Well, it’s been exactly a week since I had the rude awakening of taking my lovely cat, Blackitty, to the vet and having to leave him there. I can say I’m thankful for the passing of time. Very thankful.

Scouring through all the photographs I have of him and putting them together in a digital album that will be printed and bound was very theraputic. Having a gigantic image of him on my monitor also helps because I smile at his loveliness each time I sit down to write. I seem to have developed the practice of cybernose scratching with the mouse arrow which does humor me, but seems completely pathetic. If you’re thinking I’ve crossed over some line and am headed to the nut farm, you’ve probably right. But I’ll be just fine. I don’t have my head permanently buried in the sand…

I’m completely aware that some French guy scammed one of their largest banks to the tune of $7 billion.

And that Dubyah is desperately trying to keep the U.S. presence in Iraq for the next 10 years and wouldn’t that be just great to whomever moves in to clean up the complete mess he’s made of everything over the past seven grueling years.

And that the stock market has been completely nuts and that it is having quite the impact on world economics…

Or that there’s just something wrong with the idea that a young woman can be missing and the police investigating can immediately turn to the umpteen gazillion registered sex offenders who live in her area to find out if they had anything to do with it. *insert disgusted head shaking here*

That American Idol is back, and am I mistaken or is there a new and gentler Simon and much better auditions early on that the crap we were subjected to last year? Thanks to BeckEye of The Pop Eye, my up-to-the-minute source on all things Idol. And if you didn’t click on the American Idol link, you missed her wit — and Simon in undies.

Also, that Atonement, which the MoH and I saw a few weeks ago and were mesmerized by, has been nominated for quite a few Oscars, including best picture. And don’t I just not like film critics — the epitome of “those who can’t act, direct, or produce…criticize.” Can a movie ever really be as good as the book that inspired it? No.

That this famous blogger most likely had her trip to Paradise ruined since we were POUNDED with rain and even hail last night. I hear that even more is due tomorrow. Paradise is fickle like that. And dang. One-hundred seventy-seven comments on a post is amazing. Yah think? I might be able to muster…oh, about 5 if I write about the piece of orzo that just fell between the B and N on my keyboard. No. Wait. I already did that.

And finally, that our favorite hotel in Vegas is trying to burn down…

I’m going to be working in the basement of this blog over the next few days to a week (real WordPress upgrade, new header, page revisions, and theme…) so thanks ahead of time for your patience. And if you’re completely bored or can’t sleep at night, head on over to my little slice of foodland, because I’ll be pretty busy there over there trying to convince myself I love it as much as I do this one. As much as I know who I am as a cook, I struggle with the part of me that does the writing there. The photography learning curve is a 45 degree angle and my tongue hangs out routinely on that. The settings on the camera, the fact that most of the photos are taken at night, halogen, vs tungsten vs natural light…Jeez. I just want to make the stuff, okay? It is enjoyable, though, even if it’s as time consuming as it is.

I must be doing something right because I actually got my first two — yes, I said TWO — pieces of spam on my other site. In the same amount of time, this one has been hit by 4,318. I’ve also just received my first crappy comment over there. Now, I do have to confess that it had me going until I did a bit of research. The loser who posted the comment is the type of “blogger” (and I hesitate to use the word since I don’t think this particular brand of human can actually get credit for blogging…) who barfs and runs. You know the type. But in this case, the email address that accompanies the post came back immediately when I tried to use it, and the IP address was a dead end. So I looked around Whois, and found out that the whole thing was designed to lead me to a site where a domain was for sale. Whatever. Slime bag. Cockroach. Bottom dwelling mud sucker. I left the comment up and my response if you feel like getting worked up over people who do whatever they can to aggravate the rest of us to make a buck. For all I know, the scum is a neighbor and I’ll see him drive by with a shiny new car and plates similar to the ones I saw at the grocery store the other day that said LINK AD.

Sometimes, life isn’t as kind to the good guys, is it?

Anyhoo, have a swell weekend!

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  1. OMG! *HUGS* Oh, hon, I just had to put my favorite kitty down too….and I did the same thing…..a digital scrapbook! It was VERY therapeutic!!! *hug*

    Love your newscast! Way more honest than the local one! LOL

    Enjoy the weekend!

  2. Eww I didn’t need to see Simon in pink undies.

    Funny thing I noticed about comment spam. When I had my blog at blogspot, I never had any apart from the “nice blog!” type of comments entered by real humans. The second I moved to my own domain, I started getting hit by the robot “xkjdhskdf” comment spams.

    By the way, on your main page, when I click on “x-number comments”, nothing happens. To leave a comment or to read the comments, I’ve to click on your title permalink to do so.

  3. Sigh, Tendrils. Yes it S.U.C.K.S. And you gotta love technology, because it’s amazing what we can do to while away the time.

    Lis, thank’s for the feedback. I had noticed that and was going to put a lil note for everyone, but seemed a little needy! Anyway, it’s temporary — I hope. I’ll get everything fixed up.

  4. It seems you have a pile of it in all directions right now.

    Once you have a “barf and run” you are successful, didn’t you know that?

    I’m gonna have to hot fooland tomorrow, one of these days I’m really going to bake something.

    Well, writing about blow jobs usually works. It the only post I ever did that crashed my site and it really wasn’t very good, it’s a magnet though. 😉

  5. Wait, Cooper. Let me shine my nails on my lapel. There. Now I’m ready for fame. And I think I remember that post — I don’t remember that it crashed your site. I don’t even want to think about how to deal with that. I can’t even get my comments to work normally!

  6. Wow, I’m gone for a week and lok at what you went through! I am SO sorry to hear about your cat. We are cat lovers too, and it is so hard to lose one. We are down to one and my 2 year olds new favorite sentence is “I lof cat”, as he lays one her.
    I’m glad to hear you’ll be getting the TV back up and running…but why does it take a man to get it done? I always feel that those places feel that women are “technology and electronically challanged”…TEC.
    ANd How pysched am I that I just found your food land blog?! Nice pies 🙂

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