Sunshine and Big Surf

This morning when I popped out of bed… *wait, that was yesterday*

This morning, after I listened to the guy who rants each morning on the radio station the alarm is set on, I got up a bit more slowly than yesterday and went right to the window. I always do this. It’s a strange habit that helps me think about what kind of day it will be, thereby informing me about the attire I might don for the day. How sad is that?

But I’d opened the window about an inch last night just to hold the flashing demons at bay. Hot flash demons. Not demons who flash. Well, unless they’re menopausal demons, and then I supposed they’d flash. And if they were creative demons they could do that more than one way.

Moving right along…

Because the window was open, I could hear the sound it took us a while to adjust to when we first moved here. That distant roar when the wind is just right, or there’s been a storm in the Pacific. It was very loud this morning, and I could smell the salt in the air.

Of course I had to go outside and listen. I had to stand in my driveway and enjoy it, weather related phenomenon starved human that I am.

I went back in the house and had to tell the MoH, so I turned off the radio to his moaned, “Nooooooo…” and threw open the window. “Listen! Can you hear it? Cool, huh?” Although he was less than enthused, he didn’t throw anything at me, because he’s a weather sap, too.

I knew I’d be down oogling the waves before the day was out. But the MoH couldn’t wait. He drove down to the beach before work this morning.

Can’t you just smell the salt?

The air was misty blocks away, and the sidewalks damp.


The surfers were out in clusters, just waiting for that perfect wave.


And lifeguards were just waiting for that surfer who couldn’t quite make that perfect wave.


Spectators lined the coast to watch the show. There were so many people in business attire mixed in the crowd, the productivity level must have been non-existent in nearby offices.


The sea wall near the Children’s Pool was closed.


The seals were thoroughly uninterested, however, and basked as they normally do in the early afternoon sun.


Just another day in Paradise.






13 responses to “Sunshine and Big Surf”

  1. That sounds a lot like my day – except here in Chicago it was 9 degrees and we had 4 inches of snow

    Paradise Indeed!!

    Great Pictures though.


  2. i would give anything to be able to hear or see any surf right now.

  3. Scott, I have a friend (Ritzy) in Michigan, and she’s freezing, too. She told me sit out in the sun for her. I took photos instead. I’d like some ice, though. I’d take photos of that, too.

    Cooper, are you THAT far from the water? REALLY? No….Get in your car and go. You can take care of those proposals on a laptop in view of the surf. Wait. What’s the temp there? It’s still decent when the sun’s up, right?

  4. ooohh I wonder if surftwin has seen your lovely photos yet….

  5. Oooh, great pictures. Enjoy it…it’s supposed to rain Friday. Our field trip to the U.S.S. Midway is probably going to be canceled. Rain is my favorite….don’t get much of that here, as I am sure you are well aware. I love it, but I don’t want to be standing on a flight deck in it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I love the pictures of the palm trees. When we lived in CO, I desperately missed palm trees.

  6. Wow, CA is like, the dark side of the Moon right now compared to MI.

  7. I miss the sea ๐Ÿ™ Right now we are buried in snow here, not that I don’t like it, but I haven’t been to the beach in years. Wonderful pictures miss K ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. Someday….Olga needs to come see you in San Diego!!! These are awesome photos! I was BORN in San Diego & grew up on the No. Calif. coast…the ocean is one of my favoritest things! Thanks for sharing these photos….they filled my cups with great memories.

  9. Aw, that made me homesick! I used to go there and watch the seals lazily exist. I can definitely smell the salty air.

  10. Ritzy

    Ahhhh – now is the time I should have jumped ship from Kalamazoo to head out to SD instead of last summer – although escaping the humidity of a midwest August or escaping 15 degrees without added windchill in December???… hummm, tough choice! Guess the grass is always greener. I will say, it was a pretty morning here, even needed sunglasses as the snow was bright white, glistening, a definite feel of the holidays in the air. Now, I think I’d really enjoy if if I knew it wasn’t going to last for the next 3-4 months!

    Thanks for posting the pictures, those of us far away from the sunny Pacific can almost feel the wave spray & sunshine.

    Have fun at “work”! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. I really wish I was there …RIGHT NOW.

  12. I love standing on the shore when it’s like that…I wish I had been there…

  13. Hey nursemyra — I’ll check it out. But I’ve seen some of the others people have taken and they’re amazing. I just have a little point and shoot cam and not one of those with a humongous lens.

    mel — Yay for the rain, but bummer on missing your field trip. My son loves the Midway. Being on the flightdeck in the rain wouldn’t be half as bad as dealing with traffic in the rain, though. Especially on a Friday!

    Dave — Ritzy up there is from MI, too, so she keeps me posted. I can’t imagine. The coldest weather I’ve been in is about 17 degrees w/ no wind. I thought my face would fall off!

    Hey Ben — Hmmm…maybe there’s a beach get away mid winter for you? Get on line and check out those deals! Glad you liked the photos.

    Olga, I was asking about when you were going to visit SD. And I love No. Calif so much. Although I haven’t been too far north of SF, I’d love to. Their weather is more in line with what I enjoy.

    Hi Beth…I don’t usually go and sit down by the seals, but get enough of a view on some of my walks. It’s pretty stinky. They are pretty cute, though.

    Hey Ritzy! If I remember correctly, the day we spent when you were here was pretty overcast, so these photos are great in comparison. You know SD is fickle like that. But still…I can’t imagine your cold.

    Hi Robert — I’ll bet in your travels, you’ve seen some amazing coastline in all sorts of weather. We love the coast near Monterey because it’s more craggy, and lacks palm trees. ๐Ÿ™‚

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