Writing until the cows come home

November 10, 2007

Dear NaBloPoMo,

My tongue’s not quite hanging to the ground yet with daily blogging, because I’ve missed very few days since I began last March. I do have the ability to write my way around any situation while standing on my head and singing Yankee Doodle. Or something like that. But I have a tendency to not write both days in the weekend because my house really does need to be cleaned occasionally.

The other reason I may not write on the weekend is because of my food blog. It takes some time, and I enjoy spending time there with other foodies. And I fear that I neglect that world far too much compared to this one. And foodies are such a lovely bunch of people. I truly enjoy them.

So today, I’m deferring to said foodie haven Sass & Veracity for today’s qualifying post. Even though this actually counts as a post.

Besides, my post there is for a very worthy cause.

And thanks to Mike at Port 16 for the idea.

Have a lovely Saturday!






11 responses to “Writing until the cows come home”

  1. a big round of applause to the foodies..my favorite people…:):)

  2. I’m heading over there to see what’s going on no matter how off I feel at cooking blogs.

  3. Robert, you ARE THE man.

    Cooper, there’s nothing more unsettling than a person who can arbitrate and cook. Trust me. The cooking will get you anywhere. And your blood pressure will be at a healthy level.

  4. coincidentally, I went to Rozelle Markets today and there was a guy sitting at an old fashioned typewriter with a sign saying he would write appropriate letters for any occasion.

    just like ye olden days

    loved that youtube clip. who is he? should I know?

  5. Yay Jerry Lewis!

  6. OMG nursemyra — it’s Jerry Lewis. He was such a complete HUNK when he was young and in his early years (the video clip was from very early television) was one of the few people who could really make me laugh — something I’m not very good at.

    The idea of the guy with the typewriter is pretty cool. I just love the old “font” and the whole look of a thick piece of paper that has been put through the roller of a typewriter. Ahh….

    Dave, he’s one of my all time favorites.

  7. Okay than, I am off to the foodie blog…even though that will be pure torture for me.

    (proud of you blogging on the weekends. thats HUGE)

  8. okay now I’m suitably embarrassed at not recognising jerry lee lewis.

    I thought he looked more like dennis quaid 🙂

  9. meleah, I’ll look around for some recipes that are gluten free. Just for you…I’d say for my oldest son, too, but he just storms ahead eating what he wants and suffering the consequences of it all.

    nursemyra — You’re cracking me up. It’s Jerry Lewis, not Jerry Lee Lewis. Comedian vs. musician. You should probably get our your Wellies about now.

  10. I knew that 🙂

    (I was just trying to make up for my first blunder by being ditzy…..)

  11. I thought so. Ditsy is good. I stay that way.

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