Game Day Attire Has to be Matching

Ready for some Foot.Ball. It’s 10:03 am and the first stream of game day monologue has been uttered downstairs. “Okay. It’s time. Let’s go.” And a more quiet, less assertive mumble that seems to have had something to do with the kick off.

But the MoH’s ready. He had his official jersey pulled over his ancient Eddie Bauer waffle weave tee.

And the Gap jammies Santa gave to him a few years ago.

It’s currently 47 degrees F in Paradise on this Sunday morning after a few days of semi bracing rain.

And we are reh-dee-4-sum-FOOT.BALLLLLLLLLLL.

“INTERCEPTED! Antonio Gates. Ninth interception this year. OH! MY! Don’t throw it to that side of the field. Don’t throw it…”

I guess it’s safe to go down there and read the Sunday paper in happy sports land. It’ must be his matching game day attire.

“They’re just gonna run a freakin’ blitz until you guys do something different. COMEON!”

Well, maybe not.

“ComeON. When are you gonna play like a professional quarter back. Pull your head outta your butt.”

Phil Rivers should heed the MoH’s advice.

The Chargers should know about the dedication of this particular fan.

And his game day suit. Matching Attire





14 responses to “Game Day Attire Has to be Matching”

  1. aww.. I love pajamas that match football jersey’s

  2. nice PJ’s…I have been by the stadium during game day…the traffic was I took a note to avoid 408 and I8 when the Chargers are in town…..:):)

  3. toadee

    as it appears we now follow the US for fashion would I be wise to rush out now and buy the PJs?

  4. Penguins are sooooo macho!
    Mine yells at the TV too.
    Why do they DO that?!?

  5. I see the Bolts found it within themselves to win this week! Yay Chargers.

    I love PJ pants. I just get so busy that I forget to take the time to put them on most days. I find myself brushing my teeth around midnight, in the same attire I’ve had on all day.

    On a side note, there is something for you at WtE. ^^

  6. That’s hilarious…game suit has to be matching! OMG. Kellypea you had me rolling on that one!

  7. On Friday nite, I had to walk between the company party and a pub next door where The Hub was checking the APP State score. Football….it’s serious business!

  8. Hey meleah — It had to be more of a superstition thing than anything else. Well, and “FREEZING” according to the MoH.

    Hi Robert! Yes, that area is unbelievably nasty on game day. I’ve actually gotten routed through the stadium lot by accident before, had to pay, then get in a particular line for a refund. It took almost a half hour. JEEZ.

    Toadee — I’d give the PJ’s a go. Penguins are tres chic, yanno.

    Olga, he used to yell at the TV when I wasn’t around and my older boys would rat on him. Now he just yells. They do it because they know more than the coach. Sort of like a back seat driver, I’m thinking.

    Dave, yes, somehow they pulled it off. I actually was feeling sorry for two of the defensive players on the other team because they had worked so hard for nothing. Phil Rivers doesn’t deserve to win any games. But LT and Gates and a few others do. Okay, so defense, too.

    Chick — that sounds familiar. When we’re in a restaurant that has televisions, the MoH will ask for a table in a particular location, and I won’t realize that it’s because he wants to see the screen. And fantasy football makes it worse, because he has players on all teams, so any game goes. Unbelievable!

  9. I know little a bout football, unless it’s futbol, but I like the chic fan attire.

  10. Cooper, I’d like to know a “little” about football and Futbol, but after living with the MoH all these years, I can get by with almost no help from my friends.

  11. LT’s OT TD totally screwed up my fantasy league game. I’d have WON I tell you, WON. Instead? A tie.

    Hate. Ties.

    I do not however hate LT. Or the Chargers. Cause that’d just be stupid, you know?

  12. Earlene

    Laughed out loud at the outfit and the dance he was doing. I remember how upset Ryo used to get over the yellin not to mention the baby crying. You gotta love him though. I can’t remember the last time I got that excited.

  13. Hey RJ — Love the acronyms jamming your comment. Good thing I live with a sports fieind {sic} or I’d be lost. And I realized later that the interceptions weren’t by Gates. But I’m too lazy to fix it. Actually I can’t remember the guy’s name. Antonio….And I think the MoH’s fantasy team is scraping by as well as the sudden death tourney he’s in.

    Hey Gramster. I do remember those days. He has a NEW dance now. It isn’t the chicken dance anymore. I swear he’s going to knock somebody out one of these days. Jeez. Plus, he doesn’t actually use foul language anymore. It’s just a lot of “shoot” and “darn-hoots.” Doesn’t quite have the same clout, does it?

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