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I told the MoH I was staying up here nights. At least that way I can get my blogging done. Jeez.

Is there any reason WHY, if I don’t salivate over watching football, or baseball, or basketball, or hockey, or soccer, or poker, or curling (just wanted to see if you were paying the hell attention…) but yes, he watches that if it’s on, too…that I can’t BLOG? Well?

No. I didn’t think so.

So maybe Cafe Kelly is closed. Okay, well, don’t get too excited, because I do have to do my foodblog. Really. And I do have to pay more attention to it. At least try.

No hissy fit. Just making a statement. Now I’ll put my soapbox back under my desk for the next time.

But you can help out by going to my food blog and clicking on the vote button in the upper right hand corner. You know. Just in support. I swear there are people who are cheating. So vote for me. “Kay? Routinely. When I’m famous, I’ll put you on the payroll. We can party.

I can’t believe it’s been forever that I’ve posted again. TOO much going on. Seriously.Gee-Tar

But I did want to share the RT’s new status as Resident Rocker. So that means I guess his name has to be different now. How about Resident Teen Rocker. RTR. And while I’m at this nonsense, I need to say some serious thanks to Scott for helping me along as I did my research on guitars. I paid attention! He’s already had his first lesson, actually practices, and sounds like he’s hitting the right notes. Okay, so that’s kind of piano lingo, but that’s all I know. He IS sounding decent and playing around with the sounds on his amp. I haven’t needed earphones once. We’ll talk in a couple of months, though. Remind me.

Thanks for the advice, Scott!

Strummin’ the right chord?

I’ll let you know when the first concert tix go on sale. Okay, so maybe I’m just excited because I actually had ONE kid who asked for music lessons. The oldest one took piano lessons. He wasn’t forced, and he showed some promise according to the judges at the sonata competition, but…well, you gotta practice, right? I think he now wishes he’d stayed with it more. That would have meant that yours truly would have had to keep paying for the lessons. Sigh.

And the middle one took clarinet lessons for a while. I can’t remember the details, but he couldn’t get scheduled into the school band AND have the other classes he needed, so, there went the music lessons out the window. No, he didn’t lose sleep over this. Maybe he didn’t think he could give Benny Goodman a run for his money. Or something.

But the RT ASKED! So cool. So very cool. Actually, I’m just glad he has another interest. One can never have too many. Okay, so maybe if you’re like me, it could be a problem, but still.

Yay, Scott! Thanks for the support! w00t!

Resident Teen Rocker





18 responses to “Blogging & Future Rock Stars”

  1. I already voted for you, like 3 times :-p And I wish I had had that kind of interests when I was a teenager (or that my parents had pushed me to do other things other than reading the bible :/)
    I think it’s exciting to have kids with a big array of interests. My daughter’s only interests are licking her butt, sleeping all day and meowing really loud at 6 every morning. I think it’s time she gets her own place!


  2. Yay, Ben! Thanks for voting for me! There’s some lady who just signed up and she has more votes than anyone. I’m such a freaking pollyana, yanno? And how coincidental that I have two daughters that sound like they spend the day doing as yours does. Hairy little things. Well, actually, not so little. They need diets for the new year. Morsels, they are. And you’re not too old for music lessons!

  3. Ritzy

    Your “baby” is such a grown up teenager… cool that he’s playing the guitar – think of the babes he can pick up now when he plays for them! 🙂 My 13 yo newphew plays too and I keep telling him that how he’ll find a girl… he, on the other hand – I think, could care less. For now.

  4. Earlene


  5. Hey Ritzy! Yes, he’s sort of grown up. Grown up enough to look at his parents when they’re being over bearing and tolerate their idiosyncrasies. Smart kid. Maybe sometimes apples don’t fall far from the tree? Crossing my fingers.

    Yay, Gramster. Sorry you’re not buried in the snow you’d like to be. It melted in Michigan, too. Not to worry. It will return. For months.

  6. Thanks Kelly, I am so glad I could help. You just can’t go wrong with a good Strat though, it’s such a versatile guitar. And you have to love the cherry red.

    I probably should have warned you that a first guitar is just the beginning. It leads to a very serious ailment called G.A.S. or gear acquisition syndrome. It’s accessories, effect pedals, tube amps, and then even more guitars.

    Lessons are key – it’s so hard to unlearn bad habits. And it’s so cool when the strumming and picking turns into songs!!


  7. Im off to VOTE…

    Hey Nice! REMINDER (Note to self) I have to get my son Guitar lessons, being that he did get a guitar for xmas and has been strumming all WRONG like for two weeks now….

  8. signed up and VOTED xxoo

  9. Congrats to the RTR on the new Axe! I personally own 3 guitars (Ibanez, Stratocaster and Les Paul), a practice amp and two pedals. (I don’t use the amp or the pedals at home, as I have a direct computer interface that reproduces just about every amp I’ve ever anted to jam on… $200.00 saved me $50,000!)

    The numbers over at FB do look pretty high for some. I wonder if they’ve been asking for votes from their social networks or something?

    (I’m still at page two, but I haven’t even mentioned it on the blog yet, Hope you think I’m not cheating!)

  10. Scott, I can imagine the G.A.S. is somewhat like that of mine in the kitchen…um…not the flatulent kind, of course. One can never have enough toys! So far, he’s practiced each day, and the look on the Moh’s face last night (first time he’s been home when the RTR has practiced…) was totally great! Thanks again.

    Hey meleah — yes — get those lessons going. They start out fairly easy. And let those votes rip, girl! Is it cheating when you’re already in my neighborhood? Nahhhhhhh…

    Hi Jerry! I noticed you on page two, but when someone has just showed up this month and is in the first slot on page one…Well. Of course you aren’t cheating. We’re in the trenches, dood. I’m surprised I haven’t seen an all call on MyBlogLog from you yet. Come on!

  11. kelly,
    I’m saving my broadcasts and other big impact items until the middle of February. I probably will mention it on the blog, though.

  12. Its not cheating… Just explain that I am the president of your fan club. I am obligated to VOTE…yes?

  13. I voted..and I want a Vote for Kellypea bumper sticker for my car….:):)

  14. Hey Kelly, I voted, but it looks like the link in your paragraph is broken.

    Man, do those pancakes look good!

  15. Can I vote daily?

    What a cutie.

    If I were only ten years younger.

  16. How cool!! Music is a great interest to have. He looks like he and the guitar were meant to be! And have you ever been curling??? A few beverages and it can actually be quite fun, if you can stop laughing long enough!

  17. Hey chefmom! I agree, and no, we’ve never been curling, but the MoH is fascinated by the sport. I like your description about the laughing. I’m all for that any way I can get it.

    cooper — let those votes rip. You go, woman. And yes, the RTR is quite the cute one. He hasn’t figured it out, though. And when I bring up females, he gives me that flat look. Sigh.

    Hi Mike! Thanks for mentioning the link. It should be fixed…and the pancakes are excellent. But I’m so not biased, yanno?

    Yay, Robert! I’m thinking the bumper sticker is a swell idea. Let’s see. It would say, “Honk if you heart a redneck cook.” Vote for Kellypea! How cool is that?

    meleah — so true. They even take photos of the prez voting when the prez votes, right? Bwhahahaha!

    Jerry — you are sooooo organized. I have no plan. Posting in a regular fashion would be quite the concept. You’re gonna tromp on me plain and simple.

  18. Kelly, Very cool pick on the guitar. Of course, as a proud owner of a new metallic red guitar myself, I really love the color. Rock on RTR. It’s such a great life skill. I think I appreciate it now more than ever.

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