Target Smiles

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You know you’re in San Diego when your favorite Target has already stocked the big sale area where they display the fake Christmas trees with patio furniture, brightly colored canvas pillows, bug candles, and all things garden. Trowel, anyone? Perhaps the latest in cheap outdoor party lighting?

After a squashing the beginnings of annoyance similar to that of what I feel when I see Christmas decorations in October, I roll on with very little purpose in mind. I venture to Target to waste time and frequently spend money, somewhat like it’s a sport. It makes me happy.

Well, until I see the beach towels. Jeez. Will somebody give us a break here?

We’re trying to have a winter, and it’s going better than it normally does. You know, with rain and angry looking clouds more than once every eight weeks or so. Some wind thrown in for good measure.

Acting like Spring is in the Air

Hell, one of the palm trees across the street actually lost one of its fronds in the last “storm.” The wind wasn’t strong enough to actually knock it from the tree, so it hung there, limply, for an entire day until the garden crew came to put it out of its misery.

Someone in the ass-ociation must have complained about its unsightliness.

Hell, they should get a gander at my patio. The sun shine never quite makes it back there this time of the year, and any moisture at all makes things a bit…well…dank. The leaves build up in the flowerbeds, the berries from the neighbor’s overgrown Texas something or others are all over the side of the house beginning to ferment, and everything smells wet. It’s green as can be, though, and things are trying really hard to pretend like spring is already here.

The camilias are in full bloom, looking like enormous party dresses…

I should have gone out there today to spruce things up a bit, but spent too much time at Target. Smiling.

And bought some swell red sheets with at 400 percale count ON SALE. And a cool picture frame. I have a problem with those. As I look around me right now, I count six with the original image copy still inside the frames. Yes, they’re sitting in places like the images are of people and things we know.


But I resisted buying too much else frivolous. I guess I must not have been smiling as much as I normally do.

Guess my smiler is still a bit broken.

Maybe if I put a happier me instead of all that artful grey stuff back in the header I’ll be encouraged.



I have to go.

The MoH is downstairs yelling at me because I’m missing the commercials for the Thooper Bowl.

He likes me, so I need to go down and keep him company.

Besides, he makes me smile most.

See you later.






5 responses to “Target Smiles”

  1. I could only wish for a winter such as that.
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  2. opps i guess I can’t write the code here, I’ll email it too you.

  3. I’ve been missing San Diego quite a bit lately. I know that it’s just a phase I am going through and that I will get over it soon. Even when I am over it, I will still want to visit. It’s been about 5 years , or so, since I have been back ‘home’. I think it’s time.

    Funny thing, that Super Bowl turnout. :p

  4. I didn’t know that other people went to Target just to push the cart around and enjoy looking. I kind of miss Target now that I’m here in France…but, maybe not so much. I’m still wearing my $9 men’s jeans and my $7 soft green fedora with a black band. Favorite items.

    What I looked at and bought the most? Underwear. 🙂

    I lived in SoCal for a while – Laguna Beach. I’ve never been anywhere else, other than Hawaii, that is so lush with flowers and plants. I loved that. Right now I have a loooong skinny balcony and as soon as it starts to feel like spring here, I’m going to start gardening.

    I love your blogs, by the way. 🙂

  5. earlene

    So far I do not miss SD, only some of the people there. It was snowing softly this am so I decided to stay in. The first time since I moved into my new apt. Emily likes to go out and sit on the steps and sniff. When it gets warmer we will be planting stuff that likes the east coast. I will miss my geraniums very much though.

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