Blog Horoscope 2008

Now that I have another year to look forward to blog-wise, I’ve decided to look to the stars to determine what may be in store. It’s not that I don’t believe I have control over this, because obviously, I do.

I’ve not seen anyone else’s fingers a pecking at these keys.

Having said that far less eloquently than I intended, please let me define exactly which stars I’m referring to.

Horoscope stars. And if my limited knowledge in this particular area is correct, a horoscope is dependent on an individual’s ability to discern the extent to which certain celestial bodies are aligned, thereby deciding one’s fate so to speak.

I wonder if it works for a blog?

Since I created this blog’s first entry on March 15 (which in and of itself is not a great date when one considers that the Ides of March did not bode well for Julius Caesar), I shall use that as the official “birthday” for this exercise. And please trust that I will not forget to refer back to it to measure the course of accuracy as the year proceeds.

What? You thought this might end up as the now defunct phoodplan did? My fingers have no difficulty exercising, so the likelihood that this experiment will work is fairly high. No. Calories. Involved.

So moving right along, after surveying a variety of on-line sources and comparing their main points of interest, I chose this one.

I was a tad put off by the whole “phallic Mars” comment, but did recover quickly to notice that the idea of “engaging in creative projects” and joining “with others in pursuing a common goal” sounds right up this blog alley. “If [I’m] involved in a competition, [I] could come out a winner. Translation: Make sure Barack Obama is the next President of the United States. Period. Or — take the next Technorati Link Train less seriously than I did before.

Since this blog can’t exactly “fall in love,” I’ll presume that it will be influenced by another “activity or cause” (which is default as far as I’m concerned…). It’s nice to know also, that the “finances could also improve dramatically.” Translation: Bloggy will become immersed in the goings on of our society so much so that dozens of citizens will flock to hear my words. And I won’t have to put a can in the comments section for hamburgers.

It looks like Bloggy will work harder this year, interfering with pleasure time. “Opportunities to socialize may be reduced” due to “increased responsibilities.” Translation: Dang. Does that mean I have to join the next Technorati train that comes my way? Or does it mean that I’m not going to want to sit in awe each day of all the bright and shiny things the Internet has to offer? People actually consider this work? Hell. I just thought it was a way to relieve pressure on my noisy brain so I don’t bowl the MoH over when he comes home each day. You know. Act more June-ish to my Ward. Or not. Now “increased responsibilites” could mean more memes. Jeez. I could create 50 of my own and flood the Internet. Let’s not and say I did.

Moving right along — I’m supposed to have a “busy year mentally.” Um. I wouldn’t want anyone to have to have my brain as it is. It’s quite the scary place. Trust me. But it looks like I’ll have some “charm” to “present [my] ideas this year” and “mental pursuits, new learning, and all forms in intellectual activity.” I’ll be able to “convey my ideas powerfully to others” and will be “quick to take the initiative to put my thoughts into action.” Translation: Does this person know me? Scary. Well, except for the charm. I’ve never been good at beating around the bush. I’m better at getting a bat and just whacking whatever is in focus to cut to the chase. I do like tea, though, and can be somewhat docile at times. It depends.

So “moving mountains” is in the cards as it looks like there’s quite a bit of “transformative energy at [my] disposal.” I’m cautioned, however, that if not handled correctly, I could be “argumentative, stressed, and hell-bent on having [my] own way.” Translation: Considering that mountains are relative, I’d say I’m fairly good at that. As far as being argumentative is concerned, I’d say at this point in my life, things won’t change. Oh. And the pen is mightier than the sword. They are far more cost efficient as well. Party on!

INTERMISSION *elevator music plays in non Dolby sound*

“Work takes on definite shape” *crap* “this gives [me] a sense of responsibility” *great* “traditional methods work, and thoroughness brings rewards.” Translation: Looks like I’ll have to quit wallowing in writer land and get my house clean. Wait… “You may ten to enjoy sticking to mundane tasks because it makes you feel good to accomplish things.” *Nevermind. I think that means laundry. Can a blog do laundry? Hmmm?*

“Lucky year,” this. “Strong year” filled with “sudden opportunities for advancement in different areas of your life” come about. Translation: More blogs? Bloglettes?

To conclude *thankfully because I’m like wayyyyyy tired of this…”

Your charm is strong, and others warm up to your ideas readily. However, there are times when you might come on too strong, attempting to push your agenda on others–something that can only cause problems. Mental activity and communications are strong–at times you could feel a little high-strung unless you take some time to relax and clear your mind. Relationships are rewarding and fulfilling, but also complicated at times.

If that doesn’t sound like the bane of my existence, I don’t know what does.

Wait. I was talking about my blog.

Okay, so now to check out what my REAL horoscope is.




4 responses to “Blog Horoscope 2008”

  1. cooper

    What novel idea, I’m so going do it, as some would say “I need to lighten up” and as there are many – including my university – who have chosen to give time off to contemplate more spiritual matters. For an agnostic this is spiritual enough.

    Love the new place, it’s about that time again for me, but am waiting the onslaught that will WP 2.5.

    Maybe you should just invent the blogoscope….. horrorscope to some I imagine, if you don’t I call dibbs.

  2. Cooper, I’m with you on the whole “let’s take a week off” over something that isn’t even allowed to be called what it is in school any more. I’m thinking most parents just LOVE trying to figure out what to do with their kids for a week.

    As far as 2.5 goes, I just keep looking at the new releases. The newer, the more compatible. Well, I can delude myself anyway.

    And I’m lovin’ the bloggoscope, personally. I could be famous. Maybe. 😉

  3. yes that was pretty freeking accurate. Now I want to do my own blog horoscope. (great idea) xxoo

  4. psssssssssssstt….There is a new “movie” featuring…your favorite guy….he he he

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