The Fat Lady is Singing

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe I heard the fat lady sing tonight. You know. Right when Bill and his Patriots lost.

Such a bummer. Trick.

Even more of a bummer because the MoH was in the running for quite the payout from his suicide football pool for the season.

I sort of told him that he needed to pay attention to the whole karma thing.

But it was a tad difficult since those of us in Paradise don’t think too much of Eli Manning and his superior attitude.

Maybe the outcome was just the lesser of two evils.

Like I said.

Cheaters never prosper, Bill.

I did notice he changed his sweatshirt, though.

I say it was a bad move on his part to wear that red thing.

Early celebration of game and all.

Okay, so next sports stop is March Madness.

I can’t wait.








8 responses to “The Fat Lady is Singing”

  1. I really don’t pay much attention to sports. But now that you mention it I do remember that scandal with the patriots. I was really happy that the Giants won, being a former New Yorker myself and all. It was a good game, that much I admit. Super bowls haven’t been that good for a long, long time.

  2. earlene

    Why is Bill a cheater. I really don’t know anything ab0ut football but I will probably learn. Thanks for the lesson

  3. I was betting on the Giants, had them to win by three. Oh it was so sweet. Oh, sorry, didn’t mean to gloat. I didn’t watch the game – was at the hockey rink watching my daughter play hockey – much more important. They lost by one – a very entertaining game. We had hotdogs and pop afterward – discussed the game and then went home to have homemade pie. I didn’t check who won until this morning, there were other, more important games being played that day.

  4. Karl Manning

    Eli has a superior attitude? How do you arrive at that conclusion? Might judgmental in Paradise, aren’t we?

    Perhaps some education on Eli and his family is in order. If anything, Eli has nothing that even approaches a “superior attitude.” Confident? Well, his job demands it. No QB worth their salt should lack confidence. But “superior attitude”? Absolute rubbish.

  5. Hi Ben — I’m a sports fan by default because the MoH is a fanatic. Controlled, albeit. And the Super Bowl is rarely exciting. This game was excellent as far as Super Bowl games go. A nice change.

    E — Bill was caught very early this year cheating by having people spy on other teams plays. I’m not going to explain it very well, but it’s not legal, he got slapped on the hands, and that was that. Bad juju. Google it.

    Hey Kelly — I was actually wondering about what you had going on. I’ve actually mentioned you many times to former colleagues because you have an amazing professional e-learning community. Cheers to you on your Giants win! It was great that they won. It sounds like you had a lovely time out with family, which is always much more important. We don’t argue about that.

    Hi Karl Manning. Any relation? (I’ll Google it…) If so, you have much to be proud of. However, being able to take criticism is also part of the job when one considers that no one is infallible and humility is an admirable characteristic. I think Abe Lincoln had some good things to say about liking some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time…

    My comments regarding Eli are directly related to what most San Diegans would agree upon: His refusal to play for the Chargers when he was their first round draft pick was less than stellar: i.e., arrogant. Since I’m not a die hard sports fan and can only speak about any of this on a surface level, I can say that the heat is pretty bad for him here. But doesn’t that go with the territory when you’re a football player and you make a decision like that? I’d be shocked if anyone cheered about it. I can just hear the thought process…”You don’t want to play for the Chargers…they’re not a serious team…no west coast team is. If you want to play serious ball, you have to play in the weather. It’s hard core. It’s real. It’s all we have to look forward to half the year when the snow’s on the ground and we’re buried…” Okay, so maybe it didn’t quite go that way, but still.

    Regardless of Eli’s performance this past Sunday, it’s always been sort of a joke here that he flipped the bird to the old home team. But don’t take it too seriously. Goodness knows I don’t. No one really takes anything too seriously here except property values and sunshine.

    Congrats. Truly! And thanks very much for stopping by. I’m honored that I actually rated a negative comment from someone.

  6. Wait, let me get this straight: in comparing Eli Manning to Tom Brady… Eli is the one who comes across to you as having a superiority complex!?? If anything, Manning has insecurity issues and low self-esteem.

    Brady on the other hand, now there’s an egomaniac. Some of the press containing statements by him prior to the game were outrageous! He’s so conceited it makes me want to barf.

    Disclaimer* I neither support or prefer either of these guys. ^^

  7. Greatest choke-job in football history! I loved it!!

    It’s kind of a shame that the Patriots really are a great team and a bunch of talented guys – but they have a scumbag for a coach and the media incessantly portrays those guys as the boys next door who are so much more classy and humble than everyone else in the NFL. It’s such a crock of shit and that’s what makes everyone hate them.

  8. Hey BeckEye — yes, we LOVED it! And thanks for phrasing your sentiment so succinctly. Crock would be correct. Bwhahaha!

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