that with shaky, trembling legs and drowsiness)
  • not eating chips, or cookies, or candy, soda, or ice cream (which I rarely, if ever, eat anyway) REALLY.
  • when we went out last Friday, ordering a salad that I didn’t even eat all of
  • not being able to remember the last time I had pizza or fast food in any way, shape or form. Wait. I had pizza when the fires were burning — so two or so weeks ago?
  • having ONE small piece of Halloween candy
  • walking between 10-12 miles last week
  • eating only ONE piece of that luscious Bostini that I actually ended up throwing in the trash and isn’t that a complete crime for being so very wasteful…

OKAY? Jeez. Maybe some TNT would help. Just blow the parts off me. But yanno? I think I’ll just nuke the damn scale. She’s a stupid b*tch anyway. And a liar, with that Thinner staring at whomever is brave enough to step on her ugly face. That’s what she gets for lying. Thinner Bitch_0963

I know. I’m supposed to be patient. Understanding. Do yoga. Feel positive that I didn’t GAIN weight this week. Excuse me? I’m sick of open-minded, positive thinking, too. Seriously. A little hissy fit and some generally nasty thinking has got to be healthy once in a while. Maybe if I get really worked up here, I could burn some calories.


And the thing that is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO annoying about this is that I actually LIKE myself. Honestly. I’m not doing this because I abhor the sight of myself or consider myself to be unsightly. But at some point, I’m smart enough to know that as I age, I need to be very aware of what and how I eat, and the degree to which I exercise because I want to live a very long time. And people in my family do. Very long. And what the hell fun will it be to not be able to move, or think, or write, or create nonsense with my hands? No thanks.

So I’ll just plug along. I’ll just accept whatever comes my way and feel thankful, feel gratitude, feel…calm. Peaceful. I’M CALM. OKAY? Photo 1.jpg

I’m going to organize closets now. At least that way, I can actually see what I’ve accomplished and won’t have to soothe say my way to some level of awareness and understanding that will allow me to exist harmoniously with myself. What a load of horse sh*t.






8 responses to “To Whom it May Concern”

  1. shotgun the scale..they explode nicely…be happy and eat what makes you feel good…I haven’t hit a scale in years and I only go to the doctor when a bone is sticking out or I can’t stop the bleeding after a couple do more harm stressing about it…eat what you want and adjust to make yourself comfortable…smiling of course is worth 5 pounds at least…

  2. Thanks Robert. At this point, it’s team spirit for the MoH who sits far too much and needs to exercise. That part is certainly worth the effort!

  3. I am not going to console you or send you and crazy links to any ‘diet and exercise plans.. but I think you are WONDERFUL, BRILLIANT, SMART and very very very ADORABLE. so there.

  4. meleah, you are such a completely swell human being. You truly are. Thanks for listening to my ranting today. I promise I’ll be a sweet thang tomorrow. Kay?

  5. I can relate – boy can I relate. I finally stopped trying to lose and got off the scale and it started coming off. Who woulda thought? Boxing helps too – not only for nerves but weight.
    In the end, you will die. Of something. So, who cares???

  6. Oh, do I get this one…..I was on the stupid treadmill, watching what I ate, counting the calories, not buying any junk food….I struggled along, not losing more than two pounds! When I lapsed and went back to my old ways……I still weighed the same! What the?

    I agree with Robert.

    And this?…..
    “I’m destined to be a dumpling. A morsel.”

    Loved it. It is still making me giggle. Actually, being a dumpling doesn’t sound half bad. I’m making it my new goal….which is awesome, because I know it is one I can achieve.

    Oh, and……….mmmmmmmmm, dumplings………

  7. Beth, I completely agree with the whole, “and then you die” thing. Not only because it’s true, but I know that this is all about what matters. Boxing sounds semi-interesting, but only listening to you engage in it. My left arm is so screwed up with tendonitis, I can’t imagine even being able to lift it with a boxing glove on. I have enough trouble sipping wine after I pick it up with my left hand.

    mel…maybe we could be morsels together? Have you ever just seen one? And dumplings? Same, right? I rest my case. Or is that caboose?

  8. Great post! My wife would agree with you wholeheartedly. Me? I’m lithe. and muscular and suave… in my own mind that is. 🙂

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