Wednesday Wordlessness. Finally.

My year in Foh-Toz. Five words. Not bad. Okay so now 12.

And just to confirm that I am so not wired to be wordless, I began this post some time on Wednesday, of course, and here it is Friday morning. And I’m typing. Words.

Actually, I’ve been going through my foh-toz from the last year and I’m always amazed about what I learn. Fascinating things such as, 1) I still don’t really know how to use my camera which doesn’t bode well since it’s a point and shoot and can’t be much easier; 2) I take a lot of photos of food — an unbelievable quantity — they need to be deleted — do you have any idea how long that will take? Just another thing to put on my list; 3) I’m enjoying life so much and smile lots every day at very simple things; 4) There’s quite a story attached to almost every single one and although another viewer may not know what that story is, I do.

I can remember thoughts, concerns, larger events, weather, and so many other not so visible aspects of life connected to each shot. And most of the time, that in and of itself is what brings the smile to my face.


5 responses to “Wednesday Wordlessness. Finally.”

  1. excellent montage… i remember just about every one… what a trip!!!!

  2. I am inspired to do one of these SLIDE shows. I have a bajillion photos that I need to ‘delete’ but I cant…they all have a story that belongs to them…

  3. cool! It made me very hungry – but great pics! Loved it…

  4. I really enjoyed that, thanks.

    Nice feet.

  5. Great choice of songs.

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