Politics & Paradise: What’s your vote?

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I’ve been biting my tongue about politics and the various campaigns for the presidency. It isn’t because I don’t have an opinion. Hell will freeze over before I am caught without an opinion, let alone one as important as how the next four to eight years of my life will be influenced. That’s right. When you really get down to business, it’s really all about me.

Just kidding.

But I have been circling my wagons, and keeping an eye on the situation. It’s quite challenging to watch debates like the one CNN aired last night when I was lovingly kneading what would turn out to be a fragrant braid of Finnish Pulla. Does Mitt Romney ever, EVER stop talking? And does he ever NOT have that smirk on his face? I can barely bring myself to listen to anything he says. And when I hear him, I don’t believe any of it.

Remember the old Charlie Brown cartoons on television? When the adults spoke, they sounded like, “Mwha-wah-wha-mwah-wah-ah…”. That would be Mitt for me, except his diatribe is more like, “blahblahblahblahdee-blahdee-blahhhhhhh. Chuckle.” Go ahead and plug your nose, grin like a silly ass and try it. It’s annoying. He’s annoying. His eyes are glittery, which can’t be good. And he’s accomplished at the “he said, she said” junior high school game which doesn’t look good on a man in his position. Wait. Dubyah’s good at it, too.

Ugh. It’s all so depressing. *this is the part where Chicken Little can be heard saying, “The sky is falling…the sky is falling…”*

Not too long ago, NPR was interviewing people about the Republican candidate they’d most likely vote for and why, and more than one woman in the “my age” bracket actually mentioned that at least he “looked presidential,” and that’s why they’d vote for him.

Excuse me?

Don’t you wonder about people who actually don’t have a problem saying things like that for a national audience? Okay, so ANY audience. Oh. My. Gawd.

Or my personal favorite comes from women who state that they vote the way their husbands vote. You know, so they won’t cancel each other out? Huh? They’re kidding, right? As much as one might think these voters could be compared to June Cleaver, I’d say June was a tough mother and most likely had Ward voting her way or else he’d be sleeping with the Beev. Yanno?

kellementology-palm.jpg And things are finally getting interesting in Cah-lee-foahn-yuh. Lotsa candidates are here in Paradise shaking hands and smootching babies. But Obama has amassed quite the army of young supporters and an impressive cache of funds, so it will definitely be interesting. Especially since one source states he just made a pretty volatile promise. I reallllllllyyyyyyy get sick of all the caught-cha stuff. I’d really like to believe that someone can be taken at face value, be ethical, not an egomaniac, sound intelligent, have a focus that actually has something to do with us…Okay, so this is making me remember that my grandmother always said, “Wish in one hand, sh*t in the other and see which one fills up the fastest.” I know. Gross. But still. It works. You know, as in sh*t happens. Right?

At least the debate tonight will be a helluva lot more entertaining than the Thooper Bowl on Sunday. No rules. Just an “open discussion.” Uh-huh. I’ll believe it when I see it. I could be tempted to keep track of how many power words and phrases are used. Tie the RTR up and force him to watch it with me…

Whip up some appetizers and beverages?

Make it a party.

Well somebody needs to blow some life into this place.


14 responses to “Politics & Paradise: What’s your vote?”

  1. i’m just here for the appetizers… i never did get that whole political thing….

  2. Kelly, been trying to comment for days…didn’t know I could click on the title.

    Yep, I am here in Paradise with you and live in the middle of the Red part of the State. I can’t believe there are women out there willing to say stuff like that either – and on NPR! Hello! They probably don’t know what NPR is. Its going to be interesting. If I were betting on who wins in Nov., I’d say Obama. As for the Thooper Bowl, I don’t care too much.

  3. The comment box seems to work for me … but maybe I’m special :). It’s weird but there’s absolutely no campaigning going on by the 2 Dems here in Illinois. I guess we don’t count … or are they conceding us to Obama?

  4. paisley, you are completely welcome to the appetizers. I’m so there. I have to work at the political thing. It’s powered by my sense of what justice should be. I carry a soapbox and whip it out with a moment’s notice to profess my beliefs and opinions. Of course, no one listens. But no matter. What matters is that they matter enough to me to voice them. I wish that all people could.

    Barbara, that’s my fault for not putting a little message up there to begin with. This theme isn’t supposed to be permanent and it’s so laborious for me to shop for one I like, I’m sort of stuck for a while. I like it quite a bit, but well, then I’ll have to figure out what’s wrong and that would mean applying myself which I avoid like the plague about now. And yes, I don’t care about that Bowl either, unless is a big one full of chili and some cornbread. Bwahahahah!

    Francis, I’m thinking that you’re special. That’s how life works sometimes. Now, having said that, I’m sure you can picture me trying to click on that inactive button as well. Wait. Are you saying that when you click the button it works? On the main page? The one with the big quotation writing? REALLY. Dang. You are the man. As far as the not counting is concerned, I’m thinking that they think that you’re in the bag. ARE YOU? Did you watch the debate tonight?

  5. I go directly to the post page via MyBlogLog, rather than the main url, so that’s probably why it works for me. I’m still going to flatter myself that I’m the man though :).

    I’m a Barack-backer, yes. I didn’t see the debate tonight, but I may check it out via YouTube later. I watched the one last week in SC, and the sniping got on my nerves a bit.

  6. Kelly,

    FYI, I took a quick look at your source code and it looks like there’s a bad link for the comments. The link is to a “comment” anchor tag that doesn’t exist, so it doesn’t go anywhere. It’s probably something goofy with the template.

  7. I am so with you!!! You need to stop by and read my “What would happen if a Mormon took over the Country.” I was once for a short, very scary period of time, and I jokingly tell it like it would be…..
    As for Francis’s comment, I noticed that. (ok, I’m a bit of a closet political junky and watch what other states are doing.)
    And I too don’t plan on watching the Thooper Bowl, even though it will probably be on in everyroom in the house….

  8. Hey Francis, Absolutely! And no sniping on this last debate. It was pretty interesting. They were putting on their “united front” faces. I can’t stand the bickering, either, so I’m glad there wasn’t any. Yes, I figured there was bad source code, but I have to have a major cheat sheet to figure it out. You know, open the source from a theme that works, then copy it, then try to replicate it? Funny, right? I usually get it all wrong and have to give up. I’m not sure if that’s actually classified as learning, however!

    Thanks for the heads up on your post. I’ve been a complete slacker visiting people in nonfood land over the past week. I’ll catch up this weekend, hopefully!

  9. I have to take the FIFTH on anything political related….

  10. Hey meleah…I’m with you if you haven’t noticed. I just complain about certain individuals, but haven’t really mentioned who I’m voting for…

  11. I love appetizers, but forced to deal with politics.

    Mitt is a little scary. Instead of trying to prevent teens having babies, he wants them to marry.

  12. Like I’ve said before, Kelly/Obama ’08 is the best ticket we have to heal this country :-p

    And it is very sad that a lot of conservative women are still that, conservative and unable to use their heads. I am with you that Mitt is annoying, and evil, believe me, there is something going on inside that fanatic head :/

    I am writing this while waiting for the super bowl commercials, that’s all I care about this “big” night.

  13. BTW, if you need some help or information about the template I used on my cooking blog, just let me know. I’d be more than happy to help.


  14. Paintergirl — food makes everything more palatable. My obsession has grown in the past 8 years. Jeez.

    Ben — Actually I was up here when the game started, and the MOH yelled when the commercials came on because he knew I liked watching them. They’re a bit strange this year, aren’t they? A lot of dot commers who aren’t big names. Interesting. And thanks VERY much for the offer of help. I appreciate it. Right now, I’m going at things a bit slowly. I’d love to put a solid two days into maintenance, but somehow it just doesn’t happen.

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