Band Memming on American Idol Night

Let’s see…work on my blog, or accept Olga, the Traveling Bra’s challenge to create my very own album cover? That’s a no brainer. Tah-dahhhhhh….

My Hot Band’s First Album

Okay, so Juan Villafuerte doesn’t exactly sound like a band, but I suppose it could be. You know, like Jethro Tull. And the title of the album (do they still call them that?) is from the end of a quotation from “Song of Myself” by Walt Whitman:

“Do I contradict myself?

Very well then, I contradict myself,

(I am very large, I contain multitudes.)

Hmmm…Whitman perplexes me sometimes. Deep fellow.

But I believe the album cover came out quite interestingly, for many reasons.

So Olga says I need to pass this along, and you do know how completely horrid I am at that particular task, right? So give it a shot. It’s fun. Here are directions if you’re completely bored and in need of a diversion:

The Band Meme (who thinks of these things?)

First, go to…

The first article title on the page is the name of your band.

Next, go to…

The last four words of the very last quote is the title of your album.

Then, go to…

…to choose a photo for your album cover. The third photo, no matter what it is, will be your album cover. (Hmmm…guess it’s your choice on whether you choose vertically or horizontally, and good luck that you don’t get what I got on my first go ’round. The photo was great, but upon further investigation, it led to quite the collection of photos that were of things quite scantilly clad…and shaved. Ahem. So I refreshed the selection to get the photo you see on my album cover. Good luck!)

Finally, when you’re done with all of that, use your graphics program of choice to throw them together and make your band’s album cover. And if you actually do all of this because you have no valid reason to put it off like doing the dishes, cleaning toilets, or sifting the sand in the cat box, then let me know so I can see if yours is better than mine. Feh. Go ahead. Try.

Fat chance.

And you do know that tonight is the night the MoH has been waiting for since last Spring, right? It’s finally here. AMERICAN IDOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You do understand it helps us survive tax season. Something has to.

But if you think we should be doing something more to your own liking because you choose not to watch it, please. By all means, blather on in the comments section.

Go ahead. Let it rip.





10 responses to “Band Memming on American Idol Night”

  1. nice job much better than my effort…:):)

  2. That is more difficult than the paper I am currently working on.

  3. AWESOME cover! I think this is such a COOL idea!

    I am also listening to American Idol while I surf…OMG! How ’bout that big guy with the really deep voice who couldn’t sing worth crapola & had the judges laughing their BUTTS off…ACK!!!! It’s so painful to watch/listen…BUT I CANT HELP MYSELF!! HAHAHHA!

  4. I like your BAND cover. I cant wait to see what mine comes out to be.

    As for American Idol…I AM THRILLED its back! Two nights IN A ROW for TWO HOURS…..

    [insert the sound of singing angels]


  5. Ugh – the cover went together quickly enough but my quick post ultimately turned into a rather long examination of album cover art that, once I actually get around to writing it, should be quite interesting. I’ll keep you posted.


  6. It’s so sad that people like us look forward to American Idol with the same passion as other people look forward to things like summer vacation and tax refund day. 🙂

  7. Robert, I went to check yours out and missed it. Of course, I’m always entertained by your stories anyway. Congrats on another grandbaby coming!

    Cooper, that’s what I thought. It ended up not being too bad, but I cheated and used Photoshop Elements instead of the professional version. Call me weak. And I’m glad you’re the one doing the paper. My paper days are sooooooooo over.

    Thanks, Olga! I had fun with it. Yes, I know which person you’re describing, and I was totally feeling badly for him. Stuck my lower lip out and everything. Sigh.

    Meleah, I figured you were an AI follower. It will be fun checking out the commentaries!

    Scott, it doesn’t surprise me that you went whole hog on this one. I got stuck in the poetry stuff but managed to reel myself back in before I went off on my own analysis of Whitman’s poem. Lucky my readers!

    YAY BeckEye!! I cruised by your site yesterday and read for a while. I have some serious ground to catch up on. Flamin’ whats????? Bwahahahaha! Anyhoo, I’m headed over to read what you wrote about last night….

  8. Here is what I came up with:

    I’ve already started writing it,


  9. American idol sucks! (JK!) I was too busy waiting for the season premiere of Dinner: Impossible, anyway!

  10. Excellent cover! I like the name Juan Villafuerte, it sounds so sexy!

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