If I wish it…

I love December. I’m sure you’re thinking it’s made easier because I’ve never had to deal with snow and sludge, freezing temperatures and pipes that burst. Those things are rarely experienced in places like San Diego, Key West and the south of Spain. But living as I have in the warmer climes my entire life has only my heart grow fonder.

And speaking of hearts, mine is wired for anything that can be even remotely construed as hopelessly romantic — Jane Austin, The Goodbye Girl, Sleepless in Seattle, Harry Nilhsson’s “Without You”, Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Sonnets from the Portuguese…Dorothy and Toto…I can’t help it.
Oddly, all my loveliest swoonable memories can be traced back to December. The MoH and I became inextricably involved in December of 1987. For me, it was almost as painful as an unrequited crush in junior high. Thankfully, my life with the MoH has had a lovely outcome — one that has endured 20 years.

I get sappy when I hear certain songs and have warm memories of going to movies, or sitting on the same side of the table in tacky restaurants sipping margaritas and holding hands. Doing crossword puzzles, taking long walks, and window shopping in malls filled our spare time because they were free and neither of us had any money.

We also wrote love letters to one another.

I still have them, and get a bit squirmy thinking of the pages that are raw with emotion. It’s a wonder they’ve survived me, always on the verge of ridding myself of anything that could be classified as embarassing to myself. But I tuck them away each time I happen across them, glad that they mark a time that mattered so much. Some day, they’ll belong to the RT so he can be mortified that his parents felt the way they do about one another.

When I first knew the MoH, I remember my understandably horrified mother questioning the extent to which I might be in love with “that boy” one night while I was ironing in her house where I was living with my two older boys, not quite 5 and 6. The MoH is nearly seven years younger than I, but no, I wouldn’t have classified him as a boy.

And I did fancy myself in love with him.

Still. IMG_4995.JPG We can’t help ourselves.

It has made all the difference.

It’s called perspective. And I wouldn’t trade it for the world.





11 responses to “If I wish it…”

  1. now this post as I sit in the snow and the sludge was quite romantic.. even to this crusty redneck….:):)

  2. Hey those two are hotties! Your post gives me hope…true and lasting love IS possible!

    Hey, I just gave you a blog award – go see ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hey Robert — I knew you were a softie. Make a snowball for me. Even a sludgy one. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Barbara, you’re hilarious! Right. Vintage hotties. And yes. Just put your cards in the right basket. (What do you suppose that actually means?)

  4. lucky ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Maybe the secret to our successful and loving relationships is the younger man thing… Yeah, I robbed the cradle too! There’s 6 years plus change between Scott and me as well. Amazing that we have that in common, Girl!

    I think mostly the secret of our success is that we just really dig each other… But if there’s seriously something to the age difference thing, it has to do with the times of our lives meshing… Once you’re an adult, what does age matter anyway?

    Congratulations on your upcoming milestone! You deserve to be as sappy and sentimental as you want when you can boast two decades in love! In fact, sappy and sentimental is most likely the foundation for the best relationships. I know it is for ours, and we’re 14 years in!

  6. loripea

    ahhhh How romantic. Can’t wait to see you guys fro Christmas (and on your anniversary), hopefully it will snow here for your anniversary. It MAY snow tonight. The kids hoping for a 2 hour delay or cancellation of school. The rest of us are wondering how we ‘transplants from SOCAL’ are going to drive to work in it…….

  7. RItzy

    Ahhhh… very sweet. ๐Ÿ™‚ You lucky & blessed… and the best thing is that you know it have lived your life and all it’s ups and down to be right at the perfect place you are right now. I hope you celebrate all month long… just as long as RT isn’t home!!

    Did I read right that you all are making your way East for the holidays? Do you have your boots, hat, mittens, and thick skin to take on an East Coast Christmas? I bet you all will have a fabulous time with your sister, family & back together with your Mom again.
    I will wish a white Christmas and Day After for you!
    Hugs from Kalamazoo!

  8. Yes, nursemyra. I am. And I count my lucky stars each and every day.

    Gina, that is pretty cool to have that connection. I agree that the younger issue is a non issue. Actually, it’s lovely. And I could tell you two “dig” each other. It was fun going back and forth between your blogs last month getting to know you better and learning about what you enjoy doing. Congrats on your 14 years and going strong!

    Hey lormo — I know, huh? I don’t think we’re doing anything for our anniversary while we’re there. Too much going on. Doog will want to see some sights, so we may try to get out that one day…And YES. We did order snow. We’re hoping!

    Hey Ritzy! Nothing we do will ever top having a drive through Elvis wedding in Vegas…I think it was Elvis, right? Totally hilarious! And yes, we’re gathering cold weather wear for our trip east. I was there in Feb. this year and it was totally cold and I loved every minute of it.

  9. awww…. now I’m feeling all soft and mushy inside :))) kinda like the snow outside! You two look fantastic!!!


    Sofa King FABULOUS.


  11. The Hub and I started dating during the Christmas season, so the two are linked for me too. A really sweet post…

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