Bottled Fat Free Opinions and some Sand

I’ve been in food land. You, gentle reader, should know that by now when the end of each month comes around, I will not be here. Surely you must have come across at least one of the eight trillion loaves of Julia Child’s French bread that are flooding Bloggsville with carbs, haven’t you? Just for grins and giggles, I did a Google search to see where I fell in the mix and actually looked at each page…scanning…searching, and feel not too badly surfacing on page 25 connected to Foodbuzz. I guess I’m not quite famous. Yet. I stopped looking for any mention of my foodblog on page 45 or something. Clearly I either have time to burn, or don’t feel like cleaning my house.

I’ll keep working on it. Being famous — not cleaning my house.

But, being the pithy one that I pretend to be, I’ve decided to get that point across with my rendition of Message in a Bottle. The point being that I’m a hopeless foodie and that it does take time when one enjoys much more about food than simply eating. Call it my version of the Slow Food Movement. The incomparable Cooper of Wonderland or Not, Should Be Famous and Darfur, an Unforgiveable Hell on Earth graced me with the opportunity to put my virtual Message in a Bottle and I do have to say that I’m feeling fairly famous about that since she NEVER, EVER even bats an eye at memes or awards.

It’ll be rough trying to pulling on my jammie top tonight before bed, so fat is my head over this.

In all seriousness, Message in a Bottle began at Mimi Writes, and from my visit there, I discovered that Mimi also instigated the Band Meme of which I was also a daft lemming willing participant. I do have to say that it was one of the more inspired memes I’ve been smacked with intrigued by and any excuse to open Photoshop is a complete afternoon sucker upper absolutely fine.

Unfortunately, I just might be one of those mentioned who resides in her dungeon. Mayhaps I didn’t follow those directions either? *sigh*

The directions for Message in a Bottle are not quite as lengthy (see below) as Julia Child’s recipe for pain francais (17 pages…), but I can feel myself not wanting to attend to them since there isn’t food involved. A hamburger for engaging might be a good idea since I’m on election watch this evening which is on a semi- collision course with American Noodle (and OMG how could the Texting Tweeners not vote off the cool, but not so melodious biker female?). And if I’m not mistaken, New Amsterdam, that show Fox has been dangling in front of us since before the holidays is going to premiere this evening (the one with the hunky guy who lives forever and how awful would that be?)

Heavens to Betsy. How have I come to this?

Here is my message in a bottle…kellypea’s message in a bottle

My message can be taken literally; goodness knows that I live by this advice. But more importantly, it is a message reminding us that if we deny ourselves that which is special, we risk so much of what can make life truly amazing, relatively speaking, of course. If I must also explain — from an analytical angle, dark chocolate and red wine are a source of anitoxidants. The butter? Well, if you’ve been using “spread,” how are those triglyceride levels, hmmmm? It’s all about moderation. *bends over to drag soapbox from under the desk* You have noticed what happens when you really enjoy something and saturate yourself with it, it loses its sparkle, right?

Okay, so not sex or rock ‘n’ roll okay? Behave. But if you thought about it before you read it, consider yourself seriously tagged.


8 responses to “Bottled Fat Free Opinions and some Sand”

  1. “I’ll keep working on it. Being famous — not cleaning my house.”

    Yeah!Keep THAT up!

    Nice job on the meme….I still have no message for my bottle and Ive been sitting on that meme for a week now.

    ps….THANK YOU for that AWESOME comment today. xxooxxoo

  2. OH, that is the greatest post EVAH!! I love your message in a bottle and I honestly don’t think I could come with a better one. I did all three today and I don’t regret one moment. As for your bread, I thought it was great, and I loved the fact that the men folk devoured it. That in itself says a lot. As for you and the french olive oil…(How does your RTR say it?) OOOOOO MMMMMM GEEEEEEE!! I would have died and gone to heaven. I say kudos to you for making it to page 25 and I have never ever used anything but butter. I just can’t bring myself to do it. Awesome post.

  3. meleah — I do have to say that MONDAY seems to be housecleaning day around here. You wouldn’t want to take a gander on Monday morning due to health risks. Or something. And your post was excellent. I could go on and on making like a writing teacher over it. Voice change at just the right time, totally perfect. And the topic was excellent. I need to write about that.

    Hey chefmom — I’m loving it that you’ve already had all three today. I’m working on number two right now, and will be on three after I start dinner. In moderation, of course. And yes, you have it right. The RTR does say it EXACTLY like that. *big goofy smile* Thanks for the visit!

  4. Kelly, It’s been like ages since I did a meme but this one looks fun. I will give it some thought and then try to get one out soon. As food goes you’ve hit it right on head. Good food and good friends makes life rich does it not.

  5. Oh- you remind me of one of my favorite quotes:
    “My only regret in life is that I did not drink more Champagne.” – John Maynard Keynes

  6. Hey Phil! Good to hear from you. I’ll look for that message in your bottle — it’s sure to be a good one.

    Ah…Tempered Woman — that would be it. It always amazes me that some people do without what matters to them. I don’t think that it’s because of money — there are so many lovely things in front of us that go unnoticed because everyone is scurrying around. Maybe for them, the scurrying is champagne. Scary.

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