Theme switching in progress…

Hi All — I’m working on my theme today, so things will be a bit strange. So what else is new, right? You just never know around here.

I’m probably not off to a great start when you consider that I couldn’t figure out why, when I opened a new page, it would automatically scroll to the very bottom. No matter what I did, I couldn’t figure it out.

Until I realized my plate was sitting on my space bar — and maybe the control key, the alt key, and a few others just for good measure.

What a dork.

Plus, ever since I uploaded WordPress 2.5, some strange things have been happening to my widgets. Like. They’re missing. I load the code, move them where I want them, save, refresh, and huh? They’re gone.

So enough of this nonsense.

And you’ll be glad to know I’m multi-tasking. Cleaning the RTR’s bathroom in between loading, deleting, and just for an occasional break. Sounds efficient, doesn’t it?

I had to do something. My mom’s expected at our house within a week and will be needing to share his bathroom. I should probably bring in the garden hose with the power nozzle.

News at eleven on that.

Thanks for your patience!



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7 responses to “Theme switching in progress…”

  1. the new digs are looking good..I will be back to see the finished product

  2. see I’m a nerd to I punched in the wrong website…:)))

  3. i am really liking this one.. now if the widgets work, you are a-ok…..

    and by the way, my widgets aren’t working properly in 2.5 either.. they have an upgrade,, but after the tech crap i just went thru i am afraid to touch it!!!!

  4. Like the new look!

  5. Miss the glasses, tho.

  6. Nice, I like it!


  7. Yay, Robert! Haven’t seen you in a while. Looks like you’ve been pretty busy around your own site. And nerds are good. It’s better than being a dork, right?

    Hey paisley, thanks. I’ve only looked at about a billion themes, and with the 2.5 upload, not all of them are compatible so that makes it more stoopid, but you know that. Still haven’t done the 2.5.1 because Fantastico takes a while to get it for my “one click” upload. How do you spell lazy? Hahahaha!

    Ann, I was working on the header when you wrote and had to smile because I like those glasses, too. Thanks!

    Thanks, Scott. You wouldn’t lie, right? 😉

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