What time is it?

It’s not quite midnight here and it’s lovely outside.  When I open the back door, the air rushes in and I can smell the jasmine blooming on the fence between our neighbor’s house and ours.  It’s warm out and the sky is clear.  I can see constellations I don’t normally see.

It’s beautiful.

But I’m tired and need to be in bed.

Spring break is over for the RTR, and there are three weeks still to finish the Moh’s busy season.  A lifetime, it seems.

I’ve been trying to book our flights to Italy for our summer vacation, but it figures that using points for one ticket and trying to book the others at the same place is more than what I’d thought it might be.

What is up with all the companies that just presume to take us to the cleaners?  I should know better.

I hate that.  And I hate very little.

But I’ll persist in much the same way that I persisted last November during NaBloPoMo when I was writing letters.  I just received a letter stating that April’s theme for NaBloPoMo was “letters.”  Hmmm… might I have been famous for writing all my letters diligently last November and now others have gotten the idea? And since when is NaBloPoMo something that happens outside November?


Olga…I know I need to do my six word thingy, but I’m lacking energy at this moment.  I’ll do it, surely.

It will be something like, “Day late and a dollar short.”  That should do it.


And good night.






3 responses to “What time is it?”

  1. I’ve been trying to book our flights to Italy for our summer vacation…

    *insert my RAGING jealousy*

  2. meleah, after reading about all the pickpockets there, we’re a bit wary and planning on wearing commando suits. Or attach animal traps to our wallets! Now that would be funny.

  3. that WOULD BE funny.

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