The End of NaBloPoMo: The Heidi Chronicles

So I’m officially a NaBloPoMo failure. I figured I would be when I never realized in the beginning that Thanksgiving was actually in November…whatever. But I was rolling along, and then when Wednesday hit and I was up until after midnight (looking longingly at the clock watching that minute hand creeping ever closer to the magic hour which would cast me into the ranks of blogging quitters and thinking that I could run upstairs and just squeeze out a fake post to keep in the game….)

But NO.

I let my faithful followers down. My NaBloPoMo compatriots. *heavy sigh*

I was too tired. I was whipped. I was everything but perky in the waning hours of the day, sitting in my chair, enjoying the wafting scent of spiced candles and final bottle glass of wine before retiring for the night. Staring at a chic flick I’ve seen a million times so I wouldn’t dream of scanning lists of ingredients in recipes, and filling small white porcelain dishes for mise en place or whatever the heck that’s called. Watching the time evaporate, ending my quest for NaBloPoMo fame.

It just wouldn’t be a class act to slam out a crappy post at 11:57pm.

But the dinner tables (yes, that’s an “s” on the end of tables) were set, the flowers arranged and the candles organized just so. The old linen napkins were lightly starched and softly folded.

The  Primo Seats

The  Not so Primo Seats

Nary a cat yack stain was visible. Well, maybe one because Freshness, Her Royal Butterballness Barf-o-rama on wheels in disguise did summarily regurgitate her afternoon snack upon my freshly cleaned carpet. Just. Once. To let me know she was still in control of my destiny.

Dumb ass cat. Lovely pet that she is.

Blackness & Presh-Ass, The Yack Star

But I digress.

We fell into bed for a night of tumultous passion exhausted sleep (we, because the MoH seriously pitches in during the holidays, lovely man unit that he is) with windows open (yes, in Paradise, we’ve still not shut our windows for the winter) and covers nicely fluffed.

Paradise:  Overcast, but warm.

Ready to begin again at seven-freaking-ay-em the next day.

But there was plenty of bubbly on hand throughout the day for mimosas and champagne cocktails, or just a plain glass o’ bubbly.

Thank. Goodness.

And thank Mr. and Mrs. Diestel who grow turkeys somewhere in the Sierra Nevadas for our lovely bird whom I immediately named Heidi when I saw her cozied up in that little box all tricked out with handles.

Heidi the Turkey

She performed well on the day most revered by this foodie — the super bowl of Food.

Oh. My.

If there was ever a question that a bird should be ordered by phone ahead of time, fresh-not-frozen, heavily discounted because your son works there WOOT!, artfully brined, and lovingly basted each half hour by the MoH, this was it.

Simply droolworthy.

And the guests were jolly, filled to the gills with the tasty fare.

The highlight of the evening was the iChat session with family in VA which broke into a bawdy session of, well, you’d have to know my family to understand. Suffice it to say that we all seem to have a fixation with the posterior portion of the human anatomy and it’s only a matter of time before a parade of buttocks fill the screen. I do think it must have something to do with not having a proper number of opportunities to share on Show ‘n’ Tell day in kindergarten. Thank goodness for the Internet and family members who are only a sign-in away. We aren’t for the faint of heart.

The VA iChat Visitors

They sort of resemble that Chumbawumba album cover, don’t they?

But the sink backed up, we ran out of counterspace, and I believe there was not a dish in my kitchen left unused. The stacks of dishes and pots, bowls and platters, wine glasses and utensils riveled Dr. Seuss’ buildings in Whoville.

But I survived.


Sorry I haven’t been by to visit…I have serious catching up to do, and tagging to unleash on unsuspecting neighbors in Bloggsville. Be warned.

Life is grand, isn’t it?


15 responses to “The End of NaBloPoMo: The Heidi Chronicles”

  1. Oh Kelly please…. you are NOT a failure…ever…not even a little.

    (even if your cat(s) are in charge of your destiny.)

    I am glad you had a wonderful thankgiving.

  2. and I am clearly too tired to type Thanksgiving…. ooops

  3. Hey, I’ve already missed two, according to my calendar. One was because I had the time set wrong in my blog settings. Figures.

    You set a lovely table, my dear. It’s just beautiful. When I grow up, I will have (a) table(s) large enough to accommodate my family and decorate it beautifully. Currently, it’s only large enough to put your dinner plates, tableware, glassware and a salt & pepper shaker or two.

    My cats, too, let me know, all too often, whom is in charge of whose destiny. Little rat bast…I mean, precious darlings. *grins & bears it*

  4. I wish I were eating at your house…

    is that seriously your cat? not photoshopped?

    I think he should be eating at someone else’s house. someone who’s a little less generous with the helpings 🙂

  5. Hi meleah — okay, I’m hiring you to be prez of my fan club. And my organizer. And thanks! I hope that yours was pleasant as well!

    Hey Beth, I struggled with the date stamp, too. Grrr…..what a pain. And I’ve adjusted it, but somehow never get it quite right. As far as the table thing goes, I love what I call “playing house.” Totally a marketable skill, don’t you think? But so much fun. Putting it all away is not fun, however.

    And I figured you’d have something to say about the cats, being the expert you are with your own house full — You gotta love ’em!

    nursemyra — no photoshopping on the Yack Star. That’s her lovely self. She must have inherited genes from my side of the family. If I let her, she’d eat the entire day. Then spend the rest barfing it up. She probably needs counseling.

  6. I am envious of that lil shin-dig!

  7. After that staement about your family I certainly hope you ended the toast with the term “bottoms up”…..:):):)

  8. NO WAY you are a failure! Just LOOK at that bee-yoo-ti-ful table, deeeLISHish food & happy family! Even your CATS are having fun! So, pat yourself on the back (or front) for being a kick-ass woman!!! BFD on the NoBloMoFo, or whatever it’s called…
    PS: I cooked MY 1st turkey this year (see blog when you get time) & I think I kicked booty too! 😉

  9. I applaud you for taking the time to celebrate with your family and having a wonderful Thanksgiving rather than giving into NaBloPoMo pressures. It looks like good food and good fun was had by all and that is so much more important.


  10. Hey Chick, it would have been lovely to have had you at the table. Very nice, indeed. Hope your holiday was loverly too!

    Robert, don’t encourage my mother.

    OMG Olga, you are sooooooo correct. BFD. Yah. And congrats on your first turkey. Such a HUGE deal. I remember mine. I hope it was moist and with crispedy skin, and all silky and tasty like that. YOU GO GIRL(S)! WOOT!

    Scott, you are THE officer and gentleman. It was a lovely holiday, and I hope yours was as wonderful. Are you still in the NaBloPoMo running?

  11. That kick ass table and that awesome looking stove, not to mention all the bottles of wine, are more important than any old namby pamby or whatever it is.



  12. cooper

    congratulations – I mean.

  13. Hey Cooper! Thanks — Sometimes, Martha lives at my house. How was your trip? Restful with no blogging? Ready to get back to the grind?

  14. I think it’s perfectly understandable that you missed a post, but then again, I missed about a whole week!

    That looks like an amazing dinner, you should be proud!

    I just cooked hot wings 🙂

  15. YEAY!

    I am VERY good at BOTH of those….

    and you can cook for me!

    Thats a PERFECT trade!

    Ill even CLEAN up after a meal!


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