Just perfect, thank you.

6:45 am: Still chipper as hell after such a perfect weekend, I actually got part of this post done before scurrying off to work feeling quite puffy because I just might be getting the hang of not being able to write whenever I want as long as I want…

What a productive, relaxing weekend. My carpet is finally clean — so clean I’m sure one of us is bound to crash into the other considering we stare down in wonder at the unrecognizable dust collector as we drift through the house. Amazing.

Who knew?

Saturday, the soiree was a hit. Turkish, Moroccan, & Greek food sitting on a plate all at one time is a tastebud’s dream. The only problem I have is that when I cook for these little events, the next day, I’m wondering about which dish I enjoyed the most. A couple of them will have to hit the dinner menu a second time just so I can drool over them individually.

IMG_5977.JPG Ahhh, Sunday was lovely. Although there’s something not quite right about getting out of bed at 9:30 on a gorgeous day. I haven’t done that in years. So after dropping the RTR off to war monger with his buddies, the MoH and I went for a long walk around the big bay, smiled at those brave enough to show their winter skin in full style, and admire the patience of someone who can do this. Balanced Rocks Lots of Rock Stacking I’m more someone who would be inclined to throw them instead of artfully stack them.

After hobbling to our car, we decided that some Southwicks, a plate o’ pub food and a few matches of seven man rugby on satellite from the tourney San Diego hosted this weekend would be a good way to end a perfect day. Wales edged out the US for ninth place and not one single player had dirt on his uniform. I thought rugby was supposed to be a tough sport. Interesting game, though.

Shakespeare's British Pub

Just about as interesting a game as the one unfolding over the super delegates.

I’ll save that one for tomorrow, maybe.

1:30 pm: After a great day at work, I bound home ready to take on the next part of my day…finish this post, carpool, make doughnuts (mmm…raspberry filled powdered sugar doughnuts…), and complete a food post before luxuriating in the choice of a new books since I FINALLY completed the last one I’ve slogged my way through. And then…

Yack Star I saw the pile on the carpet. My clean only since Friday carpet. It was parked next to the base board almost like it was planted there on purpose so I’d see it when I was changing my clothes. I surprised myself by not having a single murderous thought about The Yack Star when I realized that it was the wrong color for the cat to have gifted me with it. So the doggo was the culprit. A quick glance at her confirmed my suspicions when she averted her perpetually adoring gaze. I swear.

Do you think Purina would answer a letter inquiring about the need for yellow food coloring in their dog food? Can dogs see things in color? Maybe it smells better if it’s the same color as the chicken from El Pollo Loco. You know, like mustard.


I love my dog.






12 responses to “Just perfect, thank you.”

  1. Your photos make me so want to visit there sometime!

  2. It truly amazes me that not one of my dogs get sick until I clean – then for some reason, at least two of them do. Your party made my mouth water – now I need to get something to eat. And, the weather was awesome yesterday – I had to rub it in to those in my family sitting in -10 below yesterday…

  3. Hey Chick! I can hook you up. Or whatever they say. In other words, there are some times better than others to come. I’ve been trying to see it through others’ eyes to appreciate it more, and I’ve been enjoying it. I’d still enjoy some snow, though. Guess that won’t happen any time soon, huh?

    Hi Beth! Good to hear from you. Yes, I figured that most pet owners deal with the same thing. Kind of like having kids, too. Except the pets never really grow up. Wait. Now that I think of it… And yes, the weather has been amazing. And for me to acknowledge it, well, that means it’s spectacular.

  4. Those rock stacks are pretty cool. Someone has quite a bit more patience than I do…which is not all that difficult, actually.

    Sounds like a lovely weekend. I spent my beautiful weekend inside the house, helping my kids battle some form of the plague. No barf on the carpet though, so that’s a good thing.

  5. I just spent waaaay to long playing with your cat widget. I am so easily amused it is scary.

  6. Aw. Kelly, I am so glad you had such a great weekend.

    You just might have inspired me to DO something other than sit on my ass during my “vacation” time from work…Or not.

    I might want to try ‘getting the hang of BEING able to write whenever I want as long as I want…’


  7. Ritzy

    Alex and I just had full blown out giggles playing with your Blackitty widget! He loved it! Glad you had such a super weekend!

  8. loripea

    We love Blackitty! Mom

  9. Hey mel — well I’m usually quite the house potato, so it was nice getting out. Sorry about your kids. I’ve known a few people who have been really sick, and yes, I’d say it was plaguelike. Good thing the carpet survived… And the cat widget is SOOOOOOO CUTE! Did you hear the meow and the purr. I love it!

    Hey meleah — I totally understand the whole getting off my ass routine. A crane is usually involved to get me out the door. What can I say — I’m easily entertained. But it was fun. Just make like a tourist. You live in/around that amazing city…

    Ritzy, I can just see the two of you having fun with it. He’s so precious! And thanks, the weekend was fabulous!

    Hi Mom! He makes my heart go pitter patter.

  10. melissa

    I too have spent way to much time playing with the kitty. He
    is too cute…

  11. melissa

    that’s another too. ops.

  12. Hi Melissa — he is so very cute, isn’t he. I’m trying to remember where I found him so I can thank the person. And one can never have too many toos, can she? 😀

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