Through my new lens…

Garden Mirror

It’s interesting, this new writing venue of mine, no longer in our office since my mother’s taken up residence there. My used to be vanity is now my desk, positioned in front of one of my bedroom windows, allowing me a gauzy view of the palms outside, and my neighbors, an unearthly glow sometimes after twilight.

Today, the palm fronds are damp and tossing about in the stiff breeze that Mother Nature has put upon us, taking the June Gloom we’re accustomed to in Paradise to a new level. It’s cold and grey, the street is actually wet, and I’ve had to shut all my windows or freeze my ass off while sitting here, pretending to be pithy.

June Drizzle

But I couldn’t pass up Nearly Wordless Wednesday, so decided I’d let you know what I’ve been learning about my new camera, trying to get it figured out before we leave on vacation.

If ever.

But that’s like life, isn’t it?


Besides, you never know when an opportunity to take a macro shot of a stone from a crumbling ruin may arise. Or a poppy, fluttering in a field. As much as I can say that I’ve figured out quite a bit in the last couple of weeks since purchasing it, I have a long way to go getting it all right and think maybe, just maybe I’ll take an extension class at the university in the fall.

I think I’d enjoy that.

And maybe some writing, too.


9 responses to “Through my new lens…”

  1. i l-o-v-e the dewy one… that looks like a money shot there miss kelly…..

  2. Oh, I agree with paisley. That is a beautiful shot.

  3. Thanks, paisley. I know how much you look at photos…I saw this from inside after it started to drizzle and had to go out and take some shots. Funny how that works.

    Mel! thanks…somehow, I don’t take photos of people like you do. I wish I could. Thanks…

  4. Beautiful shots! I love the Garden mirror one…it’s very unique looking. Take a class. mY Dad when he got a new really nice digital camera. He got the kind that you can change lenses, flash, etc. He was so glad he took the class, he really learned alot.

  5. Ritzy

    Yes – a SUPER GREAT idea for you.
    Take a photography class and a writing class.
    Talk about major YOU time. You deserve it and I am sure beyond anything else, you will LOVE it!

    That is something I would love to do too… you know as soon as we figure out where the heck we are going to live!

  6. Hi chefmom — I’ve always wanted to take one, as I’ve been clicking a variety of cameras for years and years. There was just no time, so now, I can!

    Hey Ritzy — that’s what I was thinking. At least it would provide some focus, right? Maybe they’ll show me how to take photos of people 😉

  7. Gorgeous photos.

    I hope I get time to take up the camera again this summer.

  8. I love June drizzle. I agree with the comment about the money shot, very nice.

  9. AMAZING photos. Glad the new camera is working for you.


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