Month: January 2008

Politics & Paradise: What’s your vote?

*If you want to make a comment, please click on the title of the post…sorry. Don’t know why the comment button at the bottom of the post isn’t functional. I’ll get around to figuring it out after I’m done complaining.* I’ve been biting my tongue […]

Poignant homecoming

I know I said I wouldn’t be here for a bit, but one of the main reasons I keep this little place in the giant scheme of things is to mark the passing of time and the aspects of life that punctuate it. You know […]

Yes, I’m awake.

Well, it’s been exactly a week since I had the rude awakening of taking my lovely cat, Blackitty, to the vet and having to leave him there. I can say I’m thankful for the passing of time. Very thankful. Scouring through all the photographs I […]


  Ahhh…it’s Wednesday. And for me, that means tomorrow is Friday. Thursday is my Friday. I shouldn’t look forward to it the way I do because it inevitably leaves me with the feeling that life is stuck in one of those giant revolving doors that […]

Tuesdays and Routines

I got my wish. Greyness and clouds have blanketed the skies of Paradise the last couple of days, and although we’ll never begin to imagine the coldness much of the country is experiencing right now, 56 degrees at mid day is chilly. After a three […]

Life certainly does go on, doesn’t it?

So, life goes on, of course. The RTR has a holiday today in spite of the fact that the MoH and I have to go to work. What? Like clients who happen to have a holiday as well will be busting the doors down to […]

The sun did come up today.

I need the sky to be grey and angry looking. I want the wind to blow and rain to fall. But it’s blue as far as I can see. I don’t want to hear the kids at the end of the block playing in the […]

My Heart is Broken…

I have been fortunate to have known many lovely cats in my life. If I proceed slowly backwards, with each name I recall, I can glimpse a bit of the life I was leading when I had each one, and smile remembering what knowing them […]

Band Memming on American Idol Night

Let’s see…work on my blog, or accept Olga, the Traveling Bra’s challenge to create my very own album cover? That’s a no brainer. Tah-dahhhhhh…. Okay, so Juan Villafuerte doesn’t exactly sound like a band, but I suppose it could be. You know, like Jethro Tull. […]