Friday in my world.

Welcome to my Friday Follies. I figured it was a great way to cover what competes for attention in my brain. You know. In case anyone is actually interested. And since Friday is only so long, I can’t exactly include my entire list.

Question of the Day/Week/Month/Lifetime: Would any of the unthinkably serious crap that is taking place in the world right now be happening if women ruled? Seriously. Clearly, I’m not opposed to men in general. I’m quite fond of four of my own, all of whom are quite pleasant humans. But I will never, ever understand what possesses some to be so consumed with a desire for power, that they destroy what and whomever lies in their path. It makes absolutely no sense.  I would say, “Nuke ’em ’till they glow,” but Greenpeace would revoke my membership and I’d have to take my sticker off my Mac.

Now I’ve heard everything: BBC News is reporting today that we can now blame the obese for the planet’s energy woes. I can officially expect the BBC to pick up some of the crap I write since they have decided to bring attention to this illustrious study and call it news.

For the shopper who has everything and can’t resist yet another… um…thing: The ultimate cake server. My VBF handed it to me unopened the other day on our morning walk saying she didn’t want it. I think it was something she received at a dinner party? Lo and behold, a wonder of design revealed itself after I was done fighting with the packaging. Just chuck the magnetized heel, and you’ve got a swanky brushed stainless cake server that may or may not fit in your utensil drawer. My VBF is sooooo getting this back.

For summer travel plans: Consider Paradise your destination. Palm trees, fish tacos, an excellent ball park with a less than stellar ball team, and no more spine-wrenching plunges into bathtub-sized potholes! An end to days of signs warning of sewage spills at the bay? Standard & Poor has finally given our fair city an acceptable bond rating again. We will now get to use plastic to pay for street repairs, faulty sewer lines and broken water mains. Party on! Maybe they can also do something about our pump prices?

My gentle menfolk: I am willing to act like I’m somewhat interested in anyone who can convince me that a person interested in the arts needs to take advanced mathematics. But I think I’ve heard it all before. The RTR will be bypassing pre-calculus for statistics as a junior next year since it’s the lesser of two evils and he has to take a third year of math. The MoH has concocted a bribe — monetary — if the RTR can squeak by with a “C” in Algebra II and Spanish. He does have an “A” in PE, however, which is huge when one considers that actually moving his now more than 6′-tall lankiness is not something he enjoys. And that he has a swim coach who makes the entire class do 45 laps — yes, that would be 45 — to compensate for kids caught sneaking into the locker room early. Maybe the RTR needs to swim with me this summer. And pigs will fly.

My Tiny Paradise:

I saw this guy early this morning when I should have been sleeping in. My VBF had an early appointment so I didn’t have to stumble out of bed at dawn’s crack to walk. Do you think I could actually sleep? Um. No. So of course I got up and thought…Hell. I can take macro snail shots while enjoying my coffee! He looked so cute, I couldn’t bring myself to chuck him over the wall into the early morning traffic. Which probably saved me a law suit now that I think of it. Gawd forbid that I hit someone’s Maserati with snail guts.

On the menu? Feh. I never have a menu. But my friend Gina always does. *sigh* In my next life, I’ll be as organized. Our meals are all mushed around in my head with all this other crap I think about. But I have finally edited the photos from our latest dinner party featuring Rick Bayless’s Mexican cuisine and will be getting around to doing that mammoth post today. And I’m thinking next week is going to be Indian…Tiki Masala, anyone?

Me & my mom: Things are great! We’ve only had 3 arguments, 5 disagreements, uttered 49 sighs of exasperation, clucked our tongues 89 times, and been disgusted with one another once or twice. Don’t get me wrong — that’s all normal — at least it has been since I was In High School. We have our laughs and snorts, too. We’ve been on a few field trips, (Wally World, Target…) have drunk umpteen gazillion pots of coffee, analyzed the state of the human condition at least 14 times, moved my bedroom around, and jeered each other’s candidates with gusto. Her cat finally ventured down the stairs by herself today to be greeted by my hissing pretentious attack cat, and the doggo has stopped following my mom up and down the stairs, realizing her favorite person isn’t going anywhere. Her hips thank her. The dog’s. Not my mom’s.

I’d say that’s enough folly for a Friday.

Don’t you?

I feel so much better now.


9 responses to “Friday in my world.”

  1. I love Folly Friday’s…AND that top picture of you?? You are soooo freaking adorable!

  2. Aunt Judy


  3. I DO feel better! I love your Friday posts!

  4. well… lets see… i have stripped the color off my hair,, so it is a nice lite neon orange… i am having nachos for dinner…. i broke down and bought a fan as it was like 100 freaking degrees yesterday (coastal breeze my ass!!)… but the fan is blowing on the dogs cuz i cannot stand to think how hot they must be in this heatand all that fur… and um…..oh yeah.. both my mom and my sister are speaking to me as of this moment…

    see why i don’t do a friday follies!!!!!!

    sure glad you do tho… it is sooo nice knowing someone that has a life!!!!!


  5. meleah — THANKS, because that would be the purpose and it’s nice to get it right! As for the photo? A freaking pain in the arse would be more true 😉

    AJ — I know…snort…

    Hey Chick — I’m way glad ’cause it’s fun revealing my ridiculous mind to unsuspecting and innocent bystanders. Still haven’t forgotten about the prom…I’m working up for a good one.

    paisley — wait. Your hair’s orange? You so did this in honor of my little bloglette, right? Because you feel sorry for its orangeness….Bwhahahaha! I say orange for hair is way better than the lavender I’ve had right before my sister’s wedding. Now THAT was beyond ugly. As far as the weather goes, we got a bit of a break down here today. They delayed the intense heat until tomorrow, but the wind is raging in through our ocean facing windows and it’s pretty hot. Poor doggos…maybe a lion cut is in the works! Sisters and moms? My sister calls now that my mom’s here, but I don’t really think she’s interested in talking to me. Life? What’s that? 😉

  6. That cake thing looks very similar to some doggy scoops I’ve seen.

  7. Cooper, I’m thinking that the doggy business would slide off, no? In style, of course.

  8. My count is different than yours. I especially liked thisone “You’re acting like a 3rd grader. I’d be callig your mother and telling her how bad you are”. Mom

  9. Well if anyone knows third graders, it would be moi. If kids in my class snapped at me the way you do when I’m trying to show you how to put photos on your blog, they’d go to the principal’s office AFTER I called their parents. And then the principal would say that you’re not supposed to be a butthead.

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