Letters do get answered, and my gratitude runneth over…

You have to appreciate those who seem to have a grasp of where they fit into this whole NaBloPoMo thing. Me? I’m just a lemming. And today, I’m a late one. TOTALLY. It’s 11:09 am and I was supposed to be at the grocery store already, and cooking. I’m making tons of stuff this weekend, and none of it is in preparation for Thanksgiving. So, these posts are doomed to impending sketchiness. I know. When pigs fly.

November 16, 2007

Dear My Most Esteemed Colleagues in Bloggsville,

Today I find myself humbled by so many recent gestures of kindness, I have to take time to state my appreciation here, blowing kisses all the while, and blushing on cue. But before I get started, please know that I am so completely FREAKING late getting my day started, I’m going to be TOTALLY screwed if I don’t slam my thanks out with far fewer words than I normally use. For those of you who just wiped your brows, I saw you and I know where you live.

So, first up: If you missed my letter a couple of days ago to Desiree Bartlett, snooze you lose. BECAUSE SHE COMMENTED ON MY POST AND SHE IS SERIOUSLY COOL FOR DOING THAT! She made my day, and I’m already rallying the troops for a fan club so I can be the president. Line forms to the left for those of you who want to get your sedentary butts kicked by a lovely and professional stealth butt kicker. Redeem yourself now, and read the post. Thanks, Desiree. I heart you!

Smile Award

Second: Dah-link Olga, The Traveling Bra has bestowed upon me the “You Make Me Smile” award which means quite a bit. I know how it feels when I’m reading someone’s blog, and I realize I’m grinning ear to ear. It makes my day, and continues to leave me marveling over the unique community that is Bloggsville. *sigh* Thanks, Olga. When are you coming to visit me? I will pay this forward. But not today. I PROMISE!

And while I’m on the subject of awards, Dawn, blogger extraordinaire, of Twisted Sister has dubbed me true to myself and that I AM my blog, and therefore deserving of “Be the Blog” recognition. This deserves an entire post, too, because I have much to say (as you all know) about this passion for blogging I’ve developed. So thank you, Dawn. Letter coming…

Be.The.Blog Award

Third: Marie of A Year at Oak Cottage, a fellow Daring Baker, hosted a cooking event in which I won a prize for my SoCal Sarnie. She was gracious enough to actually send me a lovely present for my success, which was so nice! She has the most amazing job in a beautiful place. I am currently living vicariously through her and loving every single minute of it. Thank you so much, Marie, for the inspiration you provide me. Oh, that I could spend a year in England.


Fourth: I have many friends who are still actively involved in the position I left a year ago. I made lunch for one friend and took it to share with her at her office the other day. Not only did we get to gossip wildly about what has changed since I left visit and plan a dinner party for tomorrow night at her knock down gorgeous home, she gave me a belated birthday present which is quite lovely. Does she know that she could have skipped the cologne and just given me the cute bag and box? I’m a complete and total sucker for simple, elegant design in creme and black. So chic…But the cologne is simply divine. I’ll be the best smelling jammy hound around.


And not least: My VBF gave me a gift certificate to my favorite nursery perched in a habanero plant (whose peppers I’ve now used in one luscious marinated steak recipe and have dried the rest for later use), and I finally went shopping. Nothing like celebrating my birthday a couple of months later, right? So VBF, I now have a lovely grapevine wreath for my front door that I wrapped with holiday ribbon, some new bedding plants (including a chocolate smelling plant!), a new ceramic pot for my kitchen, now graced with a kalanchoe,  a nice bag of potting moss for my orchids (two are blooming WOOT!), and 8 paper white bulbs to force.


I had so much fun choosing my gifts, and thank you very much. It was misting outside that day, making the experience so pleasant.

I do hope you know how special you all are. My time with you is well spent, and always enjoyable. Thank you so much for what you bring to my life.



p.s. So now it’s like 12:04 and I am way late on my list of To Do’s for the day. But stay tuned, because I’m going to try and broadcast a cooking thing on ustream.tv on Sunday. I’ll let you know tomorrow if I get it up and running…


5 responses to “Letters do get answered, and my gratitude runneth over…”

  1. That is so cool when you write about someone and they respond like that. I’ve done product reviews on my blog and on techfires and have had the developers or owners of the company respond.

    So we’re into the second half of NaBloPoMo – can you believe it? I am going to try to still post everyday, I just can’t wait until I have to stop typing NaBloPoMo.


  2. you look so pretty when you blush 🙂

    (is that jo malone perfume?)

  3. You wrote & posted this in under an hour…& with pictures even! Damn, you are goooood!

    I’ll visit you whenever you want. (Unless I’m already somewhere else, of course!) So, let’s stay in touch!

  4. Hey nursemyra — Yes indeedy it’s Jo Malone. Basil Lime Mandarin scent. I lurve food so much, I figured I’d walk around smelling like an amazing salad. It’s intoxicating.

    Hi Olga — I get loads of practice and I do enjoy the writing, so an hour is usually about what it takes unless I’m searching for links. Links and photos really take longer, but I use the flickr batch uploader and that really speeds things up. And cool about the visit. I was wondering how that worked!

  5. Oh Congrats on all the Awards. You make me smile ALL THE TIME, and you ARE THE BLOG!!


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