Blog Wraps & Ballsy Mothers

Clearly, my blog is having an identity crisis. A few days ago, my aunt who lives in New York emailed and said my blog wasn’t loading. Outside of that sounding like some strange kind of medical condition, I cringed knowing that things didn’t bode well for my new theme.

I put a message up at MyBlogLog to see if I could get some responses and people were kind enough to let me know whether they could open my site or not.

It turns out that Internet Explorer and the Evil Empire *just kidding Bill* was somehow connected to the problem. No comment on that one other than I routinely encourage everyone to download Firefox every time I get a chance, which works just fine. Scott of My Thermos offered to take a look and also pointed out that ads running on my site might also be contributing to the problem. It was pretty cool. His help. Not the problem with the ads. I had downloaded Skype some time ago so that I could IM with my baking friends, so he suggested we use that to try and figure out what the problem was. Like I said. Cool.

In the meantime, I’ve taken everything out of my sidebars, reported the problem with the ads to BlogHer who quickly responded and guess what?

It still doesn’t work.

And the reason everything is purple is because I was trying out different themes this morning and then got sidetracked with my mom (which is normal because we’re sort of unfocused when we’re around each other…) and then I forgot the purple thing was up. I’m trying to find something that will work. You know, because I don’t have anything else to do but play with this ridiculous thing.

She made it back to Paradise in one piece...catbox and all. But my mom! She made it! w00t! And our doggo has been beside herself with delirious happiness since my mom arrived. My mother is her favorite human in the world. She’s worn herself out following my mother up and down the stairs as her things have been unpacked and now she’s limping pretty badly. The doggo. Not my mother.

She rolled in at about 3PM Sunday after leaving New York on Wednesday morning. She drove over 700 miles on Saturday alone. Amazing, huh?

Remember those tornado warnings she drove through? The ones she was supposed to stop and find shelter from? Yes, those. She said it was like the sky just opened up, with blackness on both sides of the I-40 as it angles in a northwesterly path through Little Rock, AK. We later heard that six people died very near there in that storm.

But she is here safe and sound. We stuffed her full of Huevos Rancheros a la MoH and some wine.

Stay tuned for more adventures with mom.

So for those of you who are sick of seeing those books in the background of my photos, you’ll have a change of pace since I’ve moved my Mac from the office to put together a bedroom for my mom. She’s up there fluffing her nest right now going through the things she’s managed to hang on to after moving three times in less than a year. New digs for my Mac.

It makes me tired just thinking of it. Seriously.

Thanks for your tolerance with my blog wrap. I’ll get situated.

And you know about flying pigs, right?



11 responses to “Blog Wraps & Ballsy Mothers”

  1. It is different again. I have no clue ,though I have had problems with my theme losing the footer twice, and my hosting company fixes it every time, though I never play with it there is always something mysteriously changed somewhere.. I recently changed my password.etc and am looking for a new theme though I’m not sure it is the themes faulty I’m not all that familiar with subversive code to know.

    I was thinking of you the other day when I was preparing this dish made from avocados. I’d hope to impress with a picture…just like you.

    Unfortunately the avocados were too ripe, and instead of pretty green chucks mixed with colorful red onions, tomatoes, cilantro and peppers, the mixing ending mush and the whole picture in the was not very attractive.

  2. loripea

    I had a bit of trouble with your site the other day, but just kept at it and it eventually worked. Yep, mom is pretty amazing to have made it driving across country, on her own, at 70 (mph and age) in just 5 days. It just proves how strong and capable she really is.

  3. Yes, Cooper. It’s the story of my life. I thought I was actually going to have a life of sorts today, and ended up messing with this again. At least it works now, and is mercifully NOT purple. If you missed that one, count yourself lucky!

    And I totally sympathesize about the non-photo quality food. I think avocados can be quite cruel making us think they’re ripe, all the while hiding ugly black spots inside. At least bananas are honest. I will wait patiently and with much faith for the food photos from cooper: The Chef. Truly.

    Hey lormo. We do know the woman’s a stud. And obviously, we now know she also has a lead foot. Bwahahahhaha!

  4. Ritzy

    YEAH! I can get back on now!
    I will check back and read your Mom’s adventures! (Gotta get the boy to school – a little late after a happy celebratory Cinco de Mayo last night!)

  5. All for you, Ritzy. All for you! Okay, and my aunt, too. I did notice that not one spam bot complained, however… We didn’t quite have Cinco de Mayo last night, be we’ve been eating seriously excellent Mexican cuisine since last week and had a huge feast on Saturday. Last night was a scrumptious chicken in mushroom poblano sauce. Not a Dos Equis in sight, however…

  6. I too was having trouble getting onto your site. Glad to see your back! And I’m so glad your Mom made it safely!

  7. Aren’t you a mac girl? I swear by firefox and safari – I NEVER use internet explorer. Don’t LIKE it!

  8. glad mama made it.. and i am not thrilled with this theme.. that orange is kind “tang-ish” but then again it isn’t my blog…

  9. Kelley, looks fine now in FireFox and IE 7.0. IE 6.0 is about as whacked as my man Jason Castro. I couldn’t believe he struck-out third week in a row and with a Dylan song. He must really lack motivation er be smok’n something.

    You may want to check your stats and see how many folks use IE 6.0. It may be negligible. Since you are such an astute literary genius and your readers of the more sophisticated crowd, they may all be up to speed with the latest browsers. What it’s doing is throwing an error dialog box and shifting the right column down the page.

  10. Site = Orange now.

    So Glad To Hear MOM arrived well and she looks FABULOUS.


  11. Hey Chefmom. Great to hear from you! We’ve been wondering about how you’re doing…Busy?

    Anne — Yep, I’m a Mac person and love firefox. I used to use Safari, but noticed that lots of pages loaded more slowly, so gave it up. I don’t even have IE on my Mac!

    Paisley — not to worry about the orange. Things are busy with my mom here and I’m trying to keep up with the writing and failing miserably. So the orange will be around until I can fix it!

    Hi Phil! Yes, your man is whacked. He doesn’t seem to care, does he? Cute, but goofy! As far as my stats go, it’s a pretty even split between IE and Firefox. I’ll let all my readers know they should shine their nails since they’ve been dubbed sophisticated. w00t!

    Hey meleah…yes, orange. Better than purple, but a long way from red, yanno? Jeez. And I’ll pass on the Mom kudos.

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