Spring Break, The Fed, & Bracketology

It’s Spring Break here.

That means that at least in Paradise, the clear blue sky and brilliant sunshine will coax you outside after you’ve donned your tee-shirt and shorts only to find that the air is less than warm. Chilly, in fact. It’s rude.

What’s even more rude is having to look at winter legs that need lotion, a good shave, and some color.


Spring Break is also a time for the RTR to engage in some serious house potato-ing. Yesterday he saturated himself with shows he DVR’d in preparation for this week. Today, he’s mid-gorge session, loading the second of three Pirates of the Caribbean DVD’s. The blinds are closed and the sensurround is turned up enough to cause the floor to vibrate on the good parts.

Arg, mateys.

He did wash my car yesterday, though. And the doggie turds have all been picked up before I’ve come home. Even his toilet is clean. Well, as clean as it’s going to get, anyway. The porcelain is white…

In other news, I suppose we should all celebrate the fact that the Fed is bailing out Bear Stearns so that people could purchase the stock for $2 a share and then sell it an hour later for more than twice what they paid. All the nut jobs have come out of the woodwork and have hit the Yahoo! Message Boards bemoaning their supposed losses, consoling one another and offering one another pithy advice. Scary. I do wonder how Warren J. Spector has been doing since last summer, however, and whether he did a little retaliatory happy dance on Sunday when this all happened.

I’m thinking that a few folks are probably laughing all the way to a foreign bank about now and those who have lost their shorts are better off since the Roman Catholic Church now considers excessive wealth a deadly sin (alongside heinous unforgivables such as sloth and pride which I’m well acquainted with).

Tell me again exactly how much money Martha Stewart saved with that ImClone stock sale and was subsequently thrown in the slammer for? And how many people did that particular indiscretion affect?

Only in America, yanno? But there is hope.

But there’s something else…

Have you done your brackets yet? What in heck are you waiting for?

And no. UCLA is no where in my Final Four.

GO GONZAGA! Go big, or go home.
Me. Not them.

I’ve got the widget installed in the lower portion of my blog so you can laugh your ass off cheer me on.



8 responses to “Spring Break, The Fed, & Bracketology”

  1. me

    Yur killin me with those picks. There goes another of my hard earned $10

  2. I will be paying for my insightful brackets with my own ten doolers. You just never know. Besides. You know I love picking the grey horse. GO GONZAGA!

  3. Winter legs, I hear ya.

    How excessively wealthy is the Roman Catholic Church I wonder?
    I had spring break, and much to my surprise, I guess because I wasn’t paying attention, I now have “Easter Break”, who knew the benefits going to a Jesuit university would bring.

    I follow March Madness, weirdly enough it is probably one of the only sporting events I ever noticed my contemporaries at NYU following.
    I also go UConn – my brothers undergrad, Villanova, my mom’s undergrad, Georgetown cuz I must, and then I root for underdogs. One of the local college teams here made it to the tourney and actually won their play-in game for the first time in school history, so the area is quite excited though they know that they will loose to North Carolina.

  4. my winter legs match my winter pitts…and um…they are staying that way until I HAVE to shave.

  5. Hey Cooper — I’m thinking your winter gams aren’t anything like mine. No way.

    As far as The Church goes, loaded. Although the law suit payouts over the perv priests has probably put a dent in their investment portfolio.

    And we’ve enjoyed March Madness for years and years. The MoH is partial to CA teams, of course, and I have a tendency to like the old favs. I have another sheet filled out that is a bit different that this one. No matter. Everybody thinks UCLA has it in the bag. There’s no way I’ll pick them. What’s the fun?

    Meleah — I can’t even see my pits because they’re too close to my eyes, so it’s just hit and miss. Gross, huh?

  6. Really now, Kel – You have Gonzaga beating KU?????
    WHAT???? I am guffawing! NO WAY that will happen!!
    My Jayhawks are going to and winning the championship!
    Just you wait! 🙂

    (I luvs my Rock Chalk Jayhawks!)

  7. TS — You gotta go for the gusto once in a while. Actually I have another bracket for a big pool that I have another winner picked on. I’m trying to remember who it is right now. Bwhahahaha! Maybe Tennessee? Duke? Just not UCLA.

  8. I love the term “house potato-ing”! RTR is doing it the right way! As for winter legs, Um yeah, my whole body could use a little Spring make over. Lotion, a shave and as my husband says “some sun for my Pale-pastey-white-ass”. Thanks buddy.
    And March Madness!! He is so into it, and last year I made picks too, but didn’t get a chance to this year. I hope you win!!

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