Needing Company in Any Form

Fuzz Ball Cat When I’m home, Precious (aka Fresh-ness or The Yack Star) is now rarely far from either myself or the RTR. And if neither of us is available, the doggo seems to do. She’s not howling as much as she was a month ago, but still does, and will respond when one of us howls back at her.Fat Cat We have entire conversations with her and have no idea what we’re talking about, so at some point, she becomes disgusted with us, turns her head away, and saunters in the direction of her food bowl.

Usually, she’s got something to say about having just come in from the patio, or to remind us about food time.

Cute Cat Food time has expanded from once a day to once in the morning, and then again 12 hours later. But she wants more so she can drown her sorrows over her lost companion of ten years.

I understand. I’d probably want to do the same thing.

I’ve thought a little of getting a kitten, but don’t have the energy to make a decision like that right now. Kittens are like babies. They need so much attention, it’s not fair to not be able to provide it, and right now, I can’t provide it.Stretching Fat Cat

Besides, I don’t think the oldsters would appreciate the intrusion in their lives.

But maybe soon…Drowsy Cat

It could help that hitch in the doggo’s giddy-up and mend The Yack Star’s broken heart.




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14 responses to “Needing Company in Any Form”

  1. SHE IS SO CUTE!! I love when our cat lays like that. Don’t get a kitten!! We got one in place of a sibling, (that we tried 5 years for and finally given up) and POOF, I got pregnant!! Beware! Bwahahaha!

  2. ahhhhh…pet kittys, or should I say we who are owned by cats??

  3. both of my dogs are older.. i figure we have if we are lucky two more years together… i really want to get another,, but i am so afraid that my rottie will make its life hell… such dilemma’s……

  4. She is adorable….and quite…erm, round. I have a very similar fuzzy friend in my house. Perhaps we should schedule a playdate. Maybe a new friend would eliminate the need for a kitten. Nah. Nothing beats a kitten.
    I’m so sad for her…missing her buddy. 🙁

  5. My oldest is turning 13 next month and momma wants to get her a lap dog. We have wonderful Akita/Blue heeler that is very loyal. I’ve never been much for little bitty dogs. I think I’m outnumbered here. Before I got Sheba, we tried-out a male golden retriever. (I always said, with four women in the house it needed more testosterone). It’s obvious that I’m way outnumbered. I’m sure the next one will be a girl as well. Wondering how Sheba will take to a companion. I guess we’ll see.

  6. earlene

    She is so cute. Seems like she is needing the rest of the family now. Things always change. Nothing stays the same. She is loved and that is the main thing.

  7. OH! I got a puppy for my birthday cause I honestly felt like my other dog was starting to get only childitis. There were some growing pains in the beginning but it has been such a blessing for him. He has his puppy energy back trying to keep up with the actual puppy. And he’s finally dropped some excess poundage. We compete in laziness around here so it was good for me too. 😉

  8. Great upside down shots, Kelly! I just want to reach through the computer and pet her Precious belly!

    She is a trooper, doing her best to keep on keepin’ on, despite her grief. And so are the rest of you. It is sweet to see that she’s reaching out to you for companionship.

    As independent as they can sometimes seem, they really do have deep relationships with their companions.

    You will know in your heart when it’s the right time for a kitten.

  9. Ritzy

    Yack -Star is adorable! I just want to bury my face in her furry belly and give her lovin’. Z&S follow me and the boys around all day as well when we’re home. They love us as much as we love them. Yack-Star & Doggity too for you guys! As for a kitten… like someone else said, when the time is right you will know it. She may like the company, or get pissed off at the little furry thing with razor like claws. It would sure be good for writing material though! I just love kittens… I am contemplating a puppy but not sure how my little pawed friends will feel about that. We need to move & see where we end up first. (BTW, we ahd our 1st showing today – fingers crossed!)

  10. i love these pictures of your kitty! soooooooo cute.

  11. chefmom, you’re hilarious! I lack all the necessary equipment to worry about that, thankfully!

    TSannieBB — we are definitely the ones owned. No question about it.

    paisley, we got all three of our pets as a beloved old former pet was dying. It did help both him and us (especially the RTR who was only 4 at the time…) But I do get it that some pets just don’t adjust to new ones.

    mel…shhhhh…you’ll hurt her feelings. I don’t think she enjoys being a plus size girl. Playdate? Heck, she needs a blind date for sure!

    Hey Phil! Thanks for stopping by — long time no see! Lap dog? Hmmm…makes me think of those tiny things the girls carry around in purses here. I’d go for a French bulldog myself. That’s about as small as I’d want. Good luck on your decision!

    Hi Mom — Yep. It’s nice having her around and knowing she wants us to like her. Pretty different from how she was before.

    TW — I think if we had only one pet, it would be easier to get another, but waiting is good right now. The point you make about losing weight is a good one, though. Our cat needs a personal trainer!

    Hi gina! I thought of you when she was laying on her back and knew you’d like the photos. I love their independence, and know how strongly they become attached to us even though people don’t realize it.

    Thanks, Ritzy! And your cats would be fine with a puppy. They’ll just hiss and spit at it until it figures out who’s boss. That’s what happened here! Good luck on your showing! w00t! I’ve got my fingers crossed for you.

    Hey meleah — are you on the mend yet?

  12. WHEW!! Well, then by all means get a kitten! Our 10 year old took the kitten faster then we thought. It was pretty cute actually. He took care of her. Might even get her active, since it seems she has a complex about her weight…I’m whispering so she doesn’t hear……

  13. Yes. I am! (thanks for asking)

  14. Those pics are the best. Me loves a chubby kitty!

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